The questions & answers below will explain all from your hand over, to sampling, to production & dispatch.

Handover My Collection

What's the best way to get started with you?

Go here & buy the Starter Pack. It has everything you need to understand our quality, has one bikini set & all the swatches of fabrics, colour laser card accessories & Biodegradable packaging. DHL to your door

Can we visit your factory?

Yes, for sure, we encourage it. Let us know the best date & time and we will book you in. We will show you each Dept. for example, sampling, production, quality control, packaging, dispatch & so on & you’ll meet the team. Mornings are best for us by far, Monday to Friday.

What’s the quickest way to get my designs priced?

You can send us your shapes as images, photos, tech packs or upload them from here

Can I mix your designs & mine, is that possible?

Yes, it is, send us your shapes & mention the codes from our styles or take screen shots or photos directly from the screen.

Do I have to choose my fabric & colours now?

You have to inform us of the fabric you want to use, the colour we go over later

Do I decide my accessories now?

If you want us to price at the start, then yes. Most of the main clips & packaging we keep in stock. If you want anything made bespoke, then the MOQ is 1,000 PCS per style.

Do you require my artwork for any prints, labels, or packaging now?

No, but we will once we move to sampling & will require the artwork to be in .EPS, .TIFF, or .AI.


How long does it take to make my samples?

It takes on average 4-6 weeks to make the first round of samples from the fabric received. Whilst the plain fabric is being organised from Italy & the printed from China, we will be making all your patterns & grading using our 2D CAD system.

Can I choose the colours for my samples?

If you want them made in your choices of colour, we may have in stock & then we may have to import. Many clients from AUS buy their sample meters & send us as it saves time & money from

What’s the Average Cost?

We charge 2x your estimated price plus $30 USD sample fee, from our catalogue or your shapes. Cost to sample 10 styles, approx. $750 USD all in inc. fabric with DHL to your door.

Can I choose my accessories?

You can choose from here & we will pick from our stocks

Can I order my own prints?

Yes, you can. It takes 4 weeks if you are on Pro Plan A, digital recycled REPREVE fabrics & if Simple Fast Plan B, then one week on Vita Polyester.

Can I call you or WhatsApp chat?

Yes, it’s the fastest way to get started, chat via WA at the start will see you clearer in hours or a few days max.

Will my samples all arrive in a poly bag, nicely packed in biodegradable bags?

Yes, for sure, all via DHL, normally 3-5 working days from the day we dispatch

Bulk Wholesale Orders

What's the MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)?

Pro Plan A

MOQ 1,000 PCs, 100 PCs each style, up to 5 colours, plain or print; 8 PCs any size colour & code. Important. Print orders are MOQ 70 meters per motif & must be used entirely.

Pro Plan A. How do I place my order?

Send us your order over, & we will send you a spreadsheet, formatted with your codes, style names & room to add your colours & sizing Then all you have to do is add your colours, sizes & quantities. This form will then auto calculate the amounts of fabrics required for your order. You have to use at least 50 meters of any colour.

See here

Pro Plan A. How long will it take to make my order?

4 weeks to import your fabrics & accessories & 4-6 weeks to manufacture.


Simple Fast Plan B

MOQ 500 PCs, 50 PCs per style 5 PCs per colour & size. If you want prints then we print in Bali on Poly Vita recycled. 35 meters per motif MOQ.

Simple Fast Plan B. How do I place my order?

You have to choose the colours & accessories from our stocks. See here.

Send us your order over, & we will send you a spreadsheet, formatted with your codes, style names & room to add your colours & sizing.  Then all you have to do is add your colours, sizes & quantities.

How long will it take t make my order?

4-6 weeks from approved samples or if your choosing our shapes, then direct to cut.

Do I have to send back the approved samples to start any order?

Yes. Keep the value under $100,00 USD with max 9 PCs per poly bag.

What’s the terms of payment?

50% deposit on order & 50% balance before the goods are shipped

Do You Organize the Branded Hang Tags from Carvico, Econyl & REPREVE?

Yes, we do this free of charge, you will receive branded tags when you manufacture your collection with fabric using Carvico or REPREVE®, attached to each piece. The ECONYL® tags if required, you must contact them to arrange an order. Their email is

Do I Need to Come for Final Checking Before the Goods Are Dispatched?

It’s up to you. We sell goods ex-factory, meaning once the goods have left our premises, we don’t accept returns or credits. You can either come to Bali to handle this yourself or hire someone to do it for you. Please note that the final checking of the goods must be done outside of our building as we simply do not have room.

NOTE: Everything we make goes through several layers of QC before being packed. Some brands like to check & others trust us.


Do you ship to my home address?

Yes, we do, normally using our account via DHL, pricing on request.

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