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Dispatch & Delivery

Every day, DHL arrives at our office picking up & delivering packages.
Please read and follow the notes below. 

Sending samples to us

If you have anything to send to us, whatever it is, it’s important to note that imports into Bali have many regulations. Whatever you do, please do not send anything without first contacting us. We require the articles you want to send, what they are produced from, the value per piece or meter, the total units, and the total value. You can see a typical packing list here. Fill in this packing list form & send it back to us. 

If we sent you the samples and you are returning them, make sure the value is the same as what you paid us for.

If you send anything before contacting us & there are issues with Bali customs, there’s little we can do.

When sending, use a courier with a sign-on delivery & tracking number.

  • Mark your goods as SAMPLES ONLY – NOT FOR RESALE.
  • Remove any price labels and tags.
  • Indonesian customs may fine you if you mark your values too low.
  • Refrain from using postal services such as EMS, which can take weeks to arrive.

Requesting we pick up your samples

If you prefer, we can collect using our company’s DHL account. We require a description of the samples, how many tops, bottoms, etc & we will create a packing list. Price tags must be removed. 

We never know what duties and taxes will be added. Any charges will be invoiced to you, paid before the goods can be delivered.

We only offer advice & are not responsible for import charges.

Loss or Damage

In some rare cases DHL will repack due to handling issues, or your customs officers may reopen your consignment. In such circumstances, Swimwear Bali cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage to the goods.

A 2% insurance surcharge is not included in the estimated prices per kilo. For example, a total value of 1,000 dollars, 20 USD, will be added.

Sending packages to you

A courier tracking number will be sent to you the next working day after your order has been dispatched.

Freight costs below are estimates only. The actual price will be provided once we pack the goods.

The final price we offer is for DHL or FedEx Express service, excluding insurance to the value of the packing list.

You may select to use your own courier & collect your order on the condition that we provide the documents for export.

screenshot 8

To calculate your expected weight, on average, 5 Bikini sets weighs 1 Kilo & a One Piece Swimmer. 250 grams

Courier rates quoted are non-negotiable and payable in advance.


  • Allow 3-6 working days from the uplift to your door.
  • Production orders are packed into 36 x 58 x 46 cm boxes. (15 x 23 x 18 inches)
  • Some destinations require a company tax number to import goods.

Please contact your local courier office to determine whether there are any restrictions on imports to your destination.

  • Most countries charge 10% duty + VAT or GST on landed costs payable before goods can be delivered.
  • Please check the delivery address & active daytime mobile number you provided are correct. 
  • It is important to note that we are only tax-free for fabrics imported into Indonesia, and are not able to assist with any fees imposed upon entry into your country.


Couriers will attempt a delivery to your designated address two times, after which the goods may be returned to Bali.

Track your package – DHLFEDEX.

Any questions re dispatch or delivery, contact us prior to goods being picked up.