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Swimwear Bali - Working towards a Cleaner, Brighter Future

If you dream of owning your own sustainable, eco-friendly Luxe swimwear brand, you’ve come to the right place. Virtually all our fabrics are upcycled from salvaged Nylon fishing nets or plastic ocean trash, with all dyes eco-friendly & packaging biodegradable.

99% of all the fabrics are supplied by Carvico in Italy or REPREVE™ in the US. There are also many local Bali Swim fabrics of much lower grade that we can supply, commonly known as Bali Swim Fabrics, available from Paramatex, a local retail fabric store.

We were awarded the only Tax-Free status in Bali on the import of fabrics due to our compliance with all the rules & Regulations laid down by the Indonesian Government on the treatment of staff, including full medical insurance, working conditions & water treatment. This saves us & you 40% on your production costs & ultimately, your invoice values. No other Bali Swim supplier owns this licence meaning their prices will always be at least 40% higher than ours for a lower-grade product

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Each & every part of our supply chain has been carefully assembled over many years to be as environmentally friendly & sustainable as possible.

In the words of Kelly Slater, 11 times world champion surfer
“By collecting fishing nets that are used in the production of  ECONYL® regenerated Nylon yarns, we lessen our environmental impact while also cleaning up the oceans we love so much”.


Ghosts Nets

Ghost fishing is a term used when fishing gear has been lost, dumped or abandoned.
Once discarded, they catch & kill marine life, attracting more marine life, creating a vicious circle that could last for thousands of years. Nobody knows the actual life of Nylon once discarded in the ocean.

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Carvico, from Italy, is the world’s largest manufacturer of plain dyed swimwear fabrics. Their eco-friendly, recycled range, named Vita & Renew, is produced from Nylon & polyester yarn purchased from ECONYL® in Italy.

Xtra Life Lycra is added, giving the fabrics their stretch & flexibility, offering a soft hand feel with great body-hugging properties.

Almost all of Carvico’s fabrics are available pre-dyed in various plain colours.
Vita PL is the only fabric we used in Bali to print using local sublimation machines.

Carvico VITA Econyl Recycled Nylon Swimwear Fabric Nero Black Recycled Nylon Swimwear Fabric


REPREVE™ from the US is world-famous for producing Eco-friendly, recycled fabrics used for plain dye and digital & sublimation prints. The texture & feel of digital print on REPREVE™ is the of the highest grade available globally today, with colours being far richer & deeper than anything available in Bali.
REPREVE™ is produced from post-consumer waste, such as post consumer waste and salvaged plastic bottles.

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Chinese Recycled Fabrics

We work with a Chinese manufacturer of sustainable, recycled yarns used to produce our Eco Rib & Eco-Flex as well as Reclaim Prime & a new super Luxe Fabric known as Generic Lurex. The texture, stretch & hand feel are almost identical to Carvico.

Note. All of our fabrics offer a UPF 50+, meaning approximately 98% of UVA radiation is blocked & is saltwater resistant.


All dyes used are Eco-certified, supplied by Huntsman in the US, OEKO-TEX® & GOTS Certified, the Global Organic Textile Standard, & Dystar from Germany, protecting the future of our planet. The certification process our standards are based on guarantees maximum consumer safety. The raw materials used to produce the dyes are harvested in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.


We pack using Biodegradable bags by Avani made using cassava starch. These bags will decompose in 24 hours when discarded in any landfill.

If you require further information on the fabrics or prints, then contact us via Whatsapp or Email.