Custom Designs

Our company has been producing and exporting custom-made designs for over 30 years; it’s our area of expertise. Upon receiving your PO, we take over every aspect of the production process, including importing the fabrics, adding branded accessories, barcodes and hangtags and packing each article into a biodegradable bag.
Once all are boxed, we arrange for DHL to pick up using our Company account to be dispatched to any overseas address.

Once your samples have been approved, you are ready to place a bulk order and begin production.

You can now make any last-minute changes to fabrics, colours, prints, or branded accessories. Our team of 150 experienced tailors and seamstresses will then assemble each item in-house.

We use speciality swimwear machines to ensure that each swimwear article meets our stringent quality control standards. The cups will always fit snugly, the wires will never poke through, and the straps will never twist or buckle.

Swimwear Production

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Custom Designs: We offer a low minimum order worldwide of 300 pieces per bulk order, 30 per style with 3 per size, colour or print.

For custom-made reorders, we now provide top-up orders of 150 units, 20 pieces per style, and three pieces per size, using your current designs.

Ready Designs – 150 per bulk order, 20 per style, with 3 per design, colour and size.

Mix and Match: Mix up some of ours and some of yours; the MOQ is the same as custom designs.

Placing Orders

Once you’re clear on the designs you want to order, either your own custom shapes or some of our ready-to-order ones and know in which fabric and colours or prints you want them produced in, you’re ready to place your bulk PO. This can be handled by sending over some shots of the approved samples as an email or you can fill in a Bulk Order Form.

See some typical bulk invoice values


If you’re selecting your colours & fabrics from our stock, bulk orders are usually dispatched 4 weeks from payment.
If you’re requesting fabrics to be imported, contact us & we’ll offer the best timeline possible.

Branded Hang Tags

As a final step in the production process, we add branded fabric hangtags corresponding to the fabric used for each article. You cannot underestimate the value of these tags since they inform your buyers of the fabric’s quality and attributes, such as being sustainably produced from salvaged fishing nets or plastic bottles.


Custom Branding and Accessories

branding accessories Mobile new

All swimwear undergoes three levels of quality control before being dispatched. We only dispatch orders once we are confident that the production quality matches your approved samples.

As we work with international body sizes, be sure to check our Size Guide

In House and Independent QC


Although we conduct extensive quality controls at the end of your production cycle, many brands request independent quality control to be on the safe side. The minimal cost compared to the value of the goods makes this an option worth considering.

Rebecca Jane from the UK operates a specialized team in Bali who come to the factory daily to check production orders. Should her team find an issue, we can service them or remake them before they are dispatched.

She has a degree in fashion design and worked as a designer for Victoria’s Secret.

Packing and Dispatch


All orders are individually packed into bio-degradable bags by codes, colours & sizes, ready to sell as soon as they land on your doorstep.

Orders are dispatched via DHL or FedEx using our company account or yours. Allow 4-7 working days from uplift to delivery to your door.