Custom Designs

Manufacturing custom designs according to a buyer’s request could be considered an art form. Our experience as a specialist manufacturer of custom swimwear for over 30 years has taught us a thing or two about the process required to achieve a high degree of proficiency and eliminate all normal nitty-gritty issues. The orders are sent to the production department for processing as soon as the fabrics have been cut and the heat press applied. Here, we set up teams in what is referred to as ‘rolling orders’. Essentially, one person sews one section of each design before handing it over to the next in line to complete the assembly. The result is collections arriving at our quality control section consistent across the entire collection. If you’re all clear on the designs you want produced, then price them up on our Getting Started page.


We offer a low MOQ of 300 pieces per PO, for example, 150 bikini sets, 30 pieces per design and three pieces per size, colour and print. You may combine as many designs in your collection as you like in max five sizes.


Colours & Prints

You can select from over 80 trending colours we hold in stock. They are not leftover fabrics but imported in rolls as orders are cut. If the colours are not in stock, we import them in 70m rolls, which must be used in your production order. 

Prints are handled in Nylon from REPREVE®, a superior recycled fabric from the US, using MS Italian print machines due to colour richness & hues being far superior to anything printed in Bali.

Colours never fade, looking like new after many years of use.

Read how easy it is to add prints

Bulk PO's

To place a bulk order:

  1. Fill in a bulk order form.
  2. Add the amounts per design,
    colour or print to your size breakdown & mention the
    fabric colour or print you want them produced in.
  3. For any custom branding needs, please include what you’re seeking in the notes section of the form.


We will send you an invoice for a 50% downpayment as soon as we are clear on your PO.


Some buyers find assembling collections to fit MOQs tricky. That’s why we have one person designated to help. If you need assistance, contact us.

Before we start production, we require your approved samples returned via courier or request we pick them up. If you ordered two sample sets, the set in our office is used to produce your bulk POs.


Read how two sets costs the same as one.


Upon receipt of your bulk PO, we heat press your custom-branded logo to the inside back of each article. To ensure these never flake, crack or peel, they are produced at the Lululemon factory in Shanghai and flown in weekly. We can add your brand to hygiene liners, packaging, metal bikini fasteners, etc.

Artwork for branding & prints is required in Vector format in EPS, PDF, CDR, JPEG format, high resolution 300 dpi & to scale. If you require assistance with custom branding, layout, etc., our highly skilled graphics team is available to assist, in most cases, free of charge.

Discussing your custom branding ideas during the sampling process with your swimwear merchant can save weeks in the production process.

Reversible styles have a cutaway satin label sewn in.


To ensure your swimwear stands out from the crowd, we add some luxe quality custom-branded accessories, giving your buyers that all-important WOW factor when they open their packages.

See our Accessories

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Timeless Iconic Beautiful Collections – Yours also?


When you select your colours from our stock, bulk POs are typically dispatched within a few weeks of receiving the deposit.

We will need to extend the timeline if you require imported fabrics.

Whenever you plan to place a bulk order, please contact us to find out the earliest date we can manufacture, ready for uplift.

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All production orders pass through three levels of quality control before being sent to be tagged, bagged & boxed. We add branded fabric hangtags and barcodes to each article & pack individually into a biodegradable bag, ready for DHL to collect.

Independent QC

Even though we conduct extensive quality controls, to be on the safe side, some brands request independent quality control. The minimal cost to do this compared to the value of the goods makes this an option worth considering. Rebecca Jane from the UK runs an independent QC team who come to our office most days randomly checking orders on request.

They work independently and report directly to you. Mainly, it’s only first-time buyers use this service.

Contact Rebecca to know more.


Orders are dispatched via DHL or FedEx using our company account or yours. DHL arrives daily at our office, picking up orders & dropping off samples & accessories.

Allow 3-5 working days from pickup to delivery to your door.

Read more about Dispatch & Delivery.

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