What’s the minimum bulk order?

MOQ is 1,000 pcs, for example 500 tops and 500 bottoms. A common order would be 300 bottoms, 500 tops and 200 one piece swimmers. On average total invoice would be $13,500 USD for 1000 pcs.

For repeat (2nd) orders we accept 500 pcs as long as any style be it a top or bottom or one piece is 100 pcs each.

Whats the Costs for my samples/collection?

We charge 2 X estimated wholesale price per style + $30.00 usd pattern & grading. So for example you have ten styles bikini with each piece being estimated at $10 usd, then the total cost would be 10 styles X 10 $10 usd X 2, = $200 usd + $30 usd per style grading and pattern = $300 usd, so 200 + 300 = $500 total payment for one set all in ready in a poly bag to send to you. On average 10 styles bikini cost a little more around 600 usd all in inc fabric & make up

What’s the average price of a bikini set or a one-piece swimwear?

Using Vita Recycled Italian fabric in plain colours, approx. $23 USD per set & swimmers $19. Using Repreve re-cycled American fabric for digital print, $26 per set or $23 per one piece. We are the cheapest by far in Bali from high grade imported fabrics. Also, using a high grade local fabric named JayaTex, you’ll find our prices beat all for any styles using the locally available fabrics.

What do you require to start my samples?

MOQ is 1,000 PCs, for example 500 tops and 500 bottoms. A common order would be 300 bottoms, 500 tops and 200 one piece swimmers. Om average total invoice would be $13,500 USD for 1000 PCs.

For repeat (2nd) orders we accept 500 PCs as long as any style be it a top or bottom or one piece is 100 PCs each.

Do you work Ethically & in an Environmentally friendly way?

Yes, we do. We employ around 100 full time personnel. All are entitled to join our medical insurance plan free of charge. This covers not just the person working for us, but also their spouse & up to three children. It covers all medical emergencies, doctors’ visits & prescription medicine as well as any specialist they may be told to see.

All of our employees are paid over the minimum legal wage. In the main they earn at least twice the minimum wage and in many cases much more. All receive 13 months wages a year, so a double wage once a year seen as a yearly bonus.
90% of the fabric’s used are Re-cycled & all dye stuffs are Eco-certified coming from either Germany or the US & no banned substances are used. We can supply on request the Eco-certificates should you request.

May we book a visit to your factory?

Yes, we encourage it. You will be able to see the fashion studio where the magic happens, the photo studio (free to use, just need to book), sample & production room as well as the quality control department which leads into the packing & dispatch area. There are several agents in Bali posing as factories, it may be your orders are farmed out to different factories.

May I book a Skype or phone call?

After you have received your prices you may request a phone call to clarify anything you may need to speak about. Then again, once your samples are made & ready to go, we can Skype you to view online your collection before dispatch, just to be sure all is as per your request.

Can I send you real samples?

Absolutely, the best way by far. Beware though that customs entry into Indonesia will not let pass more than 10 pieces of clothing. So keep the poly bags to max 10 pieces and also the value just under $100.00.

How long to make my sample collection?

If the fabrics you desire are here in our hands, in the right colours or prints, around 4 weeks. If they are not, then add approx. 2-4 weeks to import the fabrics. We therefore deal with your fabrics at the very start. All we need from you is your choice of fabric & what colour & everything will be a breeze.

Do I have to organize my sample fabrics from Carvico?

No, we can handle this for you. You will have been sent some colour cards via email. We need the name of the fabric and colour & the code of the colours & how many meters of each, normally 3 meters per colour to handle the sampling. For your bulk orders later on, we handle everything, fabric order, import & the making of your collection.

How long does it take to make any production order?

As we import mostly all plain fabrics from Italy & handle the digital prints overseas, & as hardware is imported, then we must start both the order of fabric & hardware at the start of things. Fabrics, plain or printed as well as any accessories, all take around four weeks to land in Bali.

Then it’s around 4-6 weeks to make your order. We will inform you before you pay your deposit, your expected date for delivery.

Why is it only King Trading can import fabric freely without any tax and duty?

Simply, we are a trusted Government approved company in Bali. This license requires that we hold every legal requirement that no other garment company in Bali holds. Some swimwear operations in Bali are using a namesake, or may work in unethical ways, so it’s well worth requesting to see their actual factory/facilities to see their operations & the quality of their ongoing work, as you can at our facility.

Our company is heavily monitored & has to abide by the laws of Indonesia to ensure we are trading ethically & honestly.

How do I get the actual colour books & hangers from Carvico?

For Asia Pacific, Miss Elsa, elsa@carvico-jlom.com.hk , & for Northern hemisphere USA & Europe, Miss Giada l.ferrari@carvico-jlom-usa.com. They will provide you with colour cards & hangers for the fabric of your choice www.carvico.com. If you’re from Australia it may be easier for you to contact www.eclipsetextiles.com.au who carry most of the Carvico fabrics, color books and fabric hangers. Also that that Eclipse has some fabrics that they import from unknown sources, so please only request anything from Carvico or Euro Jersey (sensitive).

For other fabrics, like Re-cycled Repreve www.repreve.com for digital print or for an easy off-the-shelf solution we suggest JayaTex (UV and Chlorine resistant). Please email us in regard to digital prints or local fabrics.

Do you organize shipping to my address?

Yes, we do. For sample payment through PayPal sent via DHL, bulk, payment via Bank transfer sent via Air Cargo. We work with all Cargo agents, couriers etc. to the point that your order is safely in your hands. 3-5 working days any way, from factory to your home.

Shipping is a dream when working with us. Your boxes will arrive, everything packed individually & ready to sell the same day.