In the following paragraphs, we explain how you can get started in your own sustainable swimwear brand in the fastest and most cost-effective way possible.  After you have gone over all the options and have your Collection of designs to be made in which fabric, in plain or print, you’re ready to move to costing. Once you’ve sent them over, in 2 to 3 days, you’ll receive your all-inclusive prices for the finished articles.
If you approve our prices, you’re ready to start sampling.

Note. At this stage, we don’t need to know the specific colours or accessories you want to add; that comes after you have approved our prices.


To help you get started, we have assembled some of our best-selling designs produced in luxurious recycled fabrics to allow you to feel & try on the quality we produce.  In each pack, you’ll receive all the tools you’ll need to create something special that makes your designs look fabulous from any angle.

Our packs have assisted hundreds of brands from scratch who dreamt of owning their own sustainable and eco-friendly swim or active brand.

Our core business is producing custom-made designs to clients’ specifications. For over 30 years, we have evolved our techniques to produce the highest grade swimwear at the lowest price possible in Bali today.

Please include as much data as you think necessary to allow us to understand your concepts fully so that your samples have the best chance of being approved.

We suggest checking out our International body size guide. We use digital 2D Auto Cads to create patterns that are much more accurate than working with paper patterns.

Option 1 – As complex packs are mostly a thing of the past, the most popular way to work is with screenshots & notes on the changes you want implemented sent as an email or WhatsApp in a Word Doc or PDF.
See an example handover

Option 2 – If you have your designs saved, then simply drag & drop them into the section below

Handover Designs 2
Upload your Designs
Drag & Drop your Designs below

Accepted file types: jpeg, png, pdf

Maximum upload size: 50MB

In 2 to 3 days, we’ll get back to you with the lowest prices & any questions raised, answered.


  • Prices quoted are inclusive of non-branded accessories with 1 heat press applied to the inside back of each article.
  • We love to see samples approved the first time, so add the data we require to fully understand your concepts.
  • In most cases, complex tech packs are no longer required & handovers using rough sketches are not acceptable.
  • Prepare your custom logo for your heat press as soon as possible.

On average, the clients who selected some or all of their styles from our ready-to-order Collection accounted for almost 40% of all sales in 2022.

This is a great place to start since we know what will be selling hard & fast for the next 6 to 9 months.

Download our 2023 Catalogue

Fill in the ready-to-order sample request form

Skipping Sampling

As our ready-to-order Collection is all patterned and graded to international body sizes, it has become more common to skip sampling altogether to save on sampling fees and production time. Our catalogue shows exactly what you’ll get in your colour or print requests, branded with your logo.

You can fill in this Direct to Bulk Form & send it over as an email or WhatsApp


$20 USD
Italian Vita – One Piece

$25 USD
Italian Vita – Bikini Set

$25 USD
US REPREVE™ – One Piece

$30 USD
US REPREVE™ – Bikini Set

The prices we offer you will be all-inclusive to the finished articles, in most cases incorporating imported recycled imported luxe fabrics.

You can expect to markup approx. 5X our price to your sell price.
For example, a Bikini top at 13 USD retails for approximately 65 USD.

You’re in this to make money, so please take the time to compare our prices to any other Bali Swim producer requesting they use imported fabrics. An example order of 300 units with us will only purchase 200 units from any other Bali Swim supplier; even they’ll be adding lower-grade locally sourced swimwear fabrics.


After we have received payment for the samples, you’ll be contacted by a sample specialist who will go over your handover in detail to ensure she fully understands all your designs and notes. She’ll be available to answer any questions, either by email, text or phone call, throughout the entire sampling process to the point they are in your hands & approved.

Once sampling has started, we’ll need your Logo used to heat press your brand name into the inside back of each article.

Read more about the Sampling Process


Once you have paid for your samples, we mockup your entire Collection free of charge, should there be anything you would like to change, this is your last chance to do so.

This is a great way to visualize your final Collection on a 2D model.


Hand over2 scaled


Mock Up 4 scaled

This is a great way to visualize your final Collection on a 2D model.


If anything above is unclear, why not book a free callback with one of our team members? More often than not, a quick phone call can save days or weeks in email or WhatsApp communications. 

if you haven’t downloaded our 2023 Swimwear Guide? Download now