Getting Started in your Own Sustainable Swimwear Brand

Swimwear In A Nutshell

Starting up your own Swimwear brand is not as complex as some imagine. The first job is to price your selected designs & fabrics in either plain or print, adding high grade imported accessories. In max three working days, we will offer you the lowest price of any supplier in Bali for a premium grade product produced using recycled Italian or American fabrics. 

Read why our prices are the lowest in Bali on our Tax-Free Page

Selecting Fabrics

As fabrics, colours, & prints are at the core of your Collection; it’s essential to go over your fabric choices to find the most suitable one/s offering the textures & finish you’re after.

Fast To Market – Selecting from Stocks

As we hold approx. 40,000 meters of high-grade imported recycled fabrics in stock in the latest trending colours allows us to start cutting your samples or production as soon as you place an order.

Understand more in our Fabric Section
See how to add prints in our Print section

Lastly, we have a great selection of bright shine, rust & chlorine resistant metal accessories & packaging. We add custom branding to almost every Collection on request.

You’ll find most of your questions answered in our FAQ’s

Costing & Handovers

Select 1 of 4 ways to handover

  1. Most popular: Send your Custom Designs via email or WhatsApp as attachments, screenshots, tech packs or good clear line drawings with notes in a word or PDF Doc.
  2. If selecting from our Ready to Go Designs, add to this Form & email them over.
  3. Should you have physical samples, such as ones made with another supplier you are not happy with, send via courier with any notes. Read our Import & Export page.
  4. Upload your designs using the Upload section below

Handover Designs
Upload your Custom Designs

STEP 1 – Drag & add your designs below

Accepted file types: jpeg, png, pdf

Maximum upload size: 50MB

STEP 2 – Tick your selected fabrics
max 3 fabrics
Fabrics Choice *

STEP 3 – Add notes or ask anything

In 2-3 working days you will receive your prices.
PS. If you’re sending samples to us, we can organize FedEx to collect on request.

Once priced, we are ready to get cracking on your sample collection.

Notes on Handovers

  • Keep handovers simple & to the point. Add notes & or web links to assist us.
  • Figure-enhancing shapes are outselling complex designs by several factors.
  • Before we start on your samples, we will always advise on the expected timeline.
  • We can assist with your handover & fabric choices on request.

Examples - Our All-inclusive Costings

Italian Econyl Plain Lycra
Bottoms $13, Tops $14, One-pieces $19

American Digital Prints
Bottoms $14, Tops $15, One-pieces $23  

On average, your resell value is 4 to 5 X our sell price.

Notes on Prices
* Prices Inc. non branded accessories + 1 heat press packed in Bio-Degradable bags.
* Our prices will always be lower than any other supplier in Bali; even other suppliers price your styles using lower-grade local fabrics. 
* We never add surcharges. 

All you have to do now is wait for your prices.

Contact our Team

Our English-speaking specialists will assist you with any questions you may have. They have good in-depth experience assisting brands in placing orders for samples or bulk. We know communication is the key to success & endeavour to reply within one working day

For more information, download our Swimwear Buyers Guide.