As we are Bali’s largest producer of custom-made Swimwear & have a Collection of ready-to-order designs selected from some of our best-selling shapes as well as our knowledge of what’s going to be trending well in 2024 in our ready-to-order Collection, giving you the best of both worlds.

Once you have made your selection & have your designs to hand, all that’s left to do is to choose the fabric you will produce them in, either plain or print. With that, we can price. Costing nothing, many of the brands we work with get this sorted well before placing an order.

At this stage, don’t bother yourself with the exact colours or prints. We handle that after you have approved our prices.

Below, we offer three easy ways to price.

Custom Designs

The most common way to price is by sending screenshots with notes on any changes you want us to implement via email or WhatsApp in Word or PDF format.
We also accept tech packs and quality line drawings or any other way that you find suitable.

Ready to Order Designs

The designs in our catalogue are based on our knowledge of what’s trending and selling well for the coming 2023 season. Every design has been selected from our latest best sellers. 


Any of our designs can be edited for a fee of USD 30. 

For example, making a bum coverage more moderate or cheeky, adding cups, wires, etc.

Please send your selected styles as an email using the codes from our catalogue mentioning what fabrics you want to produce them in, or fill in this form

Download our 2023 Ready-to-order Catalogue

You can also select to skip Sampling altogether and move directly to your bulk PO. Read more on our Sampling Page.

Mix & Match Designs

Many of our clients like to add some of our ready designs to their custom-designed swimwear collections. 

If this is you, the best way to send over your handover is as an email with screenshots of your custom designs and codes of our designs. 

Send an email

See an example handover

Whatever way you decide to work, once received, in 2 to 3 days, you’ll hear back from us with our most competitive price for a premium quality product. If these are approved, you’re ready to start Sampling.

We then mock-up your selected styles in the correct prints and colours, free of charge, allowing you to visualize how your Collection looks in the correct colours or prints.

Example Handover

Mocking Up

Once samples are paid, we offer a free mock-up service that allows you to clearly visualize how your designs look on a 2D model in the selected colours or prints.

Once received, you will hear back from us in a day or two with our best possible prices. If these are approved, we then mock up your collection to allow you to visualize what your selected styles look like in the correct colours or prints. The exact colours, custom prints, and any custom branding is handled later once we start sampling.


With your prices approved, you’re ready to start sampling. As soon as you notify us, you will be assigned your own swimwear sample specialist, who will go over your handover again to ensure that everything is clear, set up a call back if you request it, and then begin producing your samples.


Once you approve our samples, we will move your collection to our production room, ready to begin your bulk order. With your bulk order confirmed, our team begins the assembly of your order, adding any branded accessories you requested & the corresponding branded fabric hang tags according to the fabrics used. Should you have any last-minute changes to fabrics, colours, prints, or branded accessories.

Once all articles have been thoroughly checked through three quality control teams, your orders will be packed into biodegradable bags, boxed in layers of codes, colours & sizes, and ready for DHL to pick up delivery to any overseas address.

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