Getting your designs priced

First up, let’s get your collection priced. All we require to get you started into your own sustainable swimwear brand is a handover of your collection or your designs to be made in what fabric, in plain or print, sent to us as an email. That’s it, nothing more. Later on, once you have your samples in hand, we discuss the options in accessories & the best ways to add your logo & Custom branding, prints & so on.

Lowest Prices

The prices offered include high grade recycled fabrics from Italy & the US, with as many accessories added as possible.

All-Inclusive prices in USD

The prices below are all-inclusive to the finished articles Inc. fabrics & non branded accessories, each article packed into a biodegradable bag.

Italian Econyl plain Lycra
Bottoms $13, Tops $14, One-pieces $19

American digital prints
Bottoms $14, Tops $15, One-pieces $23

Once you have received your prices, you can add these to a Dummy Order Form to know more about your total investment. Sort this prior to sampling so that you can plan the funds your need. Those in business will know the value of this exercise.

See some examples of bulk order invoices.

Our fabric section informs you how we incorporate 99% of all the fabrics we use in our production of your collection at the same price or less than other Bali swim manufacturers will charge you using local Bali Swim fabrics.

Fabric Choices

Depending upon the plain fabrics & colours you select from stock or requesting to be imported, adding prints will alter your sampling & production bulk order timelines.
Importing any fabrics plain or print, + 3-4 weeks.
Selecting stock fabrics MOQ 20m per colour.
Selecting fabrics to be imported MOQ 70m per colour.

Grow Organically

If you select from our stocks, as soon as we have a free slot in production, your bulk order will be cut & moved directly into sewing. The same also applies to your reorders or top-ups.

Read the difference between selecting from our stocks or importing in our Fabric Section

Costing your Collection


First thing, cost your collection. Once done, you can compare our prices to any other & you’ll be ready to get cracking in sampling.

Take note that just because we offer you a low price does not mean any quality is lost; we only produce premium grade swimwear, nothing other.

Select 1 to 4 ways to work

  1. Most popular. Email your designs to us as photos or screenshots from the web or good clear drawings or detailed spec sheets.
    Attach these to an email or WhatsApp & send them over to us as a word or PDF Doc.
  2. Select from our Ready to Go Designs. Then, all we have to do is add your heat-press Logo Size & washing instructions to the inside of the garment to create your own iconic collection. Please make your selection & send them over using this form.
  3. Send the real samples via courier. If you have actual physical examples, then send them via courier. Take care & note the warnings on sending articles of clothing to us on our Import & Export page
  4. Upload via our website. Below is a section to upload your designs direct from our website.

Once received, in 3 working days, we will send you back your all-inclusive finished garment prices.*

*Prices Inc. as many accessories as possible individually packed in Bio-Degradable bags. Branded hardware is invoiced separately & we never add surcharges.

See some example Handovers.

Handover Designs
Upload your Custom Designs

STEP 1 – Drag & add your designs below

Accepted file types: jpeg, png, pdf

Maximum upload size: 50MB

STEP 2 – Tick your selected fabrics
max 3 fabrics
Fabrics Choice *

STEP 3 – Add notes or ask anything

Notes on handovers

  • If requesting branded items, *these are invoiced separately.
  • Try to keep your handover simple & to the point. Send us precisely what you’re looking for with notes &, ideally, website references that we can refer to, to more clearly understand what you’re looking to produce.
  • Styles made in figure-enhancing shapes are outselling complex designs by several factors. With a decent photoshoot & some good posts to social media, brands who tick all the boxes are storming the market right now, back at us with new PO’s & topup orders faster than anything we have experienced pre-Covid.
  • If any of the designs you request to price are from any brand we manufacture, we will inform you to change.
  • Fabrics on our website are the only ones we offer unless you know the fabric suppliers’ details, codes & prices, in which case we may be able to assist.

Need to speak to somebody?

Fill in the form or chat via WhatsApp, 9 am-4 pm Monday to Friday & Saturday 9-11 am
Contact us via WhatsApp +62 811 388 512 or by email at

Contact us 2

We endeavour to reply to any WA email or chat in max one working day.

All of our swimwear specialists are trained & able to answer any question you may have to mind.

On-site Inspections

Due to restrictions with travel to & from Bali, in most cases, we hold WA video calls.
We can show you our studio & factory & anything else you would like to see.

Find us in Google maps

How to get started in your very own
sustainable premium quality Swimwear brand

Download the 2021 Swimwear Guide

*Online sales growth for 2021 expected to be over 35% greater than in 2020

How to get started in your very own
sustainable premium quality Swimwear brand

Download the 2021 Swimwear Guide

*Online sales growth for 2021 expected to be over 35% greater than in 2020

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