Getting Started

The first step in creating a sustainable swimwear line is to price your designs. If you already know the designs you’ll be using, the next step is to select the fabric they will be produced in. For plain colours, Reclaim Prime and Vita by Carvico, both recycled, are the most selected plain colours, whilst REPREVE® Hawaii is the number one choice for digital prints. They all offer a superb hand feel, excellent body-enhancing properties, UV protection of UPF 50+, and are chlorine and salt-water resistant.

If you select colours from stock, we can begin cutting your orders as soon as we receive your PO. If requesting colours not in stock, we import them in 70m rolls adding two to three weeks to your delivery timeline.
We don’t need to know the exact colour, print, or custom branding you wish to add to provide prices. This issue will be addressed after you have approved our prices. Please take note that most of our plain fabrics cost approximately the same, with prints costing slightly more.

Once you approve our prices, a swimwear specialist will assist you in selecting custom branding, including your logo layout that will be heat-pressed into the inside back of each item. Adding branded accessories will see your designs looking iconic & original, standing out from the crowd.
With a keen eye for what’s on trend and some savvy social media skills, you’re well on your way to starting an environmentally friendly & sustainable swimwear brand.

Example Colour Card


Adding Prints

We are the only company in Bali offering a true digital print service on super soft Nylon. All others in Bali print Vita PL, our least loved Carvico fabric & nowhere near as soft as the recycled REPREVE® we use.
Printing in Bali on Polyester is never as true to the eye & fades over time in contact with salt water or Chlorine.

Contrary to popular opinion, printing is easier and faster than plain dyeing.
Drawing prints can be costly & time-consuming & which is why we recommend purchasing ready-made prints from sellers such as

Example Print


Three Ways to Price

The price we offer is for a fully factored garment ready to sell, inc., all non-branded accessories & one custom-branded logo heat pressed to the inside back of each article.

1. Custom Designs

To price your designs, we only require front and back screenshots from websites that inspire you.
Tech packs and clear line drawings are also acceptable. Add some notes if you need to make some changes. 
Send your designs in Word or PDF via email or WhatsApp.

2. Ready-to-Order Designs

We offer a collection of updated best-sellers and the latest trends in design and colour for the 2024/25 season.

Simply select the designs you love & add them to this form, adding the fabric colour or print you would like them produced in.

To make our designs truly unique, we heat-press your custom logo on the inside back of each piece.
For USD 30 most designs can be edited, for example, making bum coverage more moderate or cheeky, adding cups, wires, etc.

Download the 2024 Collection

3. Mix & Match

You may also combine your own designs with our ready-to-order designs.

Complete the following ready-to-order form and send back. Upon receipt, we’ll get back to you to confirm your request or ask anything we need clarification on.

If filling out forms is not your thing, you can send any data over to us to review by email

Please add notes and ask any clarification you need.

In 2-3 working days, we’ll send you back the lowest price for a premium-quality product.

Example Handover

Below is an example of a typical handover from a start-up swimwear brand. They provided us with some images they would like replicated with notes regarding any changes they would like to be made in their selected colours and a print. We then use this information to price their collection. As soon as they approve our prices, we begin assembling their samples. 

In contrast to working with old-fashioned paper patterns, we use digital 2D AUTO-CAD software to create patterns based on known international body sizes, enabling us to make any changes on request, in minutes rather than hours or days.

Example Handover Mocked Up

After prices are approved, we’ll send you an invoice to start sampling. Upon receipt of payment, on request, we send a free mockup of what we envisage your collection should look like. In the event that you do not like any aspect of the mockup visually, we can modify it. Once the mockup is approved, we cut the fabrics & begin sampling.


We construct samples based on your handover of the designs, taking into account any notes you added regarding fit, construction, and stitching.
After we are certain that all points have been clarified, you will be assigned a swimwear specialist, who will contact you to arrange a follow-up meeting. She’ll be on hand throughout the process, ready to discuss other issues, such as branding, prints & so on, which are always handled whilst the samples are on the go, ready for your bulk PO.

Samples are constructed in our sample studio with a team of 60 pattern makers, seamstresses, merchants, and assistants.

Final Word

We trust that the above data provides a clear explanation of how you can launch your own brand in the fastest, most cost-effective manner.

You can book a free callback, send over some designs via email, or start a live chat with a swimwear specialist to discuss any questions you may have.

From sampling to delivery, we handle everything.

Wishing you the success you deserve and looking forward to seeing you trading soon.


Let’s build your ideas together.

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