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Getting Started

Launching an eco-friendly swimwear brand involves three steps. The first step is often said to be the hardest.
We are here to make the process seamless. Let’s get started. 

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Custom or Ready Designs?

In addition to custom swimwear, we produce two  ready-to-order annualy. Our price includes your custom brand logo heat-pressed onto the back of each product, branded hygienic liners, and all non-branded accessories packed in biodegradable bags, retail-ready.
Each piece will arrive in biodegradable bags, retail-ready.
We never add surcharges: the price we give is all-inclusive.

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Choosing Fabrics and Colours

Selecting colours from our stock can speed up bulk orders. Since stock colours have no minimum order quantity, you may add more colours to your bulk purchase order.
Colours not in stock are flown in weekly in 70m lots. Stocks are not leftovers; they are flown in as orders are cut.
Fabrics & Colours

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Adding Prints

We use MS Italian print machines overseas for those who love prints due to the colour saturation and realistic imagery that is far superior to anything in Bali. These are then flown in weekly.

See How to Add Print

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3 Ways to Handover

We only require your designs fabrics, colours, and or prints you want to produce. Upon receipt, we’ll provide the best price for a premium quality product. Only after you approve our prices, do we need to know your actual colours and prints.

1. Custom Designs

Submitting custom designs is simple. Brand owners often send screenshots of their designs and notes regarding any changes they want to implement. Technical packs and clear line drawings are also possible.
Please send your handover via email or WhatsApp in Word or PDF format.

2. Ready-to-Order Designs

The ready collection includes some of our best sellers and the newest trending shapes for late 2024. In the catalogue, what you see is what you will receive in the fabric colour or print of your choice. Clients save time and money by avoiding sampling and moving directly to bulk orders. It is always your decision whether to sample or not. Finally, we will add your custom-branded logo to the inside back to make our designs uniquely yours.
Add your codes to this form. If you know the fabric colour or print, fill that in also.

Check out the latest 2024 collection

3. Mix & Match

You may also mix and match our designs with yours. Please provide us with your chosen designs, including our design codes, screenshots of your custom creations, and any changes you would like implemented as an email.


  • You’ll receive our best price within 2 to 3 working days.
  • If you need help deciding what fabric to choose, we price in Italian and American fabrics for both plains & prints.
  • Our designs can be customized for USD 30. For instance, you can adjust coverage from modest to cheeky or incorporate features like cups and wires.
  • All fabrics offer UPF 50+ sun protection, chlorine and saltwater resistance & body-enhancing properties.

Example Handover & Mock-Up

Below is an excellent example of a client’s handover. The fabric, colour, and print they desired were captured in screenshots and notes. They also added their custom logo and design layout for their heat press.

With prices provided & payment received, we send back a 2D mock-up of the collection in their chosen colours and prints allowing greater visualization of the collection’s appearance when produced.

When adding prints, consider the following:

  • Compared to plain dyeing, printing is faster and easier.
  • It is advisable to check out sites such as Shutterstock.com for ready-made prints since creating prints is expensive and time-consuming.

Are You Ready?

Let’s build your ideas together.

If you have any questions on how to get started with your own sustainable brand, then contact us using the links below, and one of our swimwear specialists will get back to you.


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