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With 32 years in the garment manufacturing industry, we have provided hundreds of brands with the tools and resources to run their own sustainable, custom-made profitable swimwear business from home.

As we are the only bonded tax-free company on the island, saving 40% on imported fabric costs makes your invoice values that much lower. No other producer in Bali comes close in price, quality or production timelines, making us the No.1 choice for brand owners seeking a low-cost sustainable carbon-friendly solution.

We hold the largest inventory of imported fabrics in the latest 2023 trending colours, over 50,000m in total.

We offer a premium digital print service overseas on super soft, recycled Nylon from REPREVE™. Other Bali suppliers can only offer a local Bali print service.

To get you started, we require your designs produced in what fabric, colour or print.
We then heat-press your Logo into the inside back of each article.


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Virtually all of our fabrics have been upcycled from salvaged ocean waste, such as reclaimed Nylon fishing nets & discarded plastic bottles, keeping our oceans much cleaner & biodiversity healthy.

By selecting to work with us, you can rightly claim your swimwear is sustainable & Eco-friendly, offering a low carbon footprint.

We import our fabrics from Italy, such as Vita, blended with Xtra Life Lycra & ECONYL®, as well as REPREVE™ from the U.S.

Minimum Order Quantities

We offer a low MOQ of 30 units per style, 3 per size & colour, with 300 units in total or 150 Bikini sets.
For example, ten designs across several colours &/or prints in 3 or 4 sizes.

Read more about our minimum orders

Costing Your Designs

To price up your Collection, we only require your handover of designs, either your own custom shapes or a selection of our ready-to-order ones, in either plain or printed fabric. With that, we price. The rest is now up to us.

Select 1 of 4 ways to price up


Most Popular

The most popular way to price custom designs is via screenshots, tech packs, or line drawings with notes on any changes sent via email or WhatsApp as a Word Doc or PDF.


Ready To Order Design

If you’re selecting from our Ready-To-Order Collection, then fill in our Sample Request Form


Mix & Match

Mix & match some of our Ready to Order Designs with some of your own custom designs, combining points 1 & 2.


Drag & Drop

If you have some designs saved to your desktop, then we have a page where they can be Drag & Dropped

In 2 to 3 days, we’ll get back to you with the lowest prices & any questions raised, answered.


  • Prices quoted are inclusive of non-branded accessories with 1 heat press applied to the inside back of each article.
  • We love to see samples approved the first time, so add the data we require to fully understand your concepts.
  • In most cases, complex tech packs are no longer required & handovers using rough sketches are not acceptable.
  • Prepare your custom logo for your heat press as soon as possible.

Lowest Prices

As we have written, we own the only Tax-Free license in Bali on importing fabrics saving 40% on production costs. As all other Bali Swim producers must add these costs to your invoice values means our prices will always be around 40% cheaper, even we add higher-grade Italian & American recycled fabrics.

You’re in this to make money so compare our prices to other Bali Swim producers, requesting they add recycled imported fabrics. You’re find they charge around 40 USD per Bikini set & over 30 USD for one piece swimmers.

Our invoice value for 300 units will only purchases 200 pieces from any other Bali supplier.

Examples of our inclusive Prices

Expect a markup of approx. 4 X our price to your sell price.
For example, a Bikini top produced for 13 USD retails for $59.

Plain Dyed Tops & Bottoms
in Carvico Vita

King Trading @ El Kabron 428 2

Digitally Printed Tops & Bottoms
in Repreve

King Trading @ El Kabron 1452 3

Custom Made Swimwear

Our core business is the creation of custom-made designs to clients’ requests. We construct swimwear similar to lingerie to ensure the final products fit like a second skin made using fabrics soft as butter to the touch.

Whether seamless, reversible or double-sided, we assemble your orders in teams on speciality machines to ensure cups don’t cut into the skin, wires never poke through, & straps don’t twist or buckle.

We needle stitch following the exact contour of each design in 5mm seams.

Custom Made Designs

Patterns are created digitally using 2D AutoCAD software, far more accurate than working with traditional paper patterns.
We work using International Body Sizes, be sure to check out our Size Guide

Ready to Order Collection

The 2023 Swimwear Ready to order Collection was assembled using our best-selling shapes & our knowledge of what’s trending well into Spring 2023.

Any design can be produced in any fabric, colour, or print and be altered, for instance, making the bum coverage more moderate or cheeky, adding cups, etc.

If you’re low on inspiration, see our video of the styles shot on the models &/or download the Catalogue inc prices.

Selecting Fabrics

We hold the largest stocks of ECO-On-Trend textured fabrics in Bali, over 50,000m ready to cut on demand.

We Digitally print using a super soft imported Luxe American Recycled fabric.

Mocking up your Designs

Once you have made payment, we mock up your Collection free of charge.
Being able to see your designs, colours & or prints in virtual 2D allows you to visualize more clearly, what your final Collection will look like on.

An Example Handover

Above Handover, mocked-up below

Mock Up mobile 2

To see a full mock-up branded in more detail, go here

Starter Packs

All our starter packs offer you a great advantage in actually knowing the quality you can expect as well as how well our swimwear fits the body.

Inside each pack, we’ve added a good selection of high-grade accessories, most of which can be branded + a swatch of each fabric & their corresponding laser copy colours cards.

Feel the textures of each fabric & see all the colours in stock or to be imported.

Select a Starter Pack

Anais Set

Byron Set

Marlow Set

Fabric Packs

A must for designers!

We offer three packs: Swim, Active & Natural.

Each pack includes 1 real swatch of each fabric displayed on either website. With any pack to hand, you’ll be able to feel each fabric & its textures and select the colours much clearer using the laser copy colour cards as a reference.

Purchase a Fabric Pack




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