Sustainable Swimwear.
Made Easy.

Easy steps on how to create a
Sustainable Swimwear Brand

Sustainable Swimwear.
Made Easy.

Easy steps on how to Create a Sustainable Swimwear Brand

All Designs, Videos and Prints, the creation of Swimwear Bali

Your Own Brand in 8 Weeks

We have been producing custom swimwear for over 30 years to clients’ requests. The fabrics we incorporate into your designs are sustainable & recycled from Carvico® & ECONYL® in Italy and REPREVE® in the US, including some of our own speciality blends unique to us. Our mission is to manufacture Swimwear at the lowest possible price, to the highest quality, ready for dispatch in the shortest time possible.

We reduce our carbon footprint by 80% by using recycled fabrics over new.

We all know that the planet’s resources are limited. That’s why we use recycled fabrics produced using salvaged fishing nets and plastic ocean waste, helping preserve our planet and the marine life we all depend upon

Our dyes are OEKO-Tex certified & orders are packed in bags produced from cassava starch that degrades in 24 hours in contact with water.

By selecting Swimwear Bali as your partner in fashion, you can rightly claim your brand to be environmentally friendly & your Swimwear assembled in a sustainable & earth-friendly manner.

If you haven’t already done so, download the guide in the top bar to read how to get started on your brand in simple steps.

Check our FAQ for the most asked questions with clearly defined answers.

We are Tax-Free

Being the only bonded Tax-Free company in Bali; nobody beats us on price. We save 35% in production costs when importing fabrics, which all other importers in Bali must pay & add to your costs. Mostly, all other producers on the island use lower-grade, locally sourced fabrics.

Sales of sustainable Swimwear increased by 50% year over year in the first half of 2023. If your dream is to own a luxe quality sustainable swimwear brand, in charge of your own business, then we are here to make that a reality.

We Give Back
We make monthly donations to Bali Street Mums, a charitable organization run by Kim from NZ, that provides a safe environment for mothers and children who scavenge their living from garbage dumps. Children are especially susceptible to exploitation by sex traffickers and life of misery. You can contact Kim directly on +642102997784

You can read more in Tax-Free & Ethics.

Lowest Prices

Below are examples of our prices, adding recycled imported fabrics.

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Group 52 1
Group 41 1
Group 39 1

Expect a resale value of 4.5 times our prices; for example, a bikini top we sell for USD 13 will retail for approx $59.00

You are in this to make money, so compare our prices with another Bali Swim producer requesting they add imported fabrics rather than locally sourced low-quality ones.

The cost of an order of 300 units working with us incorporating imported recycled fabrics will only buy you around 200 units with any other Bali Swimwear manufacturer.


We all know that the planet’s resources are limited. That’s why we use recycled fabrics produced using salvaged fishing nets and plastic ocean waste, helping preserve our planet and the marine life we all depend upon

Our dyes are OEKO-Tex certified & orders packed in bags produced from cassava starch that degrades in 24 hours in contact with water.


Quick Start
3 Ways to Handover

As a first step, we estimate your prices. All we require are your designs & fabric selections, in plain or printed. You may use your own custom designs, some of our ready-to-order ones, or a combination of both.

We only need to know the exact colours and prints after you approve our prices.

With our wide array of colours and combinations of possible designs, your final collection can easily be as iconic as any other swimwear brand.

1. Custom Designs

The most common way to price is by sending screenshots with notes on any changes you want us to implement via email or WhatsApp in Word or PDF format. We also accept tech packs and quality line drawings or any other way that works for you.

2. Ready Designs

You can see our latest 2024 Ready-To-Order designs here. Select the styles you love and add them to this form to request samples or place an order.

Take note: Any of our designs can be edited for USD 30, for example, by making bum coverage more moderate or cheeky, adding cups, wires, etc.

3. Mix and Match

You can combine some of your custom designs with some of ours. Once done, please email us your screenshots and our product codes.

See an example of a handover.

Once received, in 2 to 3 working days, you’ll hear back from us with our most competitive price for a premium quality product.

Read more about pricing & how to get started

A few Brands we Produce

Swimwear, Swimsuit & Bikini Manufacturer - Swimwear Bali


We offer a low MOQ of 300 pieces per bulk order (for example, 150 bikini sets), 30 pieces per style and three pieces per size, colour and print.

If you want to mix & match our designs with yours, the MOQ remains the same.

If you’re seeking to Mix & Match Swimwear & Activewear, the MOQ is 500 pieces.

Fabrics & Plain Colours

When deciding which fabric/s you plan on using, consider the colours we hold in stock in each fabric. Being able to select colours or add prints as & when you require, will be paramount to your success, as it allows us to cut orders immediately upon receiving a purchase order.
As there is no MOQ for stock colours, you can add more colours to your PO than selecting colours to be imported.

Plain colour or print requests are imported in 70m rolls & must be used up in your production PO.  70m produces approx. 100 Bikini sets (100 Tops & 100 Bottoms).

We keep over 50,000 meters of imported recycled Swimwear fabrics in stock in 85 trending colours. We hold the largest stocks of imported swimwear fabrics in Bali.

logo fabric


Adding custom prints to your collection is easier than most imagine. Many of the brands who order from us sell printed swimwear extremely well. 

We print using REPREVE® recycled fabrics from the US, offering a super soft buttery hand feel with colour saturation & tones identical to the artwork provided. 

Even though most brands start with plain colours, many add prints as sales increase. As brands grow, we see them ordering more prints than plains.

As drawing your own prints can be costly & time-consuming, we suggest selecting ready-made prints from such sellers as Shutterstock, reducing the time required to an hour or so, & costing just a few dollars. Even though they don’t cost much, please don’t consider them substandard. They work perfectly for all types of Printing & have a huge array to select from. Open Shutterstock & add some words of what you’re seeking, for example, ‘abstract prints’ & from the drop-down menu on the top left side, choose Vector format & you will find something like this. Then, click on the motif you like & another page will open with similar images, allowing you to refine your search further. Once you’ve selected the print/s you love, you can either send over a link to the print to allow us to check it’s all good to go, or you can purchase it yourself & send it over via WeTransfer.

Read more on how to add prints to your collection.

Custom Made Swimwear

We assemble your designs using speciality machines to ensure cups fit snuggly, wires never poke through, and straps don’t twist or buckle. Swimwear construction is based on the same principles used in intimates to ensure they fit like a second skin and have all the desired body-enhancing properties.

We needle stitch 5mm seams, following each design’s contour.

Ready to Order Designs

If you need some inspiration, we have a great selection of ready-to-order designs shot in January 2023, selected from our best-sellers and our knowledge of what will trend in early 2024. All we require are the codes of the designs you love & the fabric, colour, or print you want them produced in added to this form, & you’re all set to begin.

First thing we do is heat press your custom logo to the inside back of each piece, making our designs individually yours. We require heat pres art work to in Vector format in EPS, PDF, CDR, or JPEG, 300 dpi, repeatable, and to scale. Any design can be produced in any fabric, colour, or print and can be altered, for instance, by making the bum coverage more moderate or cheeky, adding cups, wires, etc.

2024 Campaign Shoot

King Trading Swim Campaign @ Villa 977 cropped
King Trading Swim Campaign @ Villa 1936 cropped
King Trading Swim Campaign @ Villa 2697 cropped
King Trading Swim Campaign @ Villa 1901 cropped
King Trading Swim Campaign @ Villa 2570 cropped
King Trading Swim Campaign @ Villa 1872 cropped
King Trading Swim Campaign @ Villa 1015 cropped
King Trading Swim Campaign @ Villa 2424 cropped
King Trading Swim Campaign @ Villa 1871 cropped

Starter Packs

By selecting one of our starter packs, you’ll know the quality of our products and understand how we size our Swimwear by trying on your selected set or one piece.

Fabric Swatch Packs

To assist you in your fabric selection, we have assembled some real fabric swatches allowing you to experience the hand feel & texture of all the fabrics on our website.

2 8

BTS Video


King Trading_Swim Campaign @ Villa -132


Please email us if you have any questions or anything above is unclear, and we will clarify. To assist us with your inquiry, add as many images, photos, specifications, or screenshots as an attachment as you like, adding some notes on the side.

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For a speedy reply, use WhatsApp

To speak to a specialist, organize a Call-Back

Contact Us

King Trading Swim Campaign @ Villa 132

Please send us an email if you have any questions about anything unclear, and we will do our best to clarify. Include images, photos, specifications, or screenshots as an attachment.

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Visit Us

If you’re in Bali or planning to visit, drop in for a chat with our team and a tour of our facilities. You’ll see how our sampling studio, production facility, quality control department & our speciality 2D Auto-CAD pattern-making studio operates.

We’re just 30 minutes from the airport, Canggu & Seminyak.