Build your own Eco-friendly
Swimwear Business

Build your own
Swimwear Business

All designs manufactured by Swimwear Bali

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Bali's #1 Swimwear Manufacturer

We are Bali's leading Swimwear manufacturer, established 30 years, incorporating premium grade recycled Italian & American fabrics into our production. We have helped establish over 500 independent brands who approached us seeking to get started in their own Eco-friendly swimwear brand, manufactured in an ethically & responsible way.

Fastest Service

Selecting from our Italian stock fabrics will see your orders cut & sewn & ready for dispatch in just 4 weeks, the fastest service of any producer in Bali. If you desire fabrics to be imported or printed, then add 4-6 weeks to your time line.

Sampling requests & sales of our Starter packs are higher than usual, with many people taking this time as an opportunity to prepare their collections for later in the year.

We Handle All

From the day you begin to the day we prepare your goods for dispatch, we handle each & every part of the supply chain.

We make any custom patterns & grades, import your fabric requests, digital print your fabrics & brand your accessories like metal clips, hygienic liners & packaging. The final goods are packed in a biodegradable bag ready boxed to be sent to any overseas address globally.

Lowest Prices

We own the only Tax free licence in Bali on the import of fabrics to the export of clothing. This saves us 40% on manufacturing costs, making our prices the lowest in Bali. Exercise caution before you begin sampling.

We manufacture your designs using speciality machines sewing each section of your production, not only far neater but much faster, reducing costs.

Sampling & Production

Our sampling division is working at full capacity with more than double the normal requests. We operate a team of 5 pattern makers & 20+ sample sewers producing over 30 custom made samples every day.

Our production facility has been broken into four locations to allow for social distancing in accordance the laws of Indonesia. We run over 150 machines on the island.

Top: $12.45 - Bottom: $10.45
Top: $12.40 - Bottom: $10.00
Top: $13.50 - Bottom: $10.00
One Piece: $20.00

Example :- 300 pieces all-in costs using
Recycled fabric - $3,330 usd


Sales Projection

In a recent survey, 60 % of consumers said they would buy more for clothing that was made ethically and sustainable. Adding to that, that online brands are predicted to see a huge growth in sales over the next 12 months, should therefore mean that this is a prime time to get started in your own eco-friendly swimwear brand.


We have several packaging options. We provide free one biodegradable bag made from Tapioca (Cassava). These bags, once discarded, will degrade in a landfill in less than a week. We also offer a chargeable zip-lock plastic bag which has been made with EcoPure® added. These bags, know as EVA bags are rubber like in softness & flexibility, offering a premium grade packaging solution, & will degrade in an environmentally friendly way once discarded.


The majority of our fabrics are imported from Carvico using ECONYL® in Italy & REPREVE from the US. These fabrics have been made using salvaged fishing nets or post consumer waste.

Dyes & Prints

We dye all our fabrics using Eco-friendly certified dyes GOTS & OEKO-TEX® approved. We print digitally using Huntsman dyes from the US all Eco friendly

Metal work

All metalwork is made using zinc alloy & electroplated to ensure no pit & rust resistant. The colours we offer are all approved as nontoxic: you could therefore consider our metal accessories as Eco-friendly.

Our Facilities


Getting Started

Step 1. Handover

To get you started, all we require are your designs sent via email, as screen shots, photographs, tech packs, or as the real samples, via courier.

Step 2. Selecting your Fabrics

The fabrics you choose, either from our Italian Stocks or Fabrics to be Imported, will affect your bulk order time-line as well as the number of pieces you will have to add per colour or print. Stock fabrics can be selected in 20 meters lots, allowing more colours to be added. Imported colours come in 70 meter lots, so possibly less colours can be added. This is always your choice & critical to be clear before you start. Consider what you will order when it comes to your top-up orders. Imported colours will take more time to produce & your be adding less colours.


We offer a low MOQ of 300 pieces across 10 styles, 30 pieces per style, 3 pieces per size & colour.
We do not add any surchages.
If you're ready to move to pricing, then you can click Upload Your Custom Designs, or send them to us via WeTransfer

All-inclusive Costing

Its more than important to note, the estimate prices supplied from your handover, are all-inclusive to the finished articles. Pattern making & grading, accessories such as clips, bra adjusters & the like, have been included.

If for any reason your unclear on what your choices are, or how to send us your requests, then you can set up a free callback. Talking one on one with an swimwear specialist, with many years’ experience in the industry can easily eradicate the need for numerous emails back & forth

In 95% cases, our clients reported that a callback not only moved them forward much quicker but also helped in selecting their fabrics & colours to best suit their budget & branding requirements.

Book a Callback Here


Ordering Custom Designs

Our speciality is in the manufacture of custom designs. We have been producing swimwear samples for over 30 years & know how to produce high grade, well priced swimwear collection made using only premium grade fabrics & accessories producing branded custom made designs, day after day, week in year out.

Our pattern makers are all experienced using our 2D Auto-Cad software. The wonderful thing with digital patterns is the speed to adjust & the ability to fix any issue you may flag, in minutes rather than hours or days.

If you have some custom shapes you want pricing, its simple as ABC. Finalise your designs, select your fabric & send that to us via email.

You may work with screen shots, photographs, tech packs or the real samples sent via courier. Get your prices & realize your dream of owning your own sustainable environmentally friendly swimwear brand. Fill in the sample request form or set up a call back here.

Swimwear Starter Packs

How to build an Eco-friendly Premium grade swimwear collection, from the comfort of your home.


Grab Your Starter-Packs

Need some Inspiration?


Ordering Ready to Go Designs

Simple - Fast - Cost effective

We offer a collection of the bestselling shapes of 2020. You can see the Catalogue here

We have priced all our designs included the make, accessories & fabric, in Vita Plain or Repreve digital print. If you require to use another fabric, then these can be selected from any of the fabrics you can find on our site.

It may be that some of the fabirc you select are in-stock, & some will have to be imported. If your adding prints then we offer a premium quality digital print service, far superior to sublimation in Bali, super rich hues & saturation. Read more in our Fabrics Explained page.


What our customers say

  • Ash
    Hi Steve, Novi, Jojo and Komang.I’ve just finished unpacking and counting my order.I just want to say thank you so much for all your hard work, my swimwear looks amazing - the print is perfect.So happy with how everything come together, so I really appreciate all your help, and thank you for being patient and understanding for my first order. I have learnt a lot!So next order we gonna rock.Look forward to working together, and grow our businesses together.Hope you all had a lovely day, talk soon!
    Seer and Wilde Swim
  • Kristy
    “Hi guys, just wanted to let you know I’ve received my stock. And it is amazing, the quality is fantastic. Thank you so much for you hard work. Now I can see my brand being super successful and placing more & more orders”
    Winter and I
  • Jannat Yacoub
    “I just received my samples, And I loved them. I’m drawing out my next sample and I should have it ready by this week! There’re so many options to choose from, AMAZING work!!”
    Jannat Yacoub
  • K A Y L A   C A R L Y L E
    H E L O - E V E R Y O N E!!I just wanted to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for making our first production order with you guys such a success! You all made this process very easy. I can't wait to see what we develop in the seasons to come. All of our products came out fantastic and made very well.Coming from a previous manufacturer that caused so much stress because of their quality and inconsistency, truly makes me grateful for you guys.I hope you have a great weekend. Please forward this message to anyone who helped make our second season such an amazing experience!Thank you,
    K A Y L A C A R L Y L E
    Owner / Designer - CHEEKY CARLYLE SWIM
  • Ivana Milosevic
    Hi Novi and the team,I just wanted to let you know the samples have arrived today! They are so amazing! I can’t believe, they look and feel so beautiful. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and putting up with my anxiety and being annoying each day! I really appreciate all of your communication and kindness. Thank you so so very much. I will send you some pictures from the shoot and we’ll place bulk order next week. Thank you for all of your help and support beautiful ladies,
    Ivana Milosevic
    Le Periple
  • Lisa Niederer
    “I am super happy with the Samples you manufactured for me! Thankyou! I am now ready to book the Production :) The Final Samples are on their way to you now! Hurray!!!! And the Deposit is paid. Thanks so much! THANKYOU SO MUCH GUYS! I am really happy with how smoothly everything has gone. You have been very professional and helpful!”
    Lisa Niederer



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