How to get started in your own Swimwear Brand

The first section of our web site is laid out in such a way as to explain how to get your prices & move simply & quickly into sampling. You’re see other pages inside that go over other aspects of swimwear production that could be of interest. You will read how we produce the highest-grade swimwear in Bali at the lowest possible prices.

At the end of each page you will see a ‘Contact Us’ form that you can fill in & go over any questions you may have. There are some WhatsApp buttons also that you can use to get in contact with us directly. Often a 10 minutes call will save days of emails.



Firstly, let’s address the most asked questions.

Q. How do I get started?

Quite simply, all we require are your shapes, can be photos, screen shots or tech packs, with your chosen fabrics noted. With that data, we can price your collection in a few days. We refer to this as a ‘Handover’.

Returning clients, who know the system we run, will hand over their new collections & receive their prices back in most cases, in one or two days, with their new patterns on the go within a week.

Other questions you will have such as how to choose your clips & adjusters, hygienic stickers, heat press for your logo, packaging & prints, we will go over later.

You are entitled to one free call with one of our merchants to go over anything unclear. This one call can easily save you many days & or even weeks trying to work out what is the best solution for you with your budget & requirements



The next question then, is always, what is your MOQ?
Let’s take an example hand over.


10 styles, 5 tops, 3 pants & 2 one-pieces. You choose to order 100 of each style, 7 pieces per size & colour. You can also choose to order half that amounts, so 500 units, 10 styles, 5 pcs per size & colour with an additional charge of 15%.

Our prices are by the lowest in Bali, you may check. Often, our invoice value for 500 units, let’s say approx. $7,000 is similar to what other supplier will charge $10,000, so do think much about your costings at start as later on as your business grows, you don’t want to be swapping around suppliers. Don’t forget accessories, our price includes mostly all, they will charge in addition.

Finally, the third most asked question is about fabrics, so let’s take a look at the options



Option 1 - Stocks

As we keep in stock the bestselling recycled Italian fabrics & colours means choosing from our stocks offers an easy fast solution over requests for imports of full rolls from Italy. Choosing fabrics from stocks, offers a huge advantage, especially at the start as Stock Fabrics do not require any minimums, we can take as many meters as you need, even 10 meters per colour.

Option 2 Importing rolls

If the colours we hold in stock are not suitable then we can import for you, simply & quickly. All colours imported come in 70-meter rolls so any order must use those fabrics entirely. We have a weekly uplift from Carvico to Bali.

Importing adds on average 3 weeks to any time line with a possible result being that you may have to choose less colours or order more units. Let’s explain this below

This simply formula will help you work out your needs. All averages
Bikini Tops 35cm - Bikini Pants 25cm - One-piece swimmers 1.10m

Our experience shows that brands that selected most of their colours from stock, maybe just one or two imported, see production started quicker & much faster re-orders.

Plain Fabrics Section
Printed Fabrics Section



We offer a stunning array of styles that have proven to be the seasons bestselling shapes. If you choose from these styles, then the $30.00 USD we charge sampling fee is refunded on any bulk order as long as you don’t later request any changes to any style. You can also mix & match your styles & ours, select a few from the catalogue & add some, everything is possible.

You can see the catalogues below for both swim & Active & a video shot in location in Bali. All styles were manufactured in house.

Swimwear ready-to-go shapes here
Check out the Video here

Activewear ready-to-go shapes here
Check out the Video here



King Trading is the only Company in Bali to own an exemption certificate against taxes & duties payable on the import of fabrics to the export of clothing. We were awarded the exemption by the Government of Indonesia as we follow all manpower regulation, paying our employees well over the minimum wage, offering all employees free medical insurance against doctor’s fees & medicine for themselves, spouse & up to three children.

“Owning the only tax-free license in Bali, means our fabric costs re approx. half the landed price of any other manufacturer on the Island. This results in being by far the cheapest supplier for premium grade Swim & Activewear in Bali”

Steve Martin
Owner King Trading



We run the largest dedicated sample team in Bali, producing over 75 new samples every day.

Working on our automated 2D AutoCAD computerized pattern & grading machine, will see your collection patterned-up quickly & efficiently using the minimum amount of fabric possible.

Grading on the CAD will see approx. 80% samples approved first time around, + saving many weeks in sampling.



Firstly, to note, we only work with high grade products produced by vendors we have been working with for many years. Metals stay bright & clear, no rust or pitting, heat press does not flake off etc.

Your prices in the main are inclusive of all major costs, including your fabric in plain or print, cut & sewn into your styles. Accessories like metal rings & adjusters, heat press labelling & hygienic stickers, bio degradable packaging will be included in the price. We are the only company in Bali that adds most of the major accessory costs when providing your estimate prices.

If you have requested such items as cups, wires & the like, then these should be clearly labelled on the estimate form that we will send to you. Best check any prices given to ensure your requested accessory were included.

All goods packed in Avani Bio-degradable bags, closed with ‘I AM NOT PLASTIC’ sticker


PRINT OPTIONS - 2 ways to print

The two options, both on recycled fabrics, are as follows.

  1. Digital print in china on REPREVE by UNIFI
  2. Sublimation print in Bali on Vita PL

Option 1. Digital on Nylon

Digital printing is by far the highest grade of print & does not fade when in contact with salt or chlorine. Also, as the dyes are power pressed into the fabric, the colour will remain fast forever. What is referred to as ‘Stretch White Lines” may occur but to a much lesser degree than with Poly prints.

Option 2. Sublimation on Polyester

In Bali, there are no digital print machines, so we have to print using sublimation machines. These machines are a system of heat press with the final print looking similar to digital but not so vibrant or deep. Colours can fade with time in contact with salt & chlorine



Printed on a Recycled American Nylon fabric - Super soft hand feel, colours deep & rich, no fade.


Strike-off/sampling - 3 weeks. Production - 3-4 weeks
MOQ 70 meters per motif


Printed on Recycled Italian polyester fabrics –
Strike-off/sampling – 3 days. Production 1 week

Slightly harsher hand feel. Colours less vibrant
Price for either is similar. Highest grade is always Digital Nylon.

See the Print Guide here



There are two ways to send orders out, DHL or cargo airfreight.

As soon as you order is ready for dispatch, we weight the boxes & estimates the cost to your door. DHL prices are

You have two modes of transport from Bali to your door


Cargo rates are generally much cheaper than DHL yet also have additional charges such as

  • Documents & local charges in Bali
  • Clearance fees
  • Delivery fees
    Door to door approx. 5 working days

2. DHL

Kilo rates are higher but no additional charges, so prices tend to be much the same as Cargo
Door to door 3-5 working days




We produce a Starter Pack for a small fee of $99.00 USD to your door via DHL. This pack contains one pre-made Bikini set made from recycled textured rib one side & Vita flat recycled the other. Inside the pack is everything you will need to make your choices. You will find all the most important real fabric swatches + their respective laser copy colour cards + a bunch of accessories, heat press and bio bags & so on. With this pack in hand you will be able to not only know our quality but feel it to!

Your decision on which manufacturer to see to work with on your brand is most probably the most important decision you will make. As we manufacturer for big brands like Victoria Secrets Swimwear dept, means you are getting the best producer possible you can find for sure in Bali.

Grab the Starter Pack here


Any questions?

We are here to help