Sustainable Swimwear.

Start from Scratch - We make Swim Easy


Sustainable Swimwear.

Start from Scratch - We make Swim Easy


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Custom made Private label designs

Swimwear Bali is the longest running & largest producer of premium grade sustainable Swim & Activewear in Bali. We famously manufacture for Victoria’s Secret under the brand FAE Swim from Australia, as well as over 300 independent’s & established brands per year, dispatching bulk orders of sustainable eco-friendly collections to over 24 countries worldwide.

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Premium Quality

We produce your samples in-house with a team of more than 20 sample machinists, all with more than 10 years’ experience in the construction of swim & Activewear samples. Working in our air-conditioned studio, they assemble samples using specialised machines made to handle individual sections of each design. Wires, cups, straps, seamless, & reversible designs are manufactured according to your handover to the point they are ready for dispatch via FedEx to any address globally.

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Lowest Prices

We own the only Tax-free license in Bali on the import of fabrics (Vita Carvico, ECONYL, REPREVE etc) to the export of Swim & Activewear. This saves us approx. 40%* of production costs & your invoice value. We offer an all-in price with the majority of fabrics used imported in plain or printed digitally. Due to our tax-free license, local cheaper fabrics in Bali often cost more than what it costs us to import premium grade fabrics. We import every week via airfreight.

See more on our Tax-Free status here

* Other producers in Bali can import the same fabrics, but they are not tax exempt making your products at least 40% more costly.


  1. We never add surcharges & include as many accessories as possible into your estimated wholesale price.
  2. Approx. bulk prices using plain dyed Italian or American fabrics, Bikini Tops $13 – Bottoms $11 – One pieces $19.
  3. Approx. USD cost of 300 mixed styles (150 bikini sets) $3,600 with resell value $9,500.
  4. If requesting prints add $2.50 for bikini tops, bottoms $1.50 & one pieces $3.00.
  5. Our prices are all inclusive, your collection individually packed in a bio-degradable bags, ready to sell on arrival.

April 2021 - UPDATE

As you may be aware, swim & Activewear brands are seeing a large increase in sales, especially those online selling sustainable high-grade products as we produce. This has led to a large increase in requests for those wanting to get started in sampling as quickly as possible. If you have your designs & fabrics choices sorted then best to send over to priced.

See some examples of handovers here
See our stock fabrics & fabrics we import in here

Whilst you’re waiting for the prices to come back, normally 2-3 working days, we can chat via WA to go over any other issues such as branding accessories & so on.

Then send your designs & fabric choices here

Once received we will price & send back. With prices to hand, you can request a call-back. You will be able to go over such things as MOQ, time required for sampling & production, prints & handovers of art work or layout, packaging accessories & deliveries etc. Often a 10-minute call will give you clarity & allow us to sort them out for you as you desire.

Coming - April 2021

Ladies Lounge Wear

For more than 20 years we have produced ladieswear clothing for stores such as David Jones & Myers in AUS, Urban Outfitters in the US & ASOS & Top Shop in UK. This April we are launching a range of ladies’ loungewear. We will release the final looks soon. If you’re interested then send an email with ‘LOUNGE’ in the header & your be first to know.

Getting Started

Getting started in your own Swimwear brand is far simpler than most imagine. We have fine-tuned the whole process from start to finish from your selection of designs, fabrics & colours handed over to get priced, through to sampling & then bulk to delivery to your door.
The first job is always to get your collection priced. With prices in hand you be able to move directly into sampling

Read more on how to get started here

Uluwatu Photo Shoot Feb 2021


Get started simply & cheaply with one of our starter packs. Everything you will need to produce a branded collection from the comfort of your home & actual know the fit of the swimwear, the quality we produce & the amazing accessories we offer.

Swim Packs

Active Packs

Handovers - Custom Designs


Ready to go Designs

ready to go designs swim lightready to go designs swim black
ready to go designs active lightready to go designs active black

Every six months we create a collection of the bestselling designs of 2021. This year is all about shape, colour & fit, with body-hugging figure enhancing designs selling the best. Selecting our designs is a simple fast way to get started. You can select some of our designs or edit the ones we have, add some of your designs or a mix of both.
If you’re looking for inspiration, then look no further

Sampling Studio

Sales Growth 2021

A recent survey in Dec 2020 stated that ‘60% of consumers are now prepared to pay more for Swim & Sportswear that has been manufactured in an ethically & sustainable manner’. Beings specialized in custom made sustainable swimwear, means that we are well positioned for this booming trend. We are seeing many of the brands that we are producing for, selling two to five times more than they did at the start of 2020, pre Covid.

These opportunities don’t come often. If your dream business is running your own brand from home selling online into this very vibrant market, then maybe this is the one you have been waiting for.

Remember, if your landed prices are overtly expensive, then you’re find it almost impossible to sell against any competition you may have, or see your profits so small that when the time comes to reorder, you can’t afford the costs. As we are the only factory in Bali owning a Tax exemption on imported fabrics means your landed prices are going to be way lower than any other producer. Other producers will ‘talk up’ local swimwear fabrics & actually price local fabric production higher than we do for premium imported ones.

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For all online and general enquiries, please contact our Swim/Active/Athleisure/Yogawear specialist via WhatsApp chat , call or email.

The team operates 9am-5pm GMT + 8 Monday to Friday & Saturday 9-11am

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How to get started in your very own
sustainable premium quality Swimwear brand

Download the 2021 Swimwear Guide

*Online sales growth for 2021 expected to be over 35% greater than in 2020

How to get started in your very own
sustainable premium quality Swimwear brand

Download the 2021 Swimwear Guide

*Online sales growth for 2021 expected to be over 35% greater than in 2020

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