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How to Get Started - Simply and Quickly

Premium Swimwear

We are a British registered company working in Bali Indonesia for over 30 years. We run in partnership with only the best Indonesian suppliers on the Island as well as the global leaders in fabric & accessory supply.

In the past we have manufacturing for David Jones & Myers in AU, Urban Outfitters in USA & ASOS & Top Shop in the UK. Our major focus is now working with & alongside start-ups & established brands

Lowest Prices

We have been granted the only tax & duty-free license in Bali on the import of fabrics to the export of clothing, & as such, we are bonded. Being bonded means our fabric imports are tax-free resulting in our costs & your prices being lower than any other producer on the island.

We carry the largest stocks of any supplier in Bali of Italian recycled fabrics, some 50 colours in total, constantly being re stocked.

Working With Us

Once we are working together, your be assisted in every way possible, not only with your first order but also with your second & subsequent orders to build your brand into an entity to be reckoned with. FAE Swim who now supplies the Swim Dept. of Victoria’s Secret started this way as well as many others, now selling into THE ICONIC, American Eagle & REVOLVE to name a few, all of whom started off sending us their very first hand over, to be priced, then moving onto sampling & production to the success they have today.

We manufacturer for approx 200 brands across swim, active & Some medium to high end ladieswear brands across three continents

Ethics & Manpower

Our company operates in the most ethical & environmentally friendly way possible. We produce zero waste & make sure left-over fabric scraps are used to help the local community.

All our employees are treated as team members, in the mainworking with us over 15 years, all entitled to our free medical & hospitalization company Insurance covering up to 4 family members.

Digitilized Patterns

We pattern styles using our 2D AUTO-CAD pattern making system, ensuring your patterns fits & grades are made to precision. We have installed speciality machines to sew each part of the production process whether seamless, cups or wires, reversible & much more.

Start-ups or Running Brands

Whoever you are, however how big or small, we always assist every step of the way, from costing to sampling to the goods delivered to your door. in 2019 around 30% of new brands came to us after making some samples & then knowing just how impeccable our quality is, as well as being at prices way lower than any other supplier. We can easily explain how to get started or move your production over, with one phone call.

You can contact us 8.30am - 5.30pm Mon to Fri via chat or call.



This pack explains the steps to create an Eco-friendly Premium grade collection at the lowest prices, guaranteed


To get started, your need your styles ready to hand to be sent over mentioning your fabric/s choices. You can send via email as screen shots, tech-packs or as the real samples via courier. We will then send back your prices in max two working days.

Prior to sampling we go over your fabric, accessory & colour choices. Colours & accessories can be selected from our stocks or to be imported. We can manufacturer speciality bespoke branding requests such as metal clips, heat press & packaging ensuring the final styles are to the optimum in construction & fabrication & styling.

Knowing how to make a cost effective, environmentally friendly collection, at the lowest prices is something our skilled English-speaking staff do, day in & day out.

Should you desire to protect your designs we have a NDA that we both sign. A non-disclosure agreement protects your shapes & any prints from being copied. These are referred to as your intellectual property.


Our prices Inc. your fabric choice, plain or print & as many accessories as possible up to the finished article, with branded fabric tags attached, packed in a BIO-degradable bag. Other suppliers in Bali add these costs to your final invoice so do compare your prices as well as invoice value, at start.

To actually know what bulk order costs, you would be well advised at this point to see some total Invoice values here

We offer a collection of shapes in both swim & active, patterned & graded, priced & ready to go into production. Selecting from these bestsellers will not only speed you along but also save time & money in your sampling & production. Any shape can be made in any colour, plain or print.

You can send us via email your chosen using the code shown on each style. Once you have your selection, we will need your brand logo which we heat-press into the back of each garment (along with the washing instruction etc).

Now we are ready to begin. Should you desire, we can skip sampling & go direct to production or we make the styles requested as samples & send to your door via DHL.

We can also adjust the sizing to your request up or down a size.

Our Ready to go shapes here

Mix & Match is a term used if you want to place bulk orders across collections, some of your shapes & some of ours, or some from swim & some from active. As the combinations are virtually countless its often better to contact us via our WhatsApp or email so we can discuss your individual requests.

For any shape, be it from our selection or from your request, we will need to know made in what fabric. As the list of premium grade fabrics we have on offer are quite extensive, its best to click the links below to see what fabrics are best suited to represent your brand.

In our sampling division we run a team of 20 seamstresses a young vibrant team of merchandisers & tailors who handle on average 50 new samples & size grades each & every day.

Calculating Your Orders

One of the most important & critical aspects of ordering is working on the number of colours you can add to any order.

Getting the right balance is something we can assist with quite easily. Most clients will at this point set up a call back in order that we can discuss the best options that fit your pocket & what styles your after making.

It’s worth noting, an order of 500 units with us will cost you much the same as other suppliers in Bali will charge for 300. We strongly suggest you check with your selected suppliers by first using a dummy PO to see what your total invoice value will be, before you start to sample.

Our MOQ for stock colours is 20 meters per colour & for colours to be imported, 70 meters.

Pro Plan A. 1,000+ Units

Established Brands – Your best plan by far
MOQ 100 units per style. 7 PCs any size & colour

Plain colours from stock in 20 meter lots or to be imported roll based in 70 meter rolls
imported roll based in 70 meter rolls

Print using REPREVE™, a high grade recycled American fabric using Italian digital printers

There are many variants of this plan as well as totals.

We can show any established brand, whether you’re working with another supplier in Bali or overseas, just how easy it is to move your production over to us.

Simple Fast Plan B. 500+ Units

Most versatile easy start plan for smaller start-ups
MOQ 50 units per style, 5 PCs per style & colour,

Mix & match up to 5 colours
Plain colours from stock or to be imported

Print using VITA PL, polyester recycled from plastic bottles – No MOQ

Or Plan C - Your plan is? get back to us with your ideas & requirements.

Plan A or B
Selecting from stocks, ready to go 4 - 6 weeks.
Selecting Imported Italian fabrics 6- 8 weeks.

How We Make Swimwear

Our facilities


What our clients have to say

  • Jannat Yacoub
    I just received my samples, And I loved them. I’m drawing out my next sample and I should have it ready by this week! There’re so many options to choose from. amazing work!!
    Jannat Yacoub
  • Sam
    Hello, we received our samples thank you. We have a few minor changes we require - but we don't think we need another round of sampling to correct these. We are happy for you to make the required changes straight for production. Are you happy to do this? Thanks!
    NZ Supply Chain
  • Fenda Gassama
    I receive the samples and I want to thank you for all the work you did. I'm happy because now the swimsuit fits me very well and for my biggest pleasure we won't have to use conceal zipper.
    Fenda Gassama
  • Hannah
    Hi guys! I just got the suits in and they are AMAZING!! Thank you so much I was just wondering when the men’s samples were coming.
    Hulya Swim
  • Kristy
    Hi guys, just wanted to let you know I’ve received my stock. And it is amazing, the quality is fantastic. Thank you so much for you hard work. And I hope I can make my brand successful and continue working with you. Thanks
    Winter and I
  • Alexandra
    Hi ladies! Hope are well :) I just received my samples! They look great, but there are some adjustments that need to be made. I was hoping I could make an appointment to come in later this month so I can go over it with you in person. Does this work? I would be in Bali October 28th & 29th. Please let me know if one of those days works for me to come in. Thank you!
  • Lisa Niederer
    I am super happy with the Samples you have done! Thank you! I am now ready to book in for the Production :) The Final Samples are on there way to you now! Hurray!!!! And the Deposit is paid. Thanks so much! THANK YOU SO MUCH GUYS! I am really happy with how smoothly everything has gone. You have been very professional and helpful!
    Lisa Niederer






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