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‘All styles displayed, manufactured in our facility’



We are a British & Indonesian team, working together for the best part of 15 years, established 30 years ago. We have worked with David Jones in AU, Urban outfitters in USA & many more. Now we work mainly with independent brands + some larger outfits such as the swim Dept of Victoria’s Secret, producing all their swimwear line. All our employees receive free medical Insurance including up to 4 family members, as well as 13 months’ salary a year.


We pattern your shapes using our 2D AUTO- CAD pattern making system, ensuring your patterns fits & grades are made to precision. We have installed speciality machines to sew each part of every process of the production - seamless – cups – wires or reversible.


We have been granted the only tax & duty-free license on the import of fabrics & so as such, we are bonded. Having a tax-free status means our costs & your prices will be lower than any other producer on the island. We also carry the largest stocks of CARVICO® fabric made using recycled ECONYL® fibres in Bali. Low-Cost Tax-Free fabric always to hand & ready to go into production at a moment’s notice.


If you’re new Start-Up then we assist you every step from costing to sampling to the goods delivered to your door. Most of the established brands who switched their production to us, did so after seeing our impeccable quality at prices way lower than Their other suppliers. We can easily explain how to move your production over, with one phone call. You can contact us 8.30am - 5.30pm Mon to Fri via chat or call.


How to start an Eco-friendly Swimwear business

Feel the Quality & Check the Fit

Made using Italian recycled fabrics.


Whether a Start-up or established brand, with the pack in your hands, you’re be 100% clear on the quality we produce & how well the fit works.




We make dreams come true! Your Swimwear collection will be the highest premium grade, incorporating imported Italian recycled fabrics & high-grade accessories, packed ready to sell, delivered to your door. As long as you know the shapes you want sampled in what fabric & using what accessories, then the hand over to costing nowadays is quite straight forward. We no longer require tech-packs as shapes are now patterned-up digitally using our 2D AUTO-CAD system. All you need to do is send over via email your styles as images front & back, screen shots, tech-packs or as the real samples via courier.

Knowing how to make a cost effective, environmentally friendly collection, with the optimum construction at the lowest possible prices is something we do each & every day.

We offer professional assistance from the second you begin with us to the point your collection is safely in your hands & approved.

Also, should you wish to protect your designs we have an NDA that we both sign, ensuring your designs & intellectual property are protected. All your patterns will be stored on our 2D AUTO CAD digitally, no outside party will ever have access.


Our prices Inc. your fabric choice, plain or print & as many accessories as possible up to the finished article, bar-tagged & packed in a bio-degradable bag. All other suppliers in Bali will add these costs to your final invoice so do consider when comparing prices at start. We have put together a comparison order & costing form to be used to compare prices & what your total order will cost you. Many suppliers underestimate your prices in order to look more attractive. Take note & beware.


Our shapes & yours - Mix Swim & Active – Select across collections - Versatile options - Low MOQ

Mix & Match is a term used when your requesting to order across collections, some of yours & some of ours. You can order all in active or a mix of swim & active, or some of our styles & some of yours. Our production facility handles around 50 new bespoke shapes every day from patterns to completion.

We know how to make your shapes not only fit well but look & feel great on, giving you the opportunity to sell to the same clients over & over again. We have a ‘Ready-to-Go’ collection of shapes, all pre-patterned & graded ready to cut, no need to sample. If you choose to order directly from our catalogue, then there are no additional costs & you only pay the invoice for the actual bulk order.

If you still desire to see the samples, then we charge at twice wholesale, nothing more. See the Mix & match section here

See the Ready-To-Go Swim Styles here

See the Ready-To-Go Active Styles here

This is a fast to market service, no others can offer. Advisable to prepare your orders early as possible so that your web site or store is not running low on sizes or colours

RE-ORDER – Fast to Market

When you are ready for your re-orders, & your selecting from our Italian stock fabrics, then we offer a 300-unit MOQ across 10 styles, 30 units per style, 5 per colour & size, as long as you are re orders the same styles as your past orders. If you want to make new styles then the MOQ is as below.

Also, a huge benefit. If you’re working from stock fabrics is your order from the day its processed to the day we are ready to deliver is JUST 3 weeks.

You may also request that we import your colours roll based. If so then its 500 units MOQ across 10 styles. Importing fabrics adds approx. 3 weeks to your time line.

This is a fast to market service & it’s advisable to work ahead in order we have the time to prepare fabrics & accessories ready to go as soon as your order comes in.



You can choose from our in-house stocks, approx. 20 Carvico Italian colours ready to cut at a moment’s notice. We have noticed that start up brands selecting from stock colours have a higher re-orders rate than those who choosing to order rolls of fabric.

If selecting from stocks you can choose colours in just 20 meters lots, giving the chance to add more colours than if you had to order roll based. Its fast also, can be just 3 weeks from order to goods ready to go.

As the possibilities are too numerous to mention, it’s by far better to contact us to go over hat your looking for & our order options, to find the most suitable one for you. Lost sales, never come back.

You may also request we import some colours roll based. If so then its 500 units MOQ across 10 styles. Importing fabrics adds approx. 3 weeks to your time line.


Whatever fabric or colour your requesting to be imported will be added to our weekly uplifts from Carvico in Italy, landed in approx. 3 weeks.

Importing fabrics offers a huge selection of fabrics & hundreds of colours. We must order-in colours roll based in 70-meter lots to be used in your production.

PRINTS - If you seeking to print, then we have two different grades of compression you can select. Orders are roll based 70 m lots

TAGS - We will gun to every piece your Free Carvico Econyl or REPREVE branded fabric tags. Branded tags increase sales & ensures your customers know the high-grade fabrics used with all its attributes easily noticeable.



PRO PLAN A. 1,000+ Units

MOQ 100 units per style. 7 PCs any size & colour

Premium or running brands. YOUR BEST PLAN BY FAR. Highest grade Italian Recycled Lycra. One month to order in your fabric, plus six weeks to manufacture ready to go delivered to your door.


  • Lowest price in Bali - Guaranteed Choose from many fabrics & multiple amounts of colours.
  • Selecting Stock Italian fabrics, from your order manufactured in six weeks
  • Selecting Imported Italian fabrics, from your order to us, made, boxed & ready to go, ten weeks.
  • For print requests we have a choice of 2 high grade Poly Compression, 70m min per motif.
  • All orders packed in a BIO-degradable bags


MOQ 50 units per style, 5 PCs per style & colour, mix & match up to 5 colours

FASTEST + EASIEST for smaller start-ups.
Choose from 15 plain colours ready stock all Italian Recycled.
Sampling on average 6 weeks


  • Any order with sampling complete, six weeks boxed & ready to go. Adding imported rolls or prints + 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Select Stock fabrics in 20m lots, or imported roll based 70 meters per colour. High grade accessories, ready in stock.
  • You may also request branded hardware & bags. MOQs may apply.
  • All orders packed in BIO-degradable bags


How to make an ECO-Friendly Swimwear Brand

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