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We Simply Build Brands


Swimwear Bali is the largest, longest-running, and unrivalled leader in sustainable swimwear manufacturing in Bali. We specialize in producing our clients’ custom designs and offer two trending, ready-to-go collections annually. We collaborate with over 300 startups and established brands worldwide. Our reputation for outstanding quality, lowest prices, expert advice, and timely replies has made us the industry’s go-to supplier.

The fabrics we incorporate into your collections come from  REPREVE® in the US and Carvico® and ECONYL® in Italy, produced from salvaged fishing nets and ocean plastic waste, saltwater and chlorine resistant with UPF 50+ protection.

By using our Tax-Free facility, we save 35% import tax that all other Bali Swimwear manufacturers must add to their costs & ultimately, your invoice values. 

If you’re starting from scratch, grab a Starter Packs with all the essentials you’ll need to start your journey. These packs include a selection of premium fabrics, laser-copy colour cards, custom-branded accessories, and expert advice to help you launch your sustainable swimwear brand. 

With a passion for swimwear and some savvy social media skills, you’re already halfway to owning a sustainable Swimwear brand. The rest is over to us!

Top Tip: Once you’ve brainstormed your ideas on how your brand should look, scheduling a complimentary real-time conversation with an expert can be incredibly advantageous. Callbacks result in a much higher success rate for getting started at lower price points than emails and chats.

Swimwear Bali, turning dreams into reality.


We offer a low MOQ of 300 pieces per PO in as many designs as you like, for example, 150 bikini sets, 30 pcs per design, three pieces per size, colour & print.

an example of how to reach our moq, we’ve split 10 designs, 30 pieces each to reach 300 total.

Take note that an order of 300 units with us will buy max 100 sets from any other Bali Swim supplier.

a girl in a white bikini top and shorts

Custom Swimwear

a girl in a white bikini top and shorts

As a specialist in the assembly of custom swimwear, our job is to turn your custom swimwear concepts into reality. Backed by a solid 30-year experience in the industry, we possess the know-how to craft exceptional swimwear to keep your customers coming back for more.

Its our specialty, what we do best!

If you’re eager to unleash your creative juices, run your own business, living the dream, we’re here to help make that your reality.

As we know, time waits for nobody. It’s why booking a call-back to discuss your custom swim ideas, often sees samples approved in the first round.

A/W 2024 Ready Designs

In our ready-to-order collection, we blend the most popular shapes from previous collections with the latest styles that are currently in high demand. Our industry expertise provides us with insights into the shapes and colors ordered months in advance by prestigious brands.

Choosing shapes from our ready designs is an excellent solution for those seeking inspiration and for entrepreneurs starting from the ground up.

Our Philosophy

We believe you should feel confident and comfortable as well as look amazing in our swimwear

Example Prices

Our all inclusive prices mentioned below incorporate imported recycled fabrics & non-branded accessories.

Typically, our Swimwear has a resale value of approx. 4.5 times our wholesale price.
Example, a bikini top at USD 13.00 retails for 59.00.
A bulk order with us for 300 units, will only purchase 100 sets from any other Bali Swim supplier.

How To Order

Be clear on your designs

The first step is to choose the designs you want to produce. These can be your custom designs, our ready-to-order ones, or a mix of both.
We price custom designs very similarly to our ready designs.

Choose your colours

Next, decide whether to use our stock colours or request custom colours dyed and imported. This choice will affect the number of colours you can add to your bulk order and the required production time.
We hold 85 on-trend colours in total, ready to cut on demand & note that our stocks are not leftover; they are flown in as soon as bulk orders are cut.

Adding Prints

If you love prints, you’re in a good place. We print on super-soft REPREVE from the US using MS Machines from Italy and fly in weekly. We require your artwork in Vector format in EPS, PDF, CDR, JPEG format, high resolution 300 dpi, and to scale. If you require assistance, our graphics team is here to help, in most cases free of charge.

Pricing your collection

The final step is to determine prices. We are the lowest-priced manufacturer in Bali, producing the highest-grade product incorporating imported recycled fabrics. Establishing prices early on, lets you calculate your expected markups and profits before investing in samples.
Click the link below to price your designs.

Take a 2 minute tour of our Facility


Quick Turnarounds

We are proud to offer the fastest sample turnaround times in the industry, starting at just seven days. With clear and concise design handovers, we produce patterns in 72 hours with samples ready within a week, depending on complexity. We aim to get your samples perfected in the first round,

Timelines vary based on whether you select from our stock colors or request imported colors or prints, as well as the time of year, holiday season etc.
Our customer liaison team will offer our fastest turnaround time on request.

Read how Samples are produced.

Sample Fees

Custom designs: 2 X our estimated price + a $30 management fee. We aim to send samples perfected in the first round, saving time and money in remarks. Obvious discrepancies are rectified free of charge.
Minor adjustments are edited using our 2D Auto CAD digital software.

RTO designsare 2 X the listed price with no extra fee. As they have all been perfected to international body sizes, many brands order they bulk & skip sampling. However, its always your choice to make or not to make samples.

For $30, many styles can be edited. For example, adjust the coverage from modest to cheeky.

A few Brands we Produce

Selecting Plain Colours

Choose from 85 trending stock colors or request colors in 70m rolls. Most start ups select stocks as one roll produces approx. 200 bikinis per colour.
Selecting stock colors allows for quicker top-up orders compared to importing colors. 

Our stocks are not leftovers; we fly them in fresh as bulk orders are cut.

our vita colour cards showing all of our available in stock & imported colours

Colours Example

Adding Prints

We offer a real digital printing on nylon & sublimation printing on polyester, printed overseas due to colour saturation more true to life with colours never fading when exposed to salt or chlorine.
In order to save time and money, we recommend purchasing ready-made prints from sellers such as Shutterstock.

Print Example

We Give Back

We contribute monthly to Bali Street Mums, a charity run by New Zealander Kim Farr, dedicated to helping Balinese children and mothers in need. They assist families who scavenge from garbage dumps and beg, protecting children from sex traffickers and misery.

we give back
image 330


Our fabrics are sustainably crafted from salvaged fishing nets, plastic bottles, and post-consumer waste, all certified by GRS and U Trust®. They provide UV 50+ protection, are resistant to saltwater and chlorine, and have superior body-enhancing qualities. Using these recycled fabrics not only saves money but also reduces CO2 emissions by up to 80%, allowing your brand to proudly claim to be eco-friendly and ethically produced.

Kelly Slater, the 12-time world surfing champion, played a key role in turning ocean waste into sustainable materials.


statistics for sustainability regarding water and waste usage.

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With 30 years of experience in the swimwear industry, we have the knowledge, advice and tactics you’ll need to build a brand that lasts.
We believe communication are the key to success. Click below to start your brand-building journey with us.

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Sustainable swimwear sales are predicted to grow by 20% in 2024.
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With our ready-to-order collection for AW 2024, we have selected our best-selling designs as well as what we predict will sell well in 2024 and beyond.
Any design can be customized to your specifications in any fabric, colour, or print.

Starting your own sustainable swim line has never been easier.


Add your email to receive our latest guide on how to start your own sustainable swimwear brand in the most economical way possible, incorporating luxury recycled Italian & American fabrics.

Sustainable swimwear sales are predicted to grow by 20% in 2024. Get on the trend NOW!

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