Simple - Fast - Affordable

Your Own Brand in 4 - 8 weeks


Simple - Fast - Affordable

Your Own Brand in 4 - 8 weeks

All designs manufactured by Swimwear Bali

Covid-19 Update

Bali's #1 Swimwear Manufacturer

We are the largest & longest running manufacturer of premium grade swimwear in Bali, famously manufacturing for Victoria’s Secret under the brand FAE Swim from Australia. We are the only company in Bali owning a Tax-Free license on the import of fabrics.
Our production chain is sustainable, Eco-friendly & manufactured in an ethical & sustainable manner.



We manufacture swimwear using dedicated machines geared to the task. This means that every section of each style is sewn using the machine that was built for just that job. For example, wires, cups, straps, seamless, zig zag or reversible are all constructed using very specialized machines. We work with 300 independent & established brands every year, in both our Swim & Activewear divisions, incorporating recycled fabrics into their collections.


We own the only Tax-free Licence for the import of fabrics to the export of clothing. This saves a massive 40% on production costs, making your prices & invoice values way lower than any other supplier. ECONYL® VITA Carvico® & REPREVE® are a few of the high-grade fabrics that are imported in on weekly flights. The price we offer you includes fabrics & accessories, goods bagged & boxed, ready for uplift via DHL, to any overseas address.

Our quality is the highest & our prices is the lowest. For example; - An order of 300 units with us will only buy you 200 with any other supplier.

We do not add surcharges & include as many accessories as possible into your estimated wholesale price. Others will add hefty additional fees & surcharges to your final invoice. This is never the case with us. Should you be requesting branded clips, bags & so on, then best to discuss as soon as you’re ready to start in sampling.

Approx. prices (in USD), using any of the plain fabrics from stock or to be imported: - Bikini Tops $13 - Bottoms $11 - One pieces $19*
Example: 300 pieces mixed styles colours & sizes COST PRICE $3,300 USD - RESELL VALUE $9,500

* Prints additional costs - Bikini Tops $2.50 Bottoms $1.50 - One pieces $4.00


We offer a low MOQ of 300 pieces, up to 10 designs, 30 pieces per design & 3 per colour & size. You can place your orders across both Swim & Activewear using your own Custom Designs or selecting from our Ready to Go Catalogue, or a mixture of both.


Being nimble & having the ability to restock fast is without doubt, the key to success for any brand these days. Nobody wants to be overstocked & see their money sitting on the shelf. If you select from our stock fabrics, then from your PO we will have the goods ready for dispatch in most cases in just 4 weeks, for any amount from 300 to 3,000 pieces. This service allows you to top-up inventory, replacing sold items as you sell, not waiting months for a restock & never losing those most precious sales.


The fabrics we incorporate are all certified recycled, packaging Bio-degradable, dyes GOTS certified & OEKO-TEX® approved.

Our employees receive free medical insurance include their spouse, up to three children & a salary at least double the minimum wage.
Our facility is fully air conditioned & on par with any western establishment.

We donate monthly to Bali Streets Mums, a charity devoted to the welfare & education of women & children in Bali who would normally otherwise scavenge their living from rubbish tips. The situation right now is more complex with COVID & with many more children & mums requiring assistance.



From $100 usd inc FedEx to your door

Plain Black 2 sided, Vita & Renew POP + Flower Digital Print in Repreve
All Premium Grade Recycled fabrics

We offer 5 new swimwear starter packs in the latest 2021 shapes made using recycled premium grade fabric.

You will be able try on your selected style/s, know our fitting, see & feel the quality of the luxurious fabrics we incorporate into our production.

If your dream is to get started in your own Eco-friendly sustainable Swim or Activewear brand, from the comfort of your home, then these packs could well be the best investment you ever made.


Plain colours & prints for example only

We provide one actual fabric swatch of all fabrics show on our website, included the corresponding laser-copy colour cards. This is a must for designers who require to see & feel the fabric textures on offer.

$50 USD – 1 Swim or Activewear fabric pack
$80 USD – 1 Swim + 1 Activewear fabric pack
Price Inc. FedEx to your door.

Please email your request informing the pack/s your requiring. Say either "Swim” “Active" or "Swim & Active"

Swatches supplied come in random colours - We do not accept requests for specific colours.



Selecting from Stocks - MOQ 20 meters per colour.
Selecting from our Italian stock fabrics will always lead to faster sampling & production.

Selecting fabrics to be imported – MOQ 70 meters per colour for production & 2 m per colour for sampling.
Allow an extra 3-4 weeks to your time line.

Examples of some of the fabric colour cards.

Fabric Choices

Handover your Designs to costing

Select A - Private Label Custom Designs

We specialize in the manufacturing of Private Label Custom designs. The key to custom designs is in the pattern making & the quality of the machines uses to assemble.

As soon as you have approved the prices we submit to your handover, then the first job in hand is your patterns. These are drawn digitally using our computerized 2D AUTO-Cad Plotter. We have hundreds of block shapes saved, all pre patterned & graded. All we have to do is to select the ones nearest to yours, drag onto the screen & make some edits. These are then saved on the hard drive as your name & brand & will never be shared with any other buyer.

Our machines are all high grade & renewed every two years.

To give you an example of how fast & precise digital patterns are, the first collection for Victoria’s Secret, we patterned up 12 designs from which they selected 9 & then moved to sampling. These were approved without edits & moved directly into production. This is not always the case, but with a good clear handover, it can be.

Simple - Fast - Cost effective

Select B - Ready to go Designs


If you’re looking for inspiration, then look no further, we have assembled the best-selling on-trend shapes of 2020

These designs have all been patterned & graded, ready to go allowing you to select the ones you like & even mix & match some of your own Private label designs with some of ours.

Selecting from stock fabrics - 2-3 weeks to dispatch
Selecting from fabrics to be imported – 6-8 weeks

Need your samples in one week? We have the solution. We have pre-made our whole collection in recycled Vita, Black size S.

Dispatch – 1 day after payment received


a. Any design can be made in any fabric, colour & size.

b. Both custom made & our ready to go designs, are similar in cost.

c. Heat press & specialty branding can be added to any design, yours or ours.

d. You can mix & match your custom designs with some of ours.


4 ways to Hand-Over your designs

ONE – Forward your designs via email.
Your shapes can be in any format, screen shots, photographs or tech packs or clear easy to understand sketches.

TWO - Upload your designs via our web site.
Locate your shapes on your PC or mobile device, go to Upload page, select your fabric & click send.

THREE - Fill in the Sample Request Form

FOUR - Send us your real samples

You may send your real samples via courier. See how to do this in our Delivery & Dispatch page

Once we have received your handover of designs & fabrics, we wkill go over to make sure there are no questions we need to ask.

Then in 2 - 3 working days you will receive the best possible price for a premium grade export quality product.

All our employees receive full medical insurance cover, inc their spouse & up to 3 children


A recent survey stated 60% of consumers would pay more for swim & sportswear made in an ethically & sustainable manner. The results from this year have been staggering. From an awful Feb & March, April started to grow in requests to the point where July & Aug we were receiving approx. 500% increase in handovers with brands booking slots in sampling & production well into next year.

Many brands are now ordering faster, smaller drops every month or bi-monthly, constantly topping up as they sell out of inventory.

These opportunities don’t come often, maybe this is the one you’ve been waiting for? If you want to jump onto this super trending business, then contact us now via email, chat or set up a call back, let’s get you started now in your own business!

Need help? Chat or Call

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We will reply the same or next working day


What our customers say

  • Ash
    Hi Steve, Novi, Jojo and Komang.I’ve just finished unpacking and counting my order.I just want to say thank you so much for all your hard work, my swimwear looks amazing - the print is perfect.So happy with how everything come together, so I really appreciate all your help, and thank you for being patient and understanding for my first order. I have learnt a lot!So next order we gonna rock.Look forward to working together, and grow our businesses together.Hope you all had a lovely day, talk soon!
    Seer and Wilde Swim
  • Kristy
    “Hi guys, just wanted to let you know I’ve received my stock. And it is amazing, the quality is fantastic. Thank you so much for you hard work. Now I can see my brand being super successful and placing more & more orders”
    Winter and I
  • Jannat Yacoub
    “I just received my samples, And I loved them. I’m drawing out my next sample and I should have it ready by this week! There’re so many options to choose from, AMAZING work!!”
    Jannat Yacoub
  • K A Y L A   C A R L Y L E
    H E L O - E V E R Y O N E!!I just wanted to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart for making our first production order with you guys such a success! You all made this process very easy. I can't wait to see what we develop in the seasons to come. All of our products came out fantastic and made very well.Coming from a previous manufacturer that caused so much stress because of their quality and inconsistency, truly makes me grateful for you guys.I hope you have a great weekend. Please forward this message to anyone who helped make our second season such an amazing experience!Thank you,
    K A Y L A C A R L Y L E
    Owner / Designer - CHEEKY CARLYLE SWIM
  • Ivana Milosevic
    Hi Novi and the team,I just wanted to let you know the samples have arrived today! They are so amazing! I can’t believe, they look and feel so beautiful. Thank you so much for all of your hard work and putting up with my anxiety and being annoying each day! I really appreciate all of your communication and kindness. Thank you so so very much. I will send you some pictures from the shoot and we’ll place bulk order next week. Thank you for all of your help and support beautiful ladies,
    Ivana Milosevic
    Le Periple
  • Lisa Niederer
    “I am super happy with the Samples you manufactured for me! Thankyou! I am now ready to book the Production :) The Final Samples are on their way to you now! Hurray!!!! And the Deposit is paid. Thanks so much! THANKYOU SO MUCH GUYS! I am really happy with how smoothly everything has gone. You have been very professional and helpful!”
    Lisa Niederer

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