Printing Fabrics

All dyes used are certified Eco-Friendly, GOTS & OEKO-TEX approved

Printing Fabrics

When it comes to printing, we offer sustainable solutions using smart technology to ensure the minimum energy is used with any chemicals certified eco-friendly & the water resources used are purified before discharge. We use MSITALY printers, offering the highest grade of digital or sublimation print available today.

Two ways to print

  1. Digital print on REPREVE™ Hawaii, produced from Recycled American Nylon. Digital printing offers deeper, richer colour tones & has a vastly softer hand feel than Vita PL. Colours do not fade or bleed in contact with chlorine, saltwater & are UV factor 50. Allow 2-3 weeks to strike off any motif or print any production order.

See a video of the Italian Digital machines here

  1. Sublimation print on Vita PL, produced from Recycled Plastic Bottles. Sublimation is a process of heat press & has no MOQ. Any Artwork can be processed directly from any approved Vector formatted motif. Poly sublimation in contact with saltwater or chlorine may fade slightly over time. Allow 2-3 days to print.

See the difference between Digital & Sublimation printing here


  • We are the only company in Bali offering a Digital Print service. All other producers in Bali print via Sublimation on Polyester, less vibrant but much faster to print.
  • Sublimation in Bali is just as costly as digital overseas.
  • Sublimation on Polyester is more suitable for sportswear.
  • Overseas Bulk orders are printed in 70m rolls.

See our Fabrics Page.

Sampling & Strike-offs

Once you have approved your print/s, we print in 2m sections used to make your actual samples.
We charge $30 per meter + USD 50 via FedEx if fabrics are being imported.

Buying Ready to Go Prints

Creating your designs/motifs requires some good graphics skills. If this is a challenge & as outsourcing can be costly and timely, we suggest to purchase from any website such as

You will find thousands of prints ready formatted in Vector, all high resolution.

To locate your print, use keywords for what you’re looking for. For this example, we used “small colourful flower pattern” & selected Vector format from the top left-hand bar.

You will now see something like this.


Once you have your selected prints, don’t forget to send them over to us to check that they are repeatable before you purchase.

We will then check & get back to you to inform you if they are workable or not.

For a fee of 30 USD per motif, we can purchase it on your behalf, or you can & send to us.

Handing over your Art Work

All Artwork must be supplied in Vector format EPS, PDF, CDR or JPEG format 300 + & to scale. Any print must be repeatable; most prints repeat every 10 to 20cm. See an example below.

Send your prints here


Mock-up Service

Once you have paid for your samples, we can offer a free mockup service allowing you to see more precisely what your final collection will look like in your selected colours.


See examples of Swim, Active & Loungewear Mocked-up here
Read more in Custom Designs & Production

Rescale Art Work Service

If you send us your Artwork in Vector format, we can rescale it free of charge for you to see how any print looks larger or smaller in size.

Take note that we don’t offer a redraw service which is creating prints from sketches or drawings.
You can see below a simple example of how we scale down a print free of charge.



Should you require some assistance, contact our communication team.

Ready to go Prints

We have a selection of printed motifs suitable for either sublimation or Digital print available for a fee of 30 USD each.
See our Prints
Any prints you would like to add to your collection, then make your selection & to us the code via email.


Our dyes are supplied by Huntsman in the US & are OEKO-TEX® & GOTS approved, protecting our planet for future generations. The testing and certification process on which our standards are based guarantees maximum consumer safety.