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Printing Fabric

Adding prints to a collection enhances its originality and adds an element of colour.  We Print digitally using Italian MS machines on super-soft recycled Nylon from REPREVE® in the US. Printing digitally impregnates the dyes into the fabric, allowing your motifs to retain their ever-so-new look, never fading or looking tired. Every other Swim manufacturer in Bali prints using sublimation machines on Polyester, a process of heat-pressing motifs onto the top of the fabric. Printing via sublimation on Poly is slightly harsher to the touch, has a little stretch, a plasticky feel, and mostly for those seeking super bright neon prints. 
We notice that brands who work with digital prints grow faster than those who work with only plain colours.  

Please ensure artwork is provided in Vector format, such as EPS, PDF, CDR, SVG or Ai 300 dpi resolution, repeatable and to scale. If this is an issue share what you have, and our graphics team will review and advise accordingly. 

In a nutshell


Digital Printing

Price-wise, our high quality digital prints cost less than local Bali lower grade prints as we import print overseas and import using our import tax-exemption facility. Digital prints never fade in contact with salt water or direct sunlight. We print on REPREVE®, a super soft American fabric offering great shape retention and amazing true to life prints. 
Sample meters are printed in 2m sections, with bulk orders of 70m+.
Allow 2-3 weeks for sample meters or colour strike-offs.
Allow 3-4 weeks for bulk orders to be printed & land. 


Sublimation Printing

If you’re short on time & require a speedy solution, we print locally in Bali using Vita or REPREVE® Polyester. 
Sublimation is a process of heat-pressing motifs onto the fabric’s surface. It is more suited to brighter colours, mainly used for Activewear production. Colours may fade in contact with chlorine or salt water.
Only takes a day or two to print with no MOQ.

Custom Prints

Drawing prints by hand can be expensive and time-consuming. You will need good graphic skills or pay somebody to create them. Due to this, many first-time brand owners opt to find an online motif instead.

Online Prints

Selecting ready-made motifs reduces a costly and time-consuming task to one that can be completed in an hour or so with minimal effort & cost.
Prints can be easily found on sites like Shutterstock and purchased for just a few dollars. Add a few words in the search bar describing the motif you’re seeking, for example, ‘abstract prints’. Now go to the drop-down menu on the top left side, select Vector format, and you’ll find something like you see below. Select the motif/s you like, and note that similar prints will open below the print you select, allowing you to refine your search.

Once you have made your selection, send them to us as links with a screenshot to allow us to check they are repeatable & in the correct format. With our approval, you may purchase yourself or for 20 USD, we will purchase on your behalf.

We selected the motif below.
It’s repeatable left to right, top to bottom.

new print motif 1

Most motifs repeat every 10 to 20cm.

Should you require assistance with your prints, our graphics team are on hand to help in most cases, free of charge. Contact our team here.


Vector-formated prints allow colours to be edited in minutes.
For example, a sky and dark blue, green, and brown motif can easily be turned into a black, grey, ivory, and tan motif.
See an example of a motif, printed in four colours ways. Other sellers can be found at stock.adobe.com, vectorstock.com, etc. Also, you can select any print on our Pinterest page free of charge.

Editing Your Prints

Creating prints in Vector format allows colours to be edited in minutes. For example, a blue, cream, white, and black motif can easily be edited to become dark, pink, red, and brown.

For example, this

can become this


Download a PDF that explains in more detail how this can be accomplished.


Once payment has been received, we mock up your Collection free of charge. See the above print example as a 2D Mock. Visualizing your designs in the actual colours and prints in virtual 2D, gives you a much better idea of how your collection will end up. 


We print using dyes supplied by Huntsman in the US, OEKO-TEX® & GOTS approved, protecting our planet from chemical pollution for future generations. The testing and certification process on which our standards are based guarantees maximum consumer safety.

Contact us with your requests

With 33 years of experience in printing in Bali and overseas, we know what’s required to produce top-quality prints at the lowest possible price.