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A phrase used frequently in the apparel industry is “Branding is everything”.
Adding your brand logo to your designs brings a touch of ‘bling’ & style to your collection. For example, black swimwear with gold or rose gold metalwork sells exceptionally well.

We only use premium quality manufacturers of plastic, resin & metal accessories to ensure there are never any issues with breaking, cracking rusting or colour tarnish.

An excellent example of a simple but extremely effective logo and brand is Nike’s “Just Do It” and their



Notes on Ordering Custom accessories

  • We require 3 weeks to produce.
  • Please supply artwork in Vector format (EPS, PDF, CDR, JPEG) in high resolution (300 dpi).
  • Our estimate prices inc non branded accessories. 
  • Custom branded accessories are invoiced separately.
  • Most accessories not displayed on our website can be located on Alibaba.com
  • Our accessory suppliers also supply TrianglLululemon & Frankies Bikinis.

Once you have decided on your accessories, for example, heat-press, washing instructions, metal clips, hygienic liners packaging etc., then add these to our Tick-Box form & email back to us.

We then mock up your designs adding any art work & logos for your approval start.

Need some assistance with your artwork?

We are here to help

How High-Quality Custom-Branded Accessories Creates More Sales

Enhancing Brand Identity and Loyalty

  • Strong Brand Image: High-quality custom-branded accessories help to reinforce the brand's image, making it more recognizable and memorable to customers.
  • Increased Customer Loyalty: Offering a cohesive set of products creates a more comprehensive brand experience, encouraging customers to develop a deeper connection and brand loyalty.

Differentiating the Brand in a Competitive Market

  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP): Custom-branded accessories can serve as a unique selling proposition, setting the brand apart from competitors who may only offer basic swimwear.

Boosting Customer Experience and Satisfaction

  • High Perceived Value: High-quality accessories elevate the brand's perceived value, making customers feel they are getting more for their money, leading to higher satisfaction and repeat purchases.


In conclusion, adding unique and branded accessories to a swimwear brand can greatly boost brand recognition and customer loyalty, opening up new avenues for increased sales and business expansion. This approach helps the brand stand out in a crowded market, expands the range of products available, enhances customer satisfaction and maximizes marketing opportunities. Overall, these benefits result in higher sales and a stronger market position for the brand.

shiny bikini set
black bikini set
blue bikini set

Heat Press - No MOQ

One heat press is included in your price. Additional presses are chargeable.
Samples are heat pressed in-house in either black or white via a small heat press machine for your approval of Logo, layout & size only.
We produce overseas for any Bulk PO’s using a higher-grade machine available in any colour. Will not flake, crack or peel under normal conditions
For reversible styles, we add a cutaway satin label sewn in.

swimwear bra accessories

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custom metal accessory

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Custom Branded Metal

We produce metal accessories using high-grade zinc alloys, which we electroplate to ensure they never pit or rust and always retain their luster and shine. If you choose your metal accessories from our stock, there is no minimum order quantity, and they are included in the price.

If you desire to add your brand logo to any metal accessory, for example, a bikini bra strap clip, the minimum order quantity is 1,000 pieces per design, colour & artwork, costing approximately 50 cents. 

For any unused accessories from your production PO, we suggest requesting them to be returned to you unless you have another PO planned.

We brand lots of metal for our clients in many shapes & forms, adding originality to any style. Custom branding costs USD 170 to create a mould & we need to check if your request is possible.

We offer five colours: Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold & Gun Metal.

Hygienic Liners

Most customers request we add their brand name to their liners. You can either provide your own artwork or approve ours.

MOQ – 100pcs

Liners have a thin layer of soft gel glue to one side to allow them to stay on the garment. Do not store your articles next to a heat source, as the gel may get sticky & remain on the fabric after removal.

hygenic liner

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Elastical Jacquard

MOQ 500 meters per artwork in two colours.
Price $1.80 per meter

We add black or white elastic under the bust & around the waist & cover with fabric or replace with computer knitted Jacquard to make your brand name stand out. A great marketing addition to any sports top or leggings

We require a technical drawing as the example


These can be added to certain styles.
Price per set USD 2.00


These can be added either sewn-in or as removable padding to certain styles.
Price per set USD 2.00


These can be added to certain styles.
Price per set USD 2.00

Silicone Grip

Available in either elasticated black or white.


Avani Bag

Avani bags are produced in Bali made from Cassava starch.
Being organic will decay in a few days in any landfill or compost.

Custom branding options are available on request

Natural Fabric Bag

MOQ 300 pieces per artwork in up to two colours.
Price $1.50 per piece.
We print any layout on one side in one colour.
22 X 26 cm USD 1.50
25 X 35 cm USD 1.80
Custom sizes, request prices.

Price inc your Logo & layout printed one side in one colour.