Imported - Premium Grade

Branding Accessories

The expression used in the fashion industry, `branding is everything’, tells a story of the importance of ensuring your logo & branding are distinctive & easily recognizable.

Adding logos to metal clips, hygienic liners, hang tags & packaging, will not only make your designs unique & distinctive but also draw more attention to your products. Big brands spend vast sums of money promoting theirs, as they know the power of marketing in sales. A good example would be as the Nike `tick’ below, or the slogan ‘Just Do It`.


Whatever your branding requirements, we can simply & quickly assist with your layout so that your branding not only stands out from the crowd, but on trend & to the point. In our costing, we include the costs for branded hygienic liners & a heat press. Other suppliers in Bali will add potentially large additional costs to your final invoice, so beware.

If you want to add your company logo to any metal work, like clips, bags & the like, then we charge you separately. To calculate your final per piece costs, we simply deduct the costs that were included in your estimate price for unbranded items, then add the costs for branded.

Due to quality issues with accessories & trims in Bali, we import virtually all in from tried & tested quality overseas producers.

After you have informed us of your requirements, we can easily go over the options & guide you through the colours, sizes & materials that you can select from.

We require Art-Work in EPS, PDF Vector. If you do require assistance, in most cases its free, depends complexity

You may request a call back to discuss your options using our Call Back form, or use this editable template adding your logo to be sent back to us to check to see if revisions are required. Once completed, we send back to you for your approval.

All branded accessories require 4-6 weeks from order to deliver to our facility in Bali.

We only make production orders with branded accessories. Samples are made using same quality stock items.


Metal we made from a zinc alloy & electroplated, a process of galvanizing. This causes the atoms on the exterior of the metal to stay sharp & bright & will not pit or rust when in contact with chlorine or salt. The colours we offer are all approved as nontoxic: you could therefore consider our metal accessories as Eco-friendly.

The colours we offer are as follows.


Non-Branded – Free, included in your price.
Branded, + $170 USD Mold fee. Allow 4 to 6 weeks to make mold & produce clips.
MOQ 1,000 pieces. Any clips unused will be invoiced at 50 cents per piece.


Cut-away Label

If your requesting reversible swimwear designs, we can attach a cut away label to the hem via a small safety pin & string.

MOQ. Approx. 1,000 pieces $30.00 or 3 cents each.


Heatpress & Labels

If your requesting reversible swimwear designs, we can attach a cut away label to the hem via a small safety pin & string.

We press your brand logo, washing instructing & sizing into the inside of each design. We operate a state-of-the-art heat press machine using compressed air, fully computerized ensuring the temperate, press time & pounds per square mm are exact ensuring that your press will never flake or crack (unless stretched out to the extreme)

MOQ 300 pieces – Free, Included in your estimate price.


Hygienic Liners

We add a non-branded hygienic liner to each bikini bottom or one piece. – Free.

Should you desire branded, MOQ 1,000 pieces $200 usd or 20 cents each



We provide biodegradable bags made from Tapioca (Cassava) Free.

These bags, once discarded, will degrade in any land fill in less than a week.


Cotton Drawstring Bags

You can order any type of natural cotton bag, drawstrings are the most popular. The price per piece on average one side print one colour is $1.50 usd, depending size.


Biodegradable zip lock EVA bag

Made using EcoPure® an organic additive that causes plastic to biodegrade through a series of chemical and biological processes in a landfill disposal environment. Comes frosted or clear, one side printed one colour.

MOQ: 1,000 pcs
Size 20 X 17 cm. $1.10
Size 26 X 19 cm. $1.30



Elasticated Jacquard is made by computerixzed machines knitting intricate patterns, rather than printing on the surface. We have several weights & thicknesses. In the main we use three, used under the bust & around the waste & occassionally for straps.

acquard Elastic. MOQ 300 Meters per order per art work design & colour. Max 2 colours.
Art work EPS, Ai, CDR or PDF format
Uses – under the bust, waistband, straps.
Price $1.50 per meter.



Can be permanent. Can be removable insert
No MOQ. US$2-4 per pair depending on shape.



No MOQ. US$0.3-0.8/pcs depending on shape.