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Q: Why are you the only company in Bali with a tax-free import license?

A: We follow all Indonesian government rules and regulations regarding employee treatment, waste disposal, etc. We offer free medical insurance to all employees, including their spouse and up to three children. 

Check out our Recycled Fabrics & Ethics page.


Q: Are you ethical and sustainable?

A: We try to be as ethical and environmentally friendly as possible. We use almost 100% recycled & sustainable fabrics, eco-certified dyes, and zero-waste packaging. We also offer free medical insurance to our employees, their spouses, and up to three children.

Check out Tax-Free & Ethics.

Q: How do I start & how do you price my designs?

A: All we need is a handover of front & back images with notes on any changes, along with the fabric you want to use in either plain or print. We only need to know the exact colours, prints, or custom branding after you have approved our prices. 

Tech packs and line drawings are also acceptable.

Find out how we price custom designs.

Q: Are your prices all-inclusive for the finished articles?

A: Yes. Our prices are all-inclusive with non-branded accessories & one Heat press logo pressed to the inside back of each article. For Custom-branded accessory requests, we invoice separately. 

Q: What makes your prices 35% cheaper than any other Bali producer?

A: Only our company has a bonded tax-free license when importing fabrics, saving us 35% on import taxes. Other Bali Swimwear producers must add these costs to their invoices or offer lower-quality fabrics.

Read more about our Tax-Free status.

Q: Which methods of payment do you accept?

A: Samples are paid 100% in advance via PayPal, Bank Transfer, or Payoneer.

Production orders are paid by bank transfer, 50% deposit and 50% balance once the order is ready for dispatch.

Q: How much does recycled fabric swimwear cost?

A: Using Vita or Reclaim Prime in plain colours, bikini bottoms $12.00, Bikini Tops $12.50 & One-pieces $20.00

For digital print requests, add 2 USD for tops & bottoms & 5 USD for one-piece swimmers.

Read more about Sampling.


QDo you produce both Custom & Ready-to-order Designs?

A: Yes. Our Ready to Order Collection includes best sellers & trending shapes, released in January 2023. Additionally, we are a renowned manufacturer of export-quality custom swimwear.

Read more about Production.


Q: What's the best way to send you samples or accessories?

Two ways. You may request we pick up using our company DHL account or send them to us via courier.

Never use EMS or postal services; they can take weeks to arrive.

Read more about how to send packages.


Q: If the samples differ from my handover, are remakes free?

There is no guarantee that we can reproduce your designs exactly as you expected. However, in most cases, we get your samples correct in the first round. If the samples arrive & are visibly different from your handover, remakes are normally free. Small edits are handled using our digital 2D AutoCAD software.


Q: What's the expected turnaround time for samples?

Generally, samples can be dispatched within four to six weeks, depending on the queue into patterns and the time of year, like Christmas & other national holidays.


Q: What sizes do you produce?

A: We generally work from XS to 2XL

For other sizes, please get in touch with us. 


Q: How do I check your grading and sizing?

A: We work with International body sizes plotted in 2D AUTOCAD. 

We recommend checking our Size Guide to ensure they fit the market you're selling to.

See our Size Guide

Q: What is your Bulk order MOQ?

A: We offer a low minimum order of 300 pieces per bulk order worldwide, 30 pieces per style, and three pieces per size, colour, and print.

You may also mix & match some of our designs & some of yours, with the MOQ remaining the same.


Q: How do I place a bulk order?

A: Once you have agreed on your prices and have approved your samples, fill in a Bulk Order Form & send it back to us. Feel free to work in any format you like.


Q: How long do Bulk orders take to produce?

A: When we receive an order, we immediately produce your heat presses & any branded accessories, as well as plain or printed fabrics not in stock. Prioritize your bulk PO with your merchant before placing it, as we require several weeks to process.

Depending on our workload, selecting your colours from stock usually takes 4 to 6 weeks to produce. Add a few more weeks when requesting branded accessories or prints. For plain fabric requests, contact us for timelines.


Q: Can I order 300 pieces in both Activewear and Swimwear?

A: No. The minimum order for both swim & Activewear is 500 pcs, 30 per design, three pieces per size & colour.


Q: Can I see some examples of Bulk order values?

 A: Yes, you can see some here

Q: Do you offer a Ready-to-Order Collection?

A: We produce two collections of Swimwear and activewear/yoga wear a year. It features the best-selling shapes of the season and what will be trending well into the next season.


Q: Can I mix my custom designs with your ready-to-order designs?

A: Yes, many of our clients work this way. You can add your selected designs to this form and send it to us, or work in any format you prefer, like Excel.  


Q: Does your ready-to-order design include my logo?

A: Yes. We add a heat press or cutaway label to the inside back of each item and brand items such as hygienic stickers, metal tags, jacquard & packaging with your logo. I need your artwork in Vector format in EPS, PDF, CDR, or JPEG, 300 dpi, repeatable, and to scale. If this is an issue, please send us what you have, and our graphics team will look into it.

See the Swimwear designs here & the Activewear ones here

Q: Do you carry fabrics from Carvico® & REPREVE® in stock?

A: Yes, we carry some 50,000m in 85 colours, the largest stocks in Bali.


Q: Do you stock high-grade recycled imported fabrics in a variety of colours?

A: Yes. We hold some 50,000m in 85 on-trend colours. Most bulk orders select to use in-stock plain colours & prints to be imported, taking around four weeks to land.


Q: Are your fabrics certified as recycled & eco-friendly?

A: Yes, we hold certifications from organizations such as UTrust, GOTS, and OEKOTEX. See the certificates here. 

See the certification here.


Q: Do you offer a custom digital printing service?

A: We are the only company in Bali offering a nylon digital printing service. Other Bali Swim & Active producers only offer sublimation (heat pressing prints onto fabric) on Polyester, which is never as soft as Nylon and never as true to the eye as Digital. Compared to lower-grade sublimation prints in Bali, we print digitally on recycled imported REPREVE® fabrics at a lower cost. 

Allow four weeks for digital printing and only a few days for sublimation printing on Vita PL.


Q: Can I purchase a fabric swatch or starter pack?

A: You may purchase them here.


Q: Which fabrics are most popular for plain colours and prints?

A: The most popular are recycled imported fabrics. Reclaim Prime is now the most popular choice for plain colours and Vita from Carvico. Reclaim Prime will arrive in a few weeks in case of out-of-stock colours, versus Carvico, which can take six or more weeks. Print requests are mainly done in nylon REPREVE® Hawaii & digitally printed as the fabric is super soft, with super rich & vibrant colours.  

See all the fabrics we offer.


Q: Are your stock fabrics leftover from Production?

A: No. Stock fabrics are imported roll-based, so our customers don't have to wait weeks for them to arrive. 

See the fabrics & colours you can select from in Swim & Active.


Q: Do you print digitally on Nylon?

A: Yes, we do. Digital printing is one of our most requested services. Any artwork you provide can be digitally printed with a minimum order quantity of 70 meters. Please submit your artwork in Vector format in EPS, PDF, CDR, or JPEG, 300 dpi, repeatable, and to scale. Should you find this complex, send us what you have, and our graphics team will see what they can do.

Allow four to five weeks to print.


Q: Does your company offer sublimation printing on Polyester?

A: Yes. We can print via sublimation only on Polyester. Printing on Poly is never as soft or as true to the eye as digital printing on Nylon

Sublimation print is fast, only taking a few days and a good solution for those short on time.

Q: Are you able to import fabrics not listed on your website?

A: Yes, as long as they are synthetic. Only US, Italian, Spanish, Australian, and Chinese imports are allowed. We must import the fabrics, manufacture the articles, and export them to make them tax-free 


Q: Can I dye any plain colour upon request?

A: Yes, we can. In most cases, our MOQ for any colour is four rolls = 280m, which produces approximately 400 bikini sets or 200 legging & sports top sets.

  • Strike-off takes four weeks
  • For Plain dye timelines on request.
  • An additional 4-8 weeks are needed for Production
  • The strike-off fee is USD 30 per colour request.

Q: Do you provide a sample strike-off when ordering custom colours?

A: Yes. We charge USD 30 plus courier fees for plain or printed requests. Allow 2-4 weeks for the strike-off from payment.

You may also select we send a high-resolution photo, saving you the courier cost.


Q: Are Carvico fabrics available in custom colours?

A: Yes, but the MOQ is extremely high, 450 meters per colour, with a 10% surcharge, and processing can take up to three months. 


Q: How long does it take to import a colour if your stock runs out

A: Importing fabrics that are out of stock from Italy normally takes 6 to 12 weeks, & from China, using American or Korean fabrics, six weeks.


Q: What is the turnaround time for Carvico fabrics?

A: Four weeks if they are in stock. If your colours are not in stock, Carvico takes two to three months. It's why we now work with Reclaim Prime, as it's much faster to process with exactly the same hand feel & weight.

Best to check before you place an order.

Q: Can you brand my accessories with my logo?

A: Yes, we can add your brand logo to metal clips, hygienic liners, heat presses, elasticated jacquard & packaging on request.

Read more about Accessories & hardware.


Q: What format do you require for my logo or layouts?

A: We require any artwork in Vector format in EPS, PDF, CDR, or JPEG, 300 dpi, repeatable, and to scale. Should you find this complex, send us what you have, and our graphics team will see what they can do.


Q: Do you provide any accessories I request?

A: We offer a wide selection of the most common high-quality accessories from trusted manufacturers. We suggest to check Alibaba.com and inform us what you find. Our company is not a sourcing agency. Any accessories not shown on our website have to be sourced.


Samples requested, produced & imported.


Top Tip

By allowing more time for Sampling, you're more likely to see your brand getting started more positively, selling more from the start.

Q: Does your company ship internationally?

Yes, via FedEx or DHL. Once your order has been uplifted, we'll provide the tracking number. 

Take note. To make sure your samples & production orders are insured against damage and courier costs, we add 2% to the value of your goods. In rare cases, there may be issues such as wet or broken boxes or missing items, for which we will not be responsible.


Q: Do I have to pay for courier or freight services?

A: Yes, freight is payable by the customer, usually using our DHL account.

Alternatively, you can use your own courier account.


Q: Is there an import fee when my order or samples arrive?

A: Depending on your country's tax and duty rates. You can find out import costs best by calling your local DHL office.


Q: Do you ship orders to any specific addresses?

A: We can send to any actual address with a postcode. Post office boxes are not accepted.

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