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Getting Started

The first step is to price your designs, usually using front and back screenshots of the styles you want to replicate or redesign, with notes on any changes you want made. Tech packs and clear line drawings are also workable, though tech packs are more of a thing of the past as we create patterns digitally using state-of-the-art 2D Auto-CAD digital software.
We only need to know the designs you want to produce in what fabric and whether each design will be plain or printed. We don’t need the exact colours and prints at this stage; that comes later after you have approved our prices.

The more accurate and easy to understand your handover, the closer the estimated prices will be. We only know the real price after you approve our samples and the exact costs.

More on pricing in our Getting Started Page.

Many things. Firstly, as there is no MOQ per colour with stock colours, you can add more colours to your PO. Orders will be dispatched much faster than when requesting colours to be Imported, which come in 70m rolls. If you can’t find your colours in our stocks, you may select from “Colours To Be Imported” on our fabric page.
Being able to process orders quickly we consider paramount to any brands success.

We offer a MOQ of 300 pieces per PO, such as 150 tops and bottoms, 30 pieces per style, and three pieces per size, colour, and print. Your collection can include any number of designs, colours, and sizes.
The MOQ remains the same if you combine custom designs with our ready-to-order designs.

Yes. Best to add orders mixed between custom & ready to order designs as an email.

We accept PayPal, Bank Transfer or Payoneer. Payoneer allows you to pay using a Visa Master Card or Amex.
Samples are normally paid in full via PayPal, and bulk POs are paid by bank transfer, with a 50% deposit to start and a 50% balance when the goods are ready for dispatch.

We have always been committed to being as ethical and environmentally friendly as possible. Almost all our fabrics are 100% recycled and sustainably produced, reducing your brand’s carbon footprint by as much as 80% during manufacture. These are all sourced from premium fabric suppliers such as REPREVE® in the United States, Carvico® & ECONYL® in Italy, all OEKO-TEX and GRS certified.

All packaging is 100% biodegradable cassava bags with dyes supplied by either DYSTAR in Germany or Huntsman in the United States.

Read more on our Sustainability Page.

Incorporating imported high-grade recycled fabrics in plain colours, the approximate cost for bikini bottoms is $12.00, Bikini Tops $12.50, and one-piece swimmers $19.00. Requesting your designs in digital prints, add 2 USD for tops and bottoms and 4 USD for one-piece swimmers.

Yes. Our prices are all-inclusive with non-branded accessories & one Heat press logo pressed to the inside back of each article.

For accessories with custom branding, we invoice separately.

Read more about how to accessorize your Swimwear.

Sampling & Production

We offer the fastest sample turnaround times, starting from just 7 working days.

Read more about timelines in Sampling.

Custom designs
We charge 2 X Wholesale + 30 USD management fee

We charge 2 X Wholesale and no management fee.
If you want to make small edits to any of our designs, we charge a + 30 USD fee per style.

Yes. We are Bali’s largest manufacturer of custom-made Swimwear, producing for approximately 100 Swimwear brands a year. We run over 50 sample specialists, handling, on average, 30 new custom designs daily. Patterns are created using state-of-the-art 2D auto CAD digital software, with each sample produced by one specialist machinist.

Custom-designed Swimwear is our speciality.

Read more about Custom Swimwear.

Once you agree on your prices and approve your samples, fill in a Bulk Order Form and return it to us. If this does not work for you, you can send your bulk order in any way that suits you, such as Email or WhatsApp

Bulk orders are usually dispatched 4 to 6 weeks after we have your fabrics and any requested accessories. The first thing we do is import any fabrics & branded accessories. Depending on what you’re requesting depends on how long the order will take.

If you prioritize any artwork, custom branding, or printing requests whilst your samples are on the go, you save weeks or more on your production timeline.

Yes, we work with international body sizes plotted using 2D AUTO-CAD digital software.

We recommend checking our Size Guide to ensure they fit the market you’re selling to. We generally work from XS to 2XL.

Fabrics & Colours

Yes. We carry over 30,000m in 80 on-trend colours in stock, ready to cut on demand. Selecting your colours from our stocks will see your orders being processed much faster than when requesting colours to be imported.
See all the fabrics we offer.

No. Stock fabrics are imported roll-based, so our customers don’t have to wait weeks for fabrics to be imported, allowing us to start their production orders as soon as they send over a PO.

Yes, we hold the largest stocks of imported recycled fabrics in Bali, approx 85 best-selling trending colours, 50,000 meters in total. There are two major advantages to choosing stock colours. Firstly, you can add as many colours as you like to your PO, as stocks don’t have a MOQ & secondly, your orders will be produced much faster, not having to wait for colours to be imported.

See our Stock Colours

Yes, synthetics from the US, Italian, Spanish, Australia, and China.
Any imported fabrics must be used in your production & can’t be sold or used outside our facility.

Yes, we offer both. Fabric swatch packs and starter packs are available in our shop.

Grabbing any pack is a great way to get started, costing little & allowing you to know much more with actual fabrics and Swimwear in your hands.

Shop Fabric or Starter Packs

Yes, we dye colour rolls based on 70m lots. One roll produces around 200 bikini tops and bottoms in as many designs as you like.

Custom colours must be used fully in your bulk purchase order.
Allow five weeks to dye & import.


Yes, we offer custom printing. Our print requests are handled with precision and quality using Italian MS Print machines in China. This ensures superior colour saturation, surpassing what’s possible in Bali. Prints come in 70 meters or more and take approximately three to four weeks to arrive.

Yes. We print on Polyester using a process known as sublimation printing. Printing on poly does not produce the same quality or softness as digital printing on Nylon. It looks good & feels quite nice, but over time, all sublimation prints will fade as the colours are heat-pressed onto the top of the fabric.
We can print on Polyester in Bali in a few days if you’re short on time.

Ready-To-Order Designs

We produce two collections of Swimwear a year assembled from some of our latest bestselling styles & our knowledge of what will trend in the following year.

Download the AW 2024 Ready-to-Order Catalogue

Yes, we can add your brand logo by heat pressing it to the inside back of each article. Accessories, such as metal clips, hygienic liners, heat presses & packaging, can be branded on request.

Read more about Accessories & hardware.

We work in Vector format in EPS, PDF, CDR, or JPEG, 300 dpi, repeatable, and to scale. If this is an issue, please send us what you have, and our graphics team will see if they can assist.

Dispatch & Delivery

Yes, via FedEx or DHL. Once your order has been shipped, we’ll provide a tracking number.

Take note. To ensure your samples & production orders are insured against damage and courier costs, we add 2% to the value of your goods. In rare cases, there may be issues such as wet or broken boxes or missing items, for which we will not be responsible.

Yes, freight is payable by the customer, usually using our DHL account.

Alternatively, you can use your own courier account.

In most cases, yes. It all depends on your country’s regulations. You may contact your local DHL office, who will be able to inform you.

We received a tax-free status on the import of fabrics due to our compliance with all of the rules and regulations set down by the Indonesian government regarding employee treatment. This includes free medical insurance for employees, their spouses, and up to three children, including doctor visits, prescribed medication, and hospitalizations. It also includes a daily hot meal and double wages for overtime. This saves us 35% import tax when importing fabrics, which all Bali Swim producers must pay.

Read more about this in Tax-Free & Ethics.

We offer free medical insurance to our employees, including their spouses and up to three children. This covers all doctor and hospital visits and any medication or surgery required. We pay 13 months’ yearly salary, allowing staff to take two months’ wages once a year. We also pay for one freshly cooked meal daily, one glass of fresh juice, and vitamin supplements.

We contribute monthly to Bali Street Mums, a charity that seeks to help mothers and their children who scavenge for their livelihood from garbage dumps and begging. In particular, children are vulnerable to sex traffickers & misery. Kim, the organizer from New Zealand, runs the safe houses, where children are taught reading and writing skills before enrollment in an Indonesian school. They receive free health care, toiletries, new clothing & a roof over their heads. You may contact Kim at +642102997784

Read more on our Ethics page.

You can send them to us using a courier account with a tracking number & signature on delivery, or we can pick them up using our company’s DHL account.

Never use EMS or postal services; they can take weeks to arrive.

Read more in Dispatch & Delivery.