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Sampling Explained

Samples begin with your handover. A handover is the designs you want to be produced in what fabric in plain or print. Once received, you’ll be assigned a Swimwear specialist, who’ll get back to you to arrange a callback to discuss any notes you made on fit, construction, fabric colour, or print. Once we are all clear, we’ll send you the lowest price for a premium-grade product incorporating imported recycled fabrics. If acceptable, we send an invoice & once paid, we get started.

The first thing we do is create your patterns on our 2D Auto-CAD digital software, calibrated to international body sizes and grading. Handling patterns digitally allows us to make any requested adjustments to your patterns in minutes rather than hours or days.

We always recommend checking our size guide to ensure it fits the age or market you’re selling to. If the sizing is too small or too big, we can easily grade up or down by half or a full size.


During the sampling process, your designated sample merchant will explain what happens after you have received & approved our samples.
She will assist with your custom-branded artwork, which will be used to add your Logo to things like your heat-press, hygienic liners, clips & any custom packaging, hang tag and so on.
Branding works, so fire away & we’ll come back with some great ideas to assist.

Samples are assembled in our dedicated sampling studio, with 60 highly skilled sample sewers using speciality machines to ensure wires never poke through, straps always slide and never buckle, and seams are finished in even straight lines.

If you know which designs you will add, jump over to our Getting Started Page, where you can add them to our costing section & kick-start the whole sampling process.

Handling your artwork during sampling can save weeks in your production timeline. You’ll see your first bulk PO launch faster than waiting to receive your samples.

Custom Samples

Our speciality is in manufacturing custom Swimwear at clients’ requests. Over the last 35 years, we have assembled thousands of unique designs. All we require is your creativity in assembling a great collection of designs, colours, prints, and a great-looking logo, and you’ll receive a totally unique collection that can look as good as any brand you care to mention.

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Ready to Order Samples

Ready designs are a selection of best-selling styles from 2023 & our knowledge of what will trend in summer 2024. By adding a heat press with your custom-branded logo, our designs will become as individual & iconic as any brand you care to mention. Most of our designs can be edited on request for USD 30, like adding cups or wires or making a style reversible.
Any design can be produced in any fabric colour or print.

You can skip sampling and proceed directly to your bulk PO. You will receive exactly what you see in our catalogue in the colours and prints of your choice.

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One Sample Set or Two?

As we only charge the estimated wholesale price for the second set, many select to make two sets. Producing two allows one to remain in our office, whereas if you order one, these must be returned to check against your production order.
Bearing in mind the courier costs and import taxes back into Bali often sees two sets costing about the same as one.
We can also pick up your approved samples using our DHL account.


Custom designs are charged twice our wholesale price plus a USD 30 management fee.
For example, a Custom Bikini bottom costing USD 12 will be charged 2 X $12 + $30 = $54.00.

Ready-to-order Designs are charged at just two times our wholesale price.

Sample Request Form

You can request samples by filling in a Sample Request Form. If you don’t like forms, use email or WhatsApp. We will then add your data to the sample form and send it back to you for approval.

Remember to add the fabric of your choice & whether your selected designs will be in plain or print.

Mocking Up

After the samples are paid, we offer a free 2D mock-up service in your selected colours and prints. It is an excellent way to see how your designs will appear in your chosen colours and prints before we begin cutting the fabric.

See Full Mock Up 

Art Work

The artwork must be in Vector format in EPS, PDF, CDR, or JPEG, 300 dpi, repeatable, and to scale. If you need some assistance, our graphic team is available, in most cases, free of charge.

Read more about Custom Branded Accessories.


Before DHL picks up your samples, your merchant will send you some clear, high-resolution photographs for your approval.

Upon arrival
In most cases, samples are approved the first time around. If your samples arrive substantially different from what you submitted, remakes are free of charge. For minor edits, we use our 2D AutoCAD software to make some edits to your patterns, eliminating the need to go through the sampling process.