At the start of any sampling request, our priority is to get your designs as close as possible to your original handover in the first set of samples. We make up your designs in the exact colours & prints requested unless any plain colours are not in stock or you have asked for prints to be added.

Requesting we import plain colours & prints, then the following is true.

Most Requested. Your missing colours & prints are imported in 2m sections. In the time it takes to import, we get started on your patterns to be ready to cut your fabrics as soon as they arrive. Allow an additional week to import. If time is an issue, we use the fabric you requested in another colour, in most cases in black, to produce your styles. When it comes to print requests, we print in Bali using Vita PL, the Poly version of the Vita Nylon we offer in plain colours. As there are no Digital print machines in Bali to handle synthetic, we can only provide a sublimation process, with colours not as deep & rich as Digital.

Vita PL is not so soft as REPREVE, which we use to print on in China using Italian Digital print machines.

Good Clear Handovers!

With a good clear handover, with some images to back up your requests & all changes you want to be implemented, noted, in many cases, your designs are received & approved for Bulk the first time around. Visuals work in most cases better than complex spec line drawings, add some actual links to any website that we can refer to & edits can be made easily & quickly.

We never rush your designs as this almost always results in remakes & actually takes more time in the long run.

Digital Patterns & Grades.

Creating patterns using our state of the art 2D Auto CAD software & printers graded to International Body Sizes almost always results in near or perfect fits. Digital patterns allow us to make incremental changes to any design in minutes rather than usual with paper patterns in days.

Spec Sheets & Custom Sizing

Producing custom swimwear for over 30 years has taught us a thing or two about how to assemble swimwear to perfection. We tend to steer clear of customers requested sizes & grades as working on the digital pattern maker using International body sizes produces perfect fits time & time again. We request that you check out our Body size Guide below with a soft tape measure before you do anything. You will find that either our sizes are exact for your customer base or slightly smaller. Once you’re clear, you can request we grade up half or a full size, making our Size Medium your Size Small.

If you’re confused, simply shoot over an email with your sizes & we will get back to you with a solution.

Please Read Carefully.
If you didn’t take the time to check our size grades, if you consider them to be smaller or larger than you expected when your collection arrives, then we do not remake. All samples are made to know sizes taking into account the stretch of the fabric.

Should any styles be apparent mistakes, this is generally due to a misunderstanding in your handover. We then remake free of charge as long as you are not changing anything to your original handover & followed our size guide. For minor edits, we make changes using our digital pattern maker in minutes free of charge.

Contact our team if you need some help with your sizes compared to ours.

See our International Size Grades

Contact us via WhatsApp

Size Sets.

In almost all cases, your collection is produced in size sets, for example, all in Size Small in 6 to 12 designs. If you require more sizes, we can accommodate one style to be made in one extra Size to see how we grade. If you are requesting more sizes or more designs, then we will need more time to produce.

Your Own Specialist.

After payment, you will be allocated one of our female swimwear specialists. Should there be any points, she feels needs discussed, she will set up a callback or chat via email or WhatsApp. Once sorted, your collection will begin. At any time, she is here to & go over any questions you may have, whatever they may be. As the time for your styles to be dispatched, best to send over your logo required for your heat-press, as that’s the very first thing we handle in production. You may like to discuss your Custom branding requests or any accessories you want to be added to the Bulk order. These can all several weeks to organize, so unless you’re ok with a longer timeline in production, get all these issues sorted soonest possible.


Collections are produced in one team to ensure consistency with your handover. Depending on the time of the year & workload, they are dispatched in 4-6 weeks in most cases. Towards the last quarter of the year as we are often swamped, allow more time & the opposite at the start of the year when we are less busy.

Upon completing your collection, you will be sent photos of the final samples dispatched the following day via courier.


Our charges are two times the estimated price we provided plus a USD 30 management fee per style & are all-inclusive to the finished articles incorporating stock accessories.

For example, a Swimwear bottom priced at $12 USD, is charged at 2 X $12 + $ 30 = $54.00.

Ready To Go Collection.

We have assembled the best selling trending shapes moving intro 2022, a collection of designs that are all ready to go into production; no need to sample unless you request. All our styles have been fitted perfectly using known international body sizes & will save you a heap in costs & time. Any of our designs are editable, such as adding metal hardware, cups, wires or boning.  If you desire to see your samples, then allow around 3-4 weeks.

Fabrics Colours & Prints.

Selecting your colours from our Stock Fabrics & unless you have deep pockets, maybe start with our stock colours & grow organically to the point your brand is large enough to handle a larger volume of fabric. Reason simple. If you select your colours from our stocks, then when you’re ready to order Bulk you can choose in 20m lots. If you request that we import fabrics that are purchased in 70m rolls to be used up entirety in your production PO.

Read more about Stocks & Importing Fabrics

Custom Branded Accessories

Many brands request Custom branded accessories such as metal clips & packaging, hygienic liners & the like. We handle all with ease. Also, we have ready stocks of bamboo & plastic hoops, V metal shapes, metal adjusters & much more. Should you request anything that we don’t have in stock, then we can assist in sourcing.

See our Accessories Page

Top Tip
Email your merchant with any artwork or layout you require assistance with.
As long as what we receive is in a resolution we can work with quickly, this service is free.

Dispatch & Delivery

We dispatch orders using FedEx & DHL. They both arrive daily, picking up & dropping off packages & samples.  Allow 5-10 working days.

Read our Dispatch & Delivery Page

If you haven’t started into costing your collection, then go to our Getting Started Page