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Speciality machines
100% Attention to detail

Bikini straps
No twists or snags

All hardware electroplated
No pit or rust

Computerized heat-press
No flake, crack or peel

Branded accessories
imported on request

Every item individually
checked & packed

Sampling Explained

At Swimwear Bali, our commitment & promise to you is to produce the highest grade of samples at the lowest possible price.
Whether you’re a start-up or established brand, no matter how large or small, we assemble your pieces in the same meticulous
fashion as we do for such brands as Victoria’s Secret & Fae swim, Bydee, VDM & many more. In addition, we will assist you with your handover of designs & fabrics & offer any advice needed. After receiving your prices, we will advise you of the time we require to make your samples.

Size Sets

We produce your collection in one size, most commonly size up to 12 designs. In some cases, we will make one style in another size on request. Making samples is timely & requesting in more than one size requires more time to produce. The same applies if you need more than 12 pieces.

Sampling Fees

We charge 2 X our estimated price + a management fee of USD 30 per style. These fees are all-inclusive to finished articles inc any non-branded accessories & are non-refundable paid via PayPal at the start. For example, a Bikini bottom priced at $13 USD, is
charged at 2 X $13 + $ 30 = $56.00.


Sampling – Custom Designs
Once we have your handover & priced your collection, we are ready to start. Our online team will advise you on how long we require to produce your collection. In most cases, samples require 6-8 weeks.

Sampling – Ready-To-Go-Designs
Selecting from our Ready to go designs & stock fabrics & colours, we aim to dispatch in 3-4 weeks. If you’re requesting any fabrics to be Imported, add 2-3 weeks to your timeline.

When it comes to your bulk order, if you selected fabrics not in stock to be imported, we have to import them in rolls 70m per colour & for some brands, this can be too much to start. You can see in our Fabrics section the considerable array of fabrics we keep in stock

Timelines quoted will depend on how many orders we have on hand and national holidays.
On average, we produce 70% of all samples from customer requests & 40% from our Ready to go Designs

Patterns & Assemble

Samples are assembled in-house with our team of approx. twenty sample machinists, all with more than ten years of experience in constructing Swim & Activewear samples. We create your patterns digitally using our state-of-the-art computerized 2D Auto-CAD software & printers. Working digitally is far superior to working with paper, allowing us to make incremental changes quickly to any design.

Once your patterns are complete, we assemble each style working back to your handover & notes. We never rush samples.
We work on International body sizes.
See our Body Size Chart

Edits & Remakes

  • Once your samples arrive, should you feel any require some minor edits, then in most cases, we handle this with an online video call. It’s pretty easy to make minor changes using digital software with no need to remake.
  • If significant edits are required in most cases, they are remade free of charge as long as you’re not requesting changes to your original handover.

Fabric Choices

Selecting Colours from our Stocks
We hold the best-selling colours of the season in stock, occasionally removing some & adding new ones as they are released. Stock levels are maintained at 30,000m in approx. 65 colours. All Stock Fabrics are freshly imported as we cut production. They are not leftovers.

A very unique recycled fabric from Carvico named Pantelleria, having a soft sea sponge-like effect. Also, Ibiza, with a 3D finish very suitable for swimwear made in the 50’s styling.

Sampling Fabrics – No MOQ

Production – MOQ 20m per colour, allowing you to add more colours to your PO, & also allows us to manufacture your PO when any slot becomes available.

Requesting Fabrics to be Imported
Fabrics are imported roll based in 70m lots. Some start-up bands consider this to be too much, so select their colours from our

More established brands or once you are rolling with top-up orders, selecting colours to be imported becomes much more workable
& commonly request fabrics to be imported roll based.

Sampling Fabrics – If not in stock, they are ordered in plain or print + 3-4 weeks.

Production Fabrics – MOQ 70m per colour & must be used entirely in production + 3-4 weeks to print & import.

  • 70m produces approx. 200 bikini tops or bottoms or 100 Bikini sets.

Top Tip
Grow Organically
One of the most important decisions will be what fabrics & colours you will add. Selecting from stocks allows you to grow more organically to the point that your ordering enough to use whole rolls. One roll makes on average 100 bikini sets, so choose wisely. Also, selecting from stocks for your bulk orders means we can move faster; if any slot becomes available in production, your bulk order will be cut & moved directly into sewing. The same applies to reorders or top-ups.

Read the difference between selecting from our stocks or importing in our Fabric Section

If you request samples to be made in prints, read how we handle this in our Print Section

Branding & Heat Pressing

A common expression in the fashion industry is “branding is everything”. It tells a story of the importance of adding your logos or brand name to your final articles, making them distinctive & easily recognizable. All samples will have a heat press added using our small in-house machine for your approval in content & layout. In some cases, these may flake or crake. All bulk orders heat presses are imported from the same factory that produces for brands such as Victoria’s Secret & PE Nation & will never crack or flake; they are permanent. We require three weeks to import, so send your artwork as soon as you are able.
MOQ – 300 labels up to 5 sizes.

See how to hand over your Logos & artwork.
Heat press Order Form


You can see all the choices we offer & also how we brand your accessories in our Accessory Page

Dispatch & Delivery

To ensure a fast & reliable delivery, we offer a complete logistical service, working directly with FedEx & DHL. Both arrive daily at our office, picking & dropping off packages, samples & production orders – 5-10 working days from goods ready to go.
Read more about Dispatch & Delivery

If you haven’t started into costing your collection,
then go to our Getting Started Page

Speak to a Swimwear Specialist

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We endeavour to reply to any WA email or chat in max one working day.

Our swimwear specialists are able to answer any questions you may have.
9 am-4 pm Monday to Friday & Saturday 9-11 am

On-site Inspections

Due to restrictions with travel to & from Bali, in most cases, we hold WA video calls.
We can show you our studio & factory & anything else you would like to see.

How to get started in your very own
sustainable premium quality Swimwear brand

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*Online sales growth for 2021 expected to be over 35% greater than in 2020

How to get started in your very own
sustainable premium quality Swimwear brand

Download the 2021 Swimwear Guide

*Online sales growth for 2021 expected to be over 35% greater than in 2020

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