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Speciality machines
100% Attention to detail

Bikini straps
No twists or snags

All hardware electroplated
No pit or rust

Computerized heat-press
No flake, crack or peel

Branded accessories
imported on request

Every item individually
checked & packed

Sampling Explained


We run a team of 20 speciality sample sewers, all with more than 10 years’ experience constructing & assembling premium grade Swim & Active-wear collections. Once you have received your prices then we are ready to get started on your patterns utilizing our digitally 2D auto CAD software. It’s now that you will be introduced to your sample swimwear specialist, who will go over your collection to ensure your sampling requests is crystal clear.

Size sets

We manufacture sample requests in one size, most commonly size S & up to 12 designs per request, dispatched in most cases in 4 to 6 weeks. *
Requesting 13 or more designs is possible, allow additional time.

We pattern & grade according to international body measurements. See our size chart here

*Holiday closures may extend the time. Also, best to check prior to payment how busy we are.


We charge 2 X our estimated wholesale price + a management fee of $30 USD per style.
Example – a swimwear bottom priced at $10 USD will be charged 2 X $10 + $ 30 = $50.00
Our prices are all-inclusive to the finished articles. Accessories such as metal clips, hygienic liners & so on are included (non-branded*).

  • The cost to send up to 12 samples overseas via FedEx is approx. $70 to $100 USD, (delivery only). You may be charged tax on entry of samples into your country.

Time Line - Sampling

Allow 4 to 6 weeks for your samples to be processed. All will come packed individually via FedEx
*Due to certain factors outside of our control as well as a huge increase in orders, we advise to allow extra time.

Selecting plain fabrics

The choices for colour & fabric you make at the start will more often than not be the ones that end up in your bulk orders, so do take care at the beginning of your journey & be sure to know the difference between selecting from our stock fabrics, or requesting fabrics to be imported, explained below. Also, selecting from our fabric stocks & colours will see your samples produced faster than if requesting colours to be imported. Allow 2-3 weeks to the time line for importing specific colours.

  • It’s also quite normal to make samples in same fabric different colours.

Read more on fabric choices here

Requesting Prints - Always a priority

We offer two ways to print

Digital Printing

  1. We print digitally overseas on REPREVE, a recycled Nylon fabric. Allow 3 weeks to print.
  2. Sublimation in Bali on Vita PL, a recycled Italian polyester – Print time max 3 working days.

If you’re looking to add some high-quality definition prints, then the link below goes over the ways of how to do this. We offer two ways to print, digitally overseas & via sublimation in Bali & the differences need to be known.

Printing in Bali is quicker with lower MOQ’s compared to printing overseas via digital, but the result is that Nylon will always be softer with deeper richer tones with no additional price to boot.

Sample motifs are printed in 2m sections. The printed fabric is then used to produce your actual samples. Whilst printing, we run up your patterns & get ready for the print to arrive.

See more about Printing here

Pattern making

We handle patterns digitally using our computerized 2D AUTO-Cad Plotter & software. Working digitally is a dream compared to paper patterns. Over many years we have saved thousands of shapes in our digital library, meaning any design you supply will have already been made & graded. All we do is make some edits to any approved design matching your request, save as your name & your patterns done.
A good example of working digitally would be the first collection we made for Victoria’s Secret. The handover was easily understood, only photos & screen shots with no measurements, which we then produced 12 samples from. From these, 9 were selected & moved directly to production.
With a good clear handover your collection can experience the same, all depends on the clarity of your handover.

We do not require complex tech packs, with the majority of designs sent as screen shots, front & back images with notes on changes to be implemented. Working digitally allows us to make edits to any shape in minutes rather than hours.

Edits & Remakes

Now, with your samples in hand & once you have had a chance to try them on, you may decide some require to be edited. It’s here we set up a video call via WA.

Should any samples require edits, then the following is true.

  1. Samples requiring only slight edits. These are reworked digitally on our 2D Auto-CAD, not remade. We can hold an online video call if you request, to go over the changes.
  2. Obvious errors are most commonly misunderstandings from your hand over. In most cases we remake free of charge.
  3. You’re requesting changes to be made that were not clearly marked on your hand over or you’re requesting to make changes to your original request, $30 USD + 2 X estimate price.


Quality control, possible the most important part of the manufacturing process, is handled in three sec ons. First check to ensure no loose threads, second sizing & third carefully steamed ready to be packed.
Once your samples have passed through QC, we add the branded fabric hang tags & packed individually into a Bio-degradable bag, dispatched via FedEx to any overseas address.
Samples are packed per style, colour & size.

  • Each piece is checked under magnifiers & white lights for any blemishes before dispatch.


Samples are dispatched via FedEx or DHL – 7 to 10 working days to your door.
Read more about Dispatch & Delivery


i. Samples are constructed assembled using machines geared to handle just one task, to the completed article.

ii. We use a small heat press machine for your samples which allows us to make one by one. In some rare cases you may notice some small cracking or flaking. For production, we use larger higher-grade machines & import in the heat presses for a perfect result.

iii. *Branded accessories are priced independently of your sample price & will be invoiced separately

iv. You may also select to pick up your samples using your own courier account or by hand.

Get Started in Sampling now, send your handover here

How to get started in your very own
sustainable premium quality Swimwear brand

Download the 2021 Swimwear Guide

*Online sales growth for 2021 expected to be over 35% greater than in 2020

How to get started in your very own
sustainable premium quality Swimwear brand

Download the 2021 Swimwear Guide

*Online sales growth for 2021 expected to be over 35% greater than in 2020

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