Sampling Explained

We run a skilled sampling team of sixty sample specialists, including pattern makers, tailors and sewists, with extensive experience producing swim and activewear samples.

In the main, customers select the fabrics and colours from our stocks as Importing colours can take several weeks to arrive. Importing plain colours is more timely and less so when importing your own custom prints.

Once we are clear on your requests, a swimwear specialist will be assigned to you. Throughout the entire process, she will answer any questions, either by email, text, or phone call, until the samples are in your hands and approved. 


  • Requesting a free call back with one of our consultants before your samples are dispatched often sees sample collections being processed much faster than working with back & forth emails or WhatsApp.
  • Plain colours often take more time to dye than imported custom prints.
  • If your handover of designs and notes is well-organized, samples are normally approved in the first batch.
  • Samples can be produced in any fabric and colour on our website and in any custom print.
  • In most cases, samples are produced in one size.
  • Once your samples are complete, we send you photos before dispatch to ensure no last-minute changes are required. 

One Sample Set or Two?

Once ready to place a bulk PO, we require your approved samples sent back via courier unless you requested two sample sets. If you did produce two sets, then the set in our office is used to compare against the first cuts in your production.

Since we only charge wholesale for the second set, making two sets often costs the same as producing one, as you save on courier fees, import taxes, and a week in the production process.

Please take note
Orders for 2023 have again reached record levels. With your samples approved, please send them back to us or inform us of any edits needed.
With so many brands selling out as fast as we produce, it’s more than important that we receive your bulk orders as soon as possible to keep promised delivery dates.


In most cases, samples are produced in 4-6 weeks, depending on the time of the year (holidays etc.) & the number of patterns we have to produce. We suggest confirming with our team in communications or your merchant once you have approved our prices on the expected time your samples will take to produce, as we aim to make one set without having to make remakes; we never rush sampling.

We no longer import plain colours for samples as the time to dye & import is unworkable.


Custom-made Samples are charged at twice our estimated price plus a USD 30 management fee per style, all-inclusive to the finished article, and stock accessories.

For example: A Swimwear bottom costing $12 USD will be charged at the rate of 2 X $12 + $30 = $54.00.

  • Sample prices include high-quality, non-branded accessories, many of which can be branded for your bulk order.
  • Ready-to-order designs are charged at twice the wholesale price with no management fee.

Skip Sampling and Order Direct to Bulk

The choice is yours. If you decide not to sample, you may place an order directly in bulk, saving both time and money in the sampling process.

As our ready designs have all been graded using 2D Auto CAD digital software to international body sizes, what you see in our catalogue is exactly what you will receive in your chosen fabric, colour and print.

If this sounds like you, add your selected designs as codes to the Direct to Bulk Form or email screenshots.

One of our team will then contact you to confirm your order.


Since your logo will be used across your entire collection to heat-press your brand name, size, and washing instructions onto the back of each item, it is worth handling this before you begin your collection.

Samples are branded using a simple in-house printer to confirm their size and placement. For bulk orders, we import heart presses manufactured overseas on high-quality machines that never flake or crack under normal conditions.

Visit the Branding and Accessories section for more information.

sample heatpress
sample heatpress swim

Mocking Up

After you have paid for your samples, we offer a free mock-up service that allows you to clearly visualize how your designs look on a 2D model in the selected colours or prints.

Live Fittings Prior to Samples being Dispatched

Swimwear, Swimsuit & Bikini Manufacturer - Swimwear Bali

If you would like to see your samples fitted prior to the samples being dispatched, we can call in a size Small Western fit model.

During a live video call, she will try on each of your designs with your merchant, taking notes. You will observe first-hand how your styles appear when worn & be able to request any last-minute changes.

As the cost is minimal compared to remaking samples, courier fees, etc., many brand owners select this service.

Costs USD 85 for a 30-minute session.

Please get in touch with your merchant to arrange the most convenient day & time that suits you.

Size Guide & Digital Patterns

We create patterns using state-of-the-art 2D AutoCAD digital software, providing much more accuracy than traditional paper patterns allowing us to make incremental changes and grade up or down on requests almost instantly.

We suggest checking our size guide to ensure our specs and grades fit the market you’re selling to. If you skip this step and your samples arrive too large or small, you will be charged for remakes.

International Body Size Guide

In almost all cases, if your samples arrive obviously different to the designs in your handover, we remake them free of charge.

Size Chart on cm

size in CM

Dispatch & Delivery

Samples are dispatched via FedEx or DHL. Both arrive daily at our office, picking up and dropping off packages.

Allow 4-7 working days from dispatch to your door.

Read more about dispatch and delivery