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International Body Size Guide

We create patterns using state-of-the-art 2D AutoCAD digital software, providing much more accuracy than traditional paper patterns allowing us to make incremental changes and grade up or down on requests almost instantly.

We suggest checking our size guide to ensure our specs and grades fit the market you’re selling to. If you skip this step and your samples arrive too large or small, you will be charged for remakes.

In almost all cases, if your samples arrive obviously different to the designs in your handover, we remake them free of charge.



size chart on inch scaled

size chart on cm scaled


size chart on inch mobile

size chart on cm mobile

Measuring Tips

  1. Use a soft cloth tape measure.
  2. Ensure the person you use to fit, is close to the size your customer base will be fitting.

Care Instructions

  1. Do not dry iron. Use a steam iron with caution.
  2. Hand wash in fresh cold water as soon as possible.
  3. Make sure your swimsuit is completely dry before storing it.
  4. Do not machine wash or use detergents


  1. Swimwear may become discoloured when exposes to sun tan creams and chlorine.
  2. Separately wash bright and similiar colours.
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Before we send your samples

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If you would like to see your samples fitted before dispatch, we can call in a western-size fit model who will, during a live video call, try on each of your designs with your merchant, taking notes. Working this way, you will observe first-hand how your styles look when worn, be able to speak to the model, ask her how they fit & feel, etc. & if required, request any last-minute changes.

As the cost is minimal compared to remaking samples, courier fees, etc., many brand owners select this service.

Costs USD 85 for a 30-minute session.