Tax-Free & Ethics

Our parent company, King Trading, is the only garment company in Bali with a tax-free license for the import of high-grade overseas fabrics, provided they are used to assemble production orders and shipped overseas.

This facility saves us 35% import tax allowing us to price your designs far lower than any other Swimwear producer on the island. We were awarded this prestigious license due to our compliance with all Balinese regulations on the ethical treatment of employees, such as providing full health insurance coverage for each employee, including their spouse and up to three children, encompassing all doctor’s visits, prescription medication, and hospitalizations. Additionally, we purify all the water used in producing our fabrics and the dyeing process before discharge, with any leftover fabric scraps donated to local charities.

We use the licence to import recycled fabrics produced from salvaged fishing nets & plastic bottles, helping keep our oceans that little bit healthier & the marine life we all depend on a little bit safer.

95% of the fabrics in our production chain are imported via weekly flights from ECONYL®, Carvico® in Italy, and REPREVE® in the US. 

We rarely use locally sourced low-quality Bali Swim fabrics.

Bali Street Mums

We contribute monthly to Bali Street Mums, a charity that seeks to help mothers and their children who scavenge for their livelihood from garbage dumps and begging. The children, in particular, are especially prone to sex traffickers & a life of misery. Kim, the organizer from New Zealand, runs the safe houses, where the children are taught reading and writing skills prior to enrollment in an Indonesian school. Children & mothers receive free health care, toiletries, new clothing & a roof over their heads.

Kim’s goal is to get them off the streets & end the cycle of despair they are born into. It is often their first experience living in a house with clean running water and proper toilets instead of in leaky huts beside garbage dumps. She oversees staffing, helpers, and safe houses. She can be reached via WhatsApp at +642102997784. If you’re in Bali, you can find Kim & her team raising money by selling dolls and trinkets the children make at the Samadi market on Sunday mornings.

Having just opened a safe house in Ubud, any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Human Resources

  • All employees received well above the min wage with 13 months’ salary a year. They receive two months’ wages for a vacation of up to 25 days.
  • We provide free medical insurance to all our employees, including their spouses and children, covering doctor’s fees, prescription medications, & hospitalization.
  • We provide a glass of fresh juice every lunch break, a hot cooked meal and vitamin supplements.
  • Depending on the hours and days worked, overtime is paid at a rate of 1.5 and 3 times the hourly rate & is always optional.
  • The work areas are all air-conditioned and offer working facilities comparable to those of any Western establishment.