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Why Bali is the Go-To Destination for Sustainable Swimwear Entrepreneurs

Bali, famous for its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and lush landscapes, is emerging as a hotspot for entrepreneurs creating sustainable swimwear collections. But what makes this Indonesian paradise so appealing to eco-conscious business owners? Let’s dive into the reasons behind Bali’s allure for sustainable swimwear production.

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1. Rich Tradition of Textile Craftsmanship

Bali boasts a long-standing tradition of textile craftsmanship. It is home to skilled artisans who have perfected their craft over generations. This rich heritage translates into high-quality swimwear that showcases exquisite design and meticulous attention to detail. Entrepreneurs can leverage this local expertise by decorating their swimwear using crochet or adding sequins to create unique, handcrafted pieces that stand out in the market.


2. Access to Sustainable Materials

One of the primary draws for entrepreneurs is Swimwear Bali’s access to sustainable materials. Swimwear Bali holds over 100,000 meters of on-trend colours imported from Italy and America, all sustainably produced from salvaged fishing nets and reclaimed plastic bottles. Key sustainable fabrics include:
REPREVE® (USA): Made from recycled materials like plastic bottles, REPREVE® fabrics are renowned for their amazing super soft hand feel and environmental benefits.
Carvico® and ECONYL® (Italy): Produced from salvaged fishing nets and ocean plastic waste, these fabrics are not only eco-friendly but also highly functional, resistant to saltwater and chlorine, and offer UPF 50+ protection, ideal for swimwear.
Using sustainable swimwear fabrics instead of new ones reduces CO2 emissions by as much as 80%.

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3. Cost-Effective Production

Bali offers high-quality craftsmanship at cost-effective production prices. The lower cost of labour and materials compared to Western countries allows entrepreneurs to produce premium swimwear at a fraction of the cost. This particularly benefits startups and established brands looking to make their swimwear brand more ethical and sustainable, maximizing their budgets without compromising quality.

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4. Unique Tax Advantage with Swimwear Bali

Swimwear Bali stands out as the only company on the island with a tax-free license. This exclusive benefit saves the 35% import tax that other manufacturers must add to their costs. This significant saving is passed on to entrepreneurs, reducing overall invoice values and making production more economical.

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5. Vibrant Entrepreneurial Community

Bali hosts a thriving community of like-minded entrepreneurs and creatives. The island’s co-working spaces, networking events, and business hubs offer ample opportunities for collaboration and growth. This supportive ecosystem helps entrepreneurs exchange ideas, gain insights, and build valuable connections, crucial for the success of their sustainable swimwear brands. As monthly rental prices for accommodation are still under 1,000 USD, those interested in starting a sustainable swimwear line can come to Bali and stay while their samples are being produced.

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6. Inspiration from Nature

Bali’s natural beauty serves as a constant source of inspiration for swimwear designers. The island’s breathtaking beaches, lush greenery, and vibrant marine life influence design aesthetics, resulting in collections that capture the essence of a tropical paradise. This direct connection to nature enhances creativity and reinforces a commitment to sustainability.


7. Favorable Business Environment

Indonesia’s government increasingly supports sustainable business practices. Various incentives and initiatives promote eco-friendly industries, making it easier for entrepreneurs to navigate the regulatory landscape. Additionally, the relatively straightforward visa process for business activities further encourages entrepreneurs to set up operations in Bali.


8. Unique Branding Opportunities

“Incorporating the label ‘Made in Bali’ to every piece brings about an exotic allure that intrigues consumers. This distinctive characteristic enables brands to differentiate themselves in a market by offering a story and connection that resonates with their customers. With a shift from manufacturing in China, swimwear crafted in Bali frequently outperforms brands solely due to its place of origin.”


9. Higher Success Rates with Callbacks

Scheduling a complimentary real-time conversation with a swimwear specialist can be incredibly advantageous once you brainstorm your brand’s look. Callbacks result in a much higher success rate for getting started at lower prices than emails and chats. By discussing your vision directly with a specialist, you can receive tailored advice, immediate feedback, and efficient solutions, ensuring a smooth and successful start to your sustainable swimwear line.


From its rich tradition of textile craftsmanship and access to sustainable materials to its cost-effective production and unique tax advantages, Bali offers numerous benefits for sustainable swimwear entrepreneurs. The island’s natural beauty, strong emphasis on sustainability, and vibrant entrepreneurial community further enhance its appeal. As more entrepreneurs recognize these advantages, Bali is set to remain a key player in the sustainable fashion industry for years to come. For the best start, be sure to book a callback and discuss your ideas with experts at Swimwear Bali.

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