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How including digital prints in your swimwear line can boost sales 

Swimwear brands have a thrilling opportunity to unleash their creative potential through unique print motifs. By strategically incorporating these designs into their products, they can ignite sales and inspire new trends. This is not just a chance to innovate but to create something truly distinctive that sets your brand apart in the competitive market. Integrating digital prints into your swimwear collection can significantly increase sales and elevate brand appeal. This approach capitalizes on current fashion trends while delivering a range of advantages that resonate with new and existing customers. Here, I discuss why incorporating digital prints into your swimwear range is a smart business decision, highlighting its impact on attracting customers, defining brand identity and enhancing market competitiveness.

Digital on Nylon or Sublimation on Polyester

Digital on Nylon

Price-wise, printing digitally on Nylon produces much higher quality results and costs less than printing locally in Bali using inferior print machines on Polyester due to swimwear Balis tax free licence on fabric import. Digital prints never fade in contact with salt water or direct sunlight. We print on REPREVE®, a super soft American fabric offering great shape retention and amazing true-to-life prints. 
Sample meters are printed in 2m sections, with bulk orders 70m+.
Allow 2-3 weeks for sample meters or colour strike-offs.
Allow 3-4 weeks for bulk orders to be printed & land.

Sublimation on Polyester?

It’s true that digital printing is more expensive globally than sublimation printing. However, in Bali specifically, sublimation printing can be excessively costly and may not justify its price tag. Swimwear Bali addresses this issue by importing printed fabrics from abroad at lower costs than locally producing them using polyester sublimation machines. Printing in Bali can result in colours and prints that fade in contact with salt water.
It’s important to be cautious when dealing with manufacturers who might misleadingly refer to sublimation printing on Polyester as “printing” or “digital sublimation printing.” The digital aspect only pertains to the software for creating designs; the printing process remains a process of heat pressing your motifs onto the top of the fabric. 
Polyester is used in Bali to print because there is no digital print machine for synthetics on the island. Therefore, manufacturers make many untrue claims.

1. Staying In Tune with Fashion Trends

Market Demand;

Digital prints lead the way in swimwear trends, catering to consumers seeking distinctive and customizable choices.
They provide an avenue to feature popular seasonal patterns, colours and themes, ensuring the swimwear collection stays current and appealing. Most emerging brands initially opt for plain colours in their collections. As they gain momentum, they often introduce printed designs. Prints are more manageable than colours since producing fabrics in solid shades requires a higher minimum order quantity (MOQ). Swimwear collections that include digital prints often increase sales faster than brands that only use plain colours.

Consumer Attraction;

Digital prints appeal to a wide demographic, particularly younger audiences attracted to lively, attention-grabbing designs.
They enable greater personal expression, fostering stronger emotional connections between consumers and the brand.

2. Diversifying Product Range and Personalization Options

Unique Offerings;

Digital printing technology enables a diverse range of designs—from intricate patterns to striking graphics—without significant cost increases.

printresult 1

This range of options can appeal to specific market segments or individual customer preferences, distinguishing a brand from competitors that offer more standard designs.

Customization Potential;

Providing personalized choices through digital printing can offer a unique value proposition. Customers have the freedom to select particular patterns and colours and even personalize their Swimwear with names or initials. This personalized touch can greatly boost customer satisfaction and loyalty, resulting in repeat purchases and positive recommendations.

3. Enhancing Brand Identity and Storytelling

Brand Positioning;

Digital prints can shape a brand’s story, showcasing its values, visual style, and lifestyle. They can also be strategically used in limited edition releases or exclusive collections to create anticipation and urgency among consumers.

4. Improving Sales and Marketing Strategies

Cross Promotional Opportunities;

Digital prints can be easily tailored for cross-promotions with influencers, celebrities or other brands, opening up additional marketing avenues. Collaborative designs may draw followers from different brands or industries, expanding the customer base.

Enhanced Visibility in Retail and Online;

Eye-catching and distinctive designs make a statement in in-store displays and online product showcases, catching the eye of potential customers. These designs are also more likely to be shared on social media platforms, expanding their reach and interaction

Debunking Common Myths;

Let’s debunk a common industry myth: Polyester is not inherently superior to Nylon for printing. Digital prints on Nylon are renowned for their enduring, vibrant colours. In contrast, Polyester prints, applied using heat press techniques, can fade over time. This understanding empowers swimwear brands to make fabric choices that enhance their designs and boost sales. There needs to be more awareness in the industry that Nylon cannot be printed on, or it will result in blurry and bleeding designs. This is often due to manufacturers misrepresenting their printing processes. Understanding this can help swimwear brands make more informed decisions about their fabric choices. 

In Summary

Integrating digital prints into your swimsuit collection not only reflects current fashion trends but also opens up new opportunities for product variety, customer engagement and brand growth. By utilizing the versatility and appeal of digital prints, companies can greatly boost their market presence and sales potential. To successfully implement this approach, careful consideration of design selections, marketing strategies and customer preferences is essential to maximize its advantages fully.

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