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What all you need to know about MOQ Minimum Order Quantity

What all you need to know about MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

What is MOQ

MOQ, or “Minimum Order Quantity,” is a term that might be new to many, but it’s essential in the world of manufacturing and supply. It’s the smallest number of units a supplier is willing to produce in one order. This number is set to ensure that production costs are covered and profits are made.
Different suppliers have varying MOQs. While some might require large orders of up to 100,000 units, others might be flexible with as few as 300 units.

Why MOQ is important:

The importance of MOQ lies in its role as a business filter, determining the types of companies suppliers are willing to work with. For businesses producing in small quantities, finding suppliers with low MOQs is crucial, whereas larger enterprises might need suppliers who can handle production on a much larger scale. However, be careful, as producers who offer low MOQs, such as 100 units across an entire collection, will often charge much more than a supplier with a MOQ of 300.

How to make MOQ requirements:

Meeting MOQs can be challenging, especially for new businesses that need only a small number of units. In such cases, communicating your production needs and budget limitations to manufacturers is key.

MOQ at Swimwear Bali

Swimwear Bali is dedicated to assisting start-ups and business owners, offering some of the industry’s lowest MOQs for new swim lines. Our MOQ is set at 300 pieces per order, allowing a mix of designs, sizes, and styles from our diverse collections, including Women’s Swim and Active ranges. For example, 150 bikini sets, 30 pieces per design and three pieces per size, colour and print. You may combine as many designs in your collection as you like in max five sizes. This flexibility enables you to curate a varied and unique swimwear collection while meeting our minimum order requirements.
For each style, colour, or print, our MOQ is set at 30 pieces, which applies to various options like blue tops, peach tops, and printed designs. Additionally, we maintain a MOQ of 3 pieces for each size, covering a range from XS to L.

Wrapping it up

MOQs are established for valid reasons, and it’s important to respect them while engaging in fair negotiations with suppliers. If you cannot meet the MOQ but are keen to work with a specific manufacturer whose values align with your brand, consider discussing a potential adjustment in the numbers. Some manufacturers might be open to lowering their MOQs, though this could mean a higher cost per product, which you’ll need to factor into your calculations.

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