When it comes to production orders, apart from quality, price must be of prime importance.

As we own the only Tax Free licence in Bali on the import of fabrics, literally means our production costs & your invoice values will be approx 40% less than any other supplier. Read our Tax Free licence explained & how it effects your prices.


Our minimum order quantity is 300 pcs per order with 30 per style & 3 per size & colour.

Mix & Match

When it comes to placing your bulk orders, we are the most versatile. You may order a selection of your own private label custom designs as well as selecting some of our Ready to go Designs. Our designs have been selected from the best-selling on trend shapes of the current 2020 season.

Things for you to check
Before you place your bulk order

  1. Have you filled in the order form?
  2. Have you selected your fabrics? Stock Colours or Fabrics to be Imported
  3. Have you selected your accessories?
  4. Have you sent us your artwork for heat press & accessory branding?
  5. If requesting prints, have you sent those over to us & have they been approved?

To understand how print orders are handled, then best to read our Understanding Prints page


*Selecting from our Italian & USA stocks will see your orders ready for dispatch in 4 weeks.
*Selecting from fabrics to be imported adds 3-4 weeks to your time line.

Priorities for Production

Any fabrics, prints or custom accessories are imported, allow 4 weeks
As we prioritise accessories & prints at start, often we can keep the total production time to 6 weeks.



Fabrics MOQ

Selecting from our Stocks or requesting colours to be imported, determs the time required to produce.

Selecting stocks - 20 meter per colour
We hold 40 colours & 15,000m of Italian & American recycled fabrics in stocks.

Selecting to be imported - 70 meters per colour


At the start of your order & with your approved samples in hand we check that fabrics, accessories, your brand logo & any prints are all approved & ready.


Step 1 - Print out your digital patterns ready to cut the fabrics using mechanical rotary hot knives for maximum precision.

Step 2 - Move your cut fabrics into the production room.

Step 3 - Produce your collection using our speciality dedicated sewing machines. Cups, wires, seamless, reversible, double sided or zigzag styles, are only ever sewn on machines built to handle just that job.

Step 4 - Move the sewn finished designs into the QC room.

Each article is checked one by one under white lights & magnifiers ensuring there are no blemishes, loose threads & that can pass through our rigorous checking procedure.

Step 5 - Move the approved production into the tagging, bar-coding & packaging room where your order is packed individually into bio-degradable & readied for dispatch to your address.

Step 6 - Delivery

Bulk orders are sent via DHL. On arrival DHL will call you to inform the date & expected hour of delivery. Once your goods are in your hands you will notice that styles, colour & sizes have been packed in layers per each box with your packing notes on the top of each box.

Extra spare fabric tags have been added as well as any fabric Eco certificates to box one.
You may consider to use these for marketing purposes on your web site informing fabric quality & sustainability.

We pride ourselves on the fact that 99% all the swimwear we manufacture is considered grade A.
Producing your collection in exactly the same way as we do for brands like FAE Swim, the supplier of Victoria's Secret swim division, means you can be assured the quality you will receive will always be premium.


To protect your designs, you may request a NDA (Non disclosure agreement)
This paper is legally binding & protects your design. This is referred to as your intellectual property.

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