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We work with both established brands & start-ups, providing the best advice possible on how to produce at the lowest price point as well as premium quality, with speed & in an environmentally sustainable manner.

1. Price - We are the lowest. As we own the only Tax-Free licence in Bali on the import of fabrics means our production costs as well as your bulk invoices will be approx. 40% lower than any other supplier. Less for you to invest, more actual profit in your pocket.

2. Quality - We produce the highest grade of premium quality sustainable swimwear in Bali, period. Our production facility has been fitted out with speciality dedicated to task sewing machines. 32 years in the manufacturing industry in Bali have taught us that using machines that are specific to just one task, produces a much higher quality product than conventional machines, and much faster to.

3. Speed - We produce the fastest bulk orders in Bali. Ordering from our stock fabrics will see your bulk orders dispatched in 4 weeks. You can select from 30,000 meters of high-grade Italian & American recycled fabrics, ready to cut on demand. Once we are rolling together, your find inventory landing almost as fast as you can sell, as does Fae swim, VDM the label & Bydee Swim to name a few. These brands built up from 1,000 units per order to well over 10,000 pcs order several times a year. Can this be your dream? We are here to help make it happen.

4. Sustainability - In the main, the fabrics we import are recycled from discarded fishing nets, post-consumer waste or plastic bottles. The dyes are organic & the packaging bio-degradable.


1. Brands selecting to incorporate recycled fabrics into their production are outselling those using non-recycled fabrics by at least by 2 to 1 in sales volume.

2. In 2019, 80% of all brands who selected stock colours, reordered more than once in their first year. Google predicts that 2021 will see the largest ever online sales since the start of the internet, up 35% on 2020.


When you’re starting your own brand, it’s important to think in time as well as money. Try filling in a Dummy Order Form once you’ve received your prices to know what your actual investment will be as well as the time you will need to re stock. Second orders are just as important as the first.


We offer a low MOQ of 300 pieces across 10 styles with just 3 pieces per size & colour.
You may order your own Private label Custom Designs or select from our Ready to Go Designs, or a mix of both.
You may also mix & match your designs in both Active & Swimwear.

Selecting from our stocks fabrics, MOQ 20m per colour.
Selecting fabrics to be imported, MOQ 70m per colour or print. Allow 4 weeks to import.
You can also select from our stocks as well as request that we import some colours or prints for you.


Before we begin, the following is checked off.

  1. Your bulk order has been calculated according to your fabric request, with deposit paid.
  2. Your approved samples have been sent back via courier.
  3. Any Art-work & your Heat Press has been laid out & approved.
  4. All fabrics requested are in either in-stock or ready to be ordered.
  5. All accessories especially branded ones, are ready to be ordered.


We organise production in teams. This ensure that your team will be responsible from start to finish. Less hands, better finishing.

Selecting from stocks orders are lighting fast - 4 weeks.
Selecting plain or digital print+ 2-4 weeks

Production Procedure

The process of production is fairly simple. We base everything on the samples you approved.

The first thing we do is cut your fabrics & then sew using dedicated sewing machines. Cups, wires, seamless, reversible, double sided or zigzag are all constructed using machines built to task. Finished articles are then passed through three layers of QC under white lights & magnifiers ensuring final goods are as your requested handover.

Once all is finalized, the last job is to add branded fabric hang-tags, codes & bar tags & then pack each article individually into bio-degradable bags, ready for dispatch overseas via DHL or FedEx. Your order will arrive boxed & packed in layers, code, size & colour. Goods are now ready to sell.

Producing your collection in exactly the same way as we do for brands like FAE Swim, the supplier of Victoria's Secret swim division, means you’re assured the quality will always be grade A export.

We pride ourselves on the fact that 99% all swimwear is approved & sold as perfect.

We sell goods ex-factory. Buyers have the right to check their order. If this is impractical then we can put you in contact with independent QC who will check every piece, ensuring peace of mind.

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