Production - Scratch to finish - 6 weeks*

Custom Made Swimwear Designs

We are world-famous as a specialist custom swimwear manufacturer produced adding premium grade imported recycled fabrics. The most important part of the whole bulk order process is your handover of designs to be made in what fabrics. So be sure with your styles, fabrics & colours & ask our swimwear specialists anything you’re unsure of using the contact form below. It takes great skill & attention to detail to be able to produce custom swim designs, so add as many notes as you feel are required & send them over in our handover & costings page.

Other producers in Bali will sway you into selecting ready to go designs made from local lower grade fabrics.

As long as your handover is relatively straight forward & to the point, then we can assemble a collection very close to what you envisaged in most cases. You may select to send screenshots or tech packs or precise sketches, with some notes on any changes added.

The 2021 key focus is all about body-hugging & figure-enhancing shapes more than any complex designs.

*Order timelines quoted are dependent on the volume of orders as well as National holidays & Government enforced restrictions.

We offer 4 ways to hand over your designs to be priced. See our Handover & Costing page

Our Team

We run 150 machines & only employ skilled tailors with at least 10 years of experience in the industry. Production orders are produced per PO all at the same time in teams. Cups, wires, seamless, reversible & double-sided styles are all constructed using speciality swimwear machines.

MOQ – Minimum Order Quantities

Bulk MOQ – 480 pieces or 240 sets, up to 10 designs, 4 per size & colour.
See some examples of bulk orders values

Reorders MOQ – 300 units or 150 bikini sets, 3 units per size & colour.

Re-orders do not take the same time as sampling & first bulk orders. If you’re selecting from our stock fabrics, reorders drop 6 weeks from your order placed.
We will advise you on your MOQ in adjusting your Bulk PO to accommodate the minimum order requirements.


Bulk orders are paid 50% on start & 50% prior to dispatch. Our charge for 480 units will be much the same as other Bali swim producers charge you for 300 units due to our tax-free status.
Best compare two estimates at the start & be sure you’ll not be hit with any hefty surcharges down the line.


Your patterns & grades are produced digitally to international body sizes.

As your patterns have been approved for your samples, it means all we do is go back & check against your approved samples before we start production.

See our Body Size Chart

Selecting your Fabrics

Selecting from our Stock
We hold the best-selling colours of the season in stock, occasionally removing some & adding new ones as they come out. Stock colours are freshly imported via weekly flights from Carvico & REPREVE: – they are not left-over fabrics.

Selecting colours from our stocks with a low MOQ of 20m per colour allows you to choose more colours and process your production orders the moment we have a slot in production. – 4-6 weeks.

Selecting Fabrics to be Imported
Fabrics are imported via weekly flights roll based per colour in 70-meter lots.
Some start-up bands may consider 70m to be too much to start with as it produces 200 bikini tops/bottoms or 100 Bikini sets per colour. These can be spread across all styles & sizes. On the other hand, once established, importing a roll of each colour becomes,
in most cases, very workable. Larger brands with a bigger budget most commonly request fabrics to be imported roll-based.
Plain colours that are not in our stocks, as with digital prints & branded accessories, all have to be produced & imported in. Allow 3-4 weeks.

Read more on our Tax-Free Status
See the complete selection of fabrics we offer

Requesting Prints

We print two ways, Digital print on premium grade American Nylon overseas & via sublimation on Poly in Bali. Unfortunately, there are no digital print machines in Bali for synthetic fabrics.

Digital Prints

We are the only producer in Bali offering a digital print service on Nylon. All others print via sublimation on Polyester, less vibrant but much faster. Printing digitally provides deeper, richer colour tones than sublimation on Poly, with a softer hand feel. In addition, colours do not fade or bleed in contact with chlorine, saltwater or bright sunshine.

Sublimation prints

Sublimation prints are processed in Bali using Vita PL. Sublimation is a heat press process, less vibrant & occasionally fades in time, impossible to achieve the same premium quality that digital printing provides.

See one print what it looks like printed digitally & via sublimation here

Read our section on how we handle your prints


Once complete, all bulk POs pass through 3 layers of QC using strong white lamps & magnifiers to ensure there are no loose threads or blemishes. Quality control is possibly the most essential part of the manufacturing process. So the first thing we do is check to ensure there are no loose threads. Then we go over sizing & grading & finally steam press each article & add branded fabric hang tags to be packed into individual Bio-degradable bags readied for dispatch via FedEx or DHL to your door.

Top Tip
It’s pretty standard for brands to instruct their own QC to come in & inspect production orders. However, Covid has made this almost impossible. To get over this, we have a wonderful lady from the UK, a qualified fashion designer & teacher who designs the collec ons for FAE swim & Victorias Secret. You can contact her on her email

Rebecca handles around 30% of all the brands which pass through our company, most commonly for the first order. If you want to bring in your own QC, we need to know before we begin production so that the company & the QC team are 100% clear on your expectations. In our mind, it’s advisable & brings peace of mind.

We invoice your order ex-factory, meaning that we do not accept returns once your order is sent overseas.

Bulk PO's

Firstly, we require your approved samples sent back. We can pick them up upon request.
We start production orders by first checking back to your handover to ensure that any specific techniques, bum coverage, padding or wires included in your notes are implemented.
Once complete, orders pass through 3 layers of QC using magnifiers & white lights to ensure there are no loose thread or blemishes. Each article then has its respective branded fabric hangtags from ECONYL CARVICO, or REPREVE added to ensure your customer base knows the quality of the item’s you’re marketing. Once complete, it’s over to dispatch to be boxed in layers, code colour & size, ready to sell the second it arrives.


  • KeyPoint is to plan well in advance. The situation right now is that compared to pre-Covid, we are producing more than triple the volume of orders, with some clients selling out as fast as we dispatch.
  • POs are cut to finish. With a tolerance of plus or minus 3% of the total units ordered. For example, you order 500 units; we dispatch between 485 to 515.
  • Customers retail our products in the range of 4 to 5 times our wholesale price.

Top Tip - Dummy order forms

Running your own business is a balancing act of constantly thinking about quality, price & time. If you can preplan your orders & fill in one of our dummy order forms a few weeks before the date your production starts, we can calculate the fabrics & accessories we will require to produce. We are aware that your actual PO could well differ, but if we know the ballpark of what your order will consist of, we can plan things in advance.

The worst thing in the world is to run out of stock or inventory, losing your clients confidence. Without proper planning, you could easily see sales meant to go into your pocket evaporating onto other brands websites. It’s why we constantly men on preplanning & filling in a dummy order form in advance of your actual PO.

The reality is that the sustainable swimwear market is exploding right now & both of our jobs are to keep your stocks flowing, sales pumping, & funds constantly flowing. Therefore, seeing SOLD OUT on your website is to be avoided at all costs.

Fill in a Dummy order form.

Branding Accessories

Once you’re ready to place your bulk order PO, we will add either our in-house stock accessories or request some to be branded with your Logo. In the link below, you will be able to view all our accessory choices & which ones can be branded. Branding any metal clips, hygienic liners, packaging, & adding your Logo via heat press will ensure your final collection stands out in front of the crowd, able to compete up against any brand you may care to mention today.

See your accessories choices.

Brand Building

We are here to build brands, not just pretty websites. From start to finish, we are ready to take a call, WA or email from the day you start sampling to the day your bulk orders are prepared to uplift We will show you how to improve on your collections as each order comes in, in the most organic & sustainable manner possible. We’re not just here for one-hit wonders; we are in this for the long run.

Dispatch & Delivery

As soon as your production is completed, it gets passed onto QC & readied for uplift. It’s here, on request, that we can organise a call-back to go over your designs, ensuring they meet your expectations before dispatched via FedEx or DHL. Upon arrival, once you’ve had time to go over in detail, you may request a call-back.- 5-10 working days from goods uplifted from our premises.

Read more in our Dispatch & Delivery section.

Need to speak to somebody?

Fill in the form or chat via WhatsApp, 9 am-4 pm Monday to Friday & Saturday 9-11 am
Contact us via WhatsApp +62 811 388 512 or by email at

Contact us 2

We endeavour to reply to any WA email or chat in max one working day.

All of our swimwear specialists are trained & able to answer any question you may have to mind.

On-site Inspections

Due to restrictions with travel to & from Bali, in most cases, we hold WA video calls.
We can show you our studio & factory & anything else you would like to see.

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How to get started in your very own
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*Online sales growth for 2021 expected to be over 35% greater than in 2020

How to get started in your very own
sustainable premium quality Swimwear brand

Download the 2021 Swimwear Guide

*Online sales growth for 2021 expected to be over 35% greater than in 2020

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