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Becoming financially independent running your own Active or Yogawear business can be a dream come true for any entrepreneur with a passion for health & fitness & an eye for fashion. If this sounds like you & you have some decent social media skills, you’re already halfway there. All you need then are some funds to get started & a factory to produce them that knows what they are doing. That’s where we come in.
We have assisted hundreds of start-up brands from conception to sampling through to producing their bulk orders arriving on their doorsteps, from start to finish in just two months. If you’re ready to take the plunge, we are here to bring them to reality in the most professional way possible.

Getting Started

The sections below are like an A to Z on how to get started into your own sustainable, Eco-friendly Active or Yoga wear brand in the most direct way possible.

We discuss the fabrics on offer & go over each one’s degree of compression, flexibility & attributes, allowing you to select the most suitable one/s for the activity you’re producing for. All have been imported from high-grade overseas suppliers, are squat proof, moisture-wicking & offer great body-enhancing attributes.

We explain how simple it is now to price your styles, no need nowadays for complex tech packs, screenshots will do, & how to add any of our ready to go designs to your Collection.

Whatever your final designs are, each & every article will have a branded logo heat pressed to the inside back, making your Collection both original & individually yours.

Note that any style can be made in any fabric, colour or print. Your choices are almost countless.

Should you have any queries, then contact our team here to assist you in getting started at the lowest possible price for the most professionally produced product possible.

You can see our best-selling styles & the latest trending shapes in our 2023 Ready to go Collection.

Lowest Prices.

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We are the only company in Bali owning a tax-free license for the import of overseas fabrics, saving 40% on production costs. Other Activewear manufacturers in Bali must add these import tax costs to your prices when adding high-grade imported fabrics to your Collection. Most other Bali Active manufacturers offer only local lower grade Active fabrics.

Take Note

  • Producing your styles requesting imported fabrics from suppliers such as ECONYL®, Carvico, Power-Fit & REPREVE™ & local Bali Active fabrics end up costing much the same due to our Tax-Free exemption.
  • Our invoice value for 300 units for the same money will only buy you 200 pieces from any other manufacturer on the island.

Check out some example prices in our latest 2023 Ready to Go Collection.

MOQ – Minimum Order Quantities


Wholesale Bulk PO’s – 300 units or 150 legging & sports top sets, 30 per design, five per size & colour.
For example, six designs across several colours & or prints.

3 Ways to Price.

To price your designs, in all cases we will require to know the fabric you want them produced in, in plain or print.

Below we offer three easy ways to price, but any way that suits you is fine.

  1. By far the most popular way is by adding screenshots, tech packs or line drawings with some notes on any changes you want implemented as a Word or PDF Doc sent via email or WhatsApp.
  2. When selecting designs from our Ready To Go Collection, add the code of each design to this Form & send back via email
  3. If you have some designs on your Mac, or PC you want to send over; you can use our Drag & Drop section.

In two to three working days, you will receive the best possible price for a premium grade product using imported fabrics & any questions answered.

It’s quite normal that first time buyers require assistance in compiling their orders. Contact us if you need some help matching our MOQ.

Fabrics Explained

The most important commodity of any Active or Yoga brand is the fabrics the articles are made from. Activewear brands use fabrics very different from Yoga or Athleisurewear brands. We have two main categories of fabrics, all recycled.

  1. Comfort Luxe is quite similar to Lululemon’s Supplex & Eco-Flex Rib.
    Most selected for Yoga, Athleisurewear & workouts of a lighter nature.
  2. Eco Olympus and Vita Power.
    Most selected for heavier workouts & Activewear brands.

All of our fabrics are squat-proof, breathable, figure-enhancing, with varying degrees of compression, stretch, and flexibility.

Please note that it’s important to understand the differences when selecting your colours from our stocks or requesting them to be imported as these decisions will affect your production time & the number of colours you can add.

See our Fabric Section



We print most custom print requests overseas on Italian MS machines due to the colour accuracy & quality being far superior to anything available in Bali.

Allow 3-4 weeks to print any strike off, sampling or production orders.

We also offer a one-day print service printing in Bali with no MOQ on recycled compression Eco Olympus.

Adding Prints.

The majority of digital prints these days are purchased online as ready-formatted prints allows you to perform a task that normally takes days to handle, becoming just an hour or two, at the cost of USD 30 or even less. If you do not have the time or resources to create your own custom prints, you may want to work with vendors such as Shutterstock has thousands of prints formatted as required to produce a high-quality print.
We also accept custom drawn prints as long as they are in Vector format. 

Visit our prints page to know more about prints.

Custom Made Activewear

Every article of Active or Yoga wear is stitched using speciality imported machines that sew each section individually. For example, ankle stitch, inner seams, around the waist and under the bust are sewn section by section. With the right compression and flexibility, the finished garments will handle any workout.

Custom Made Designs

Ready To Go Designs.


Our ready-to-go designs were based on the most popular selling styles from orders placed in the last quarter of 2021, moving into delivery in 2022.
Once selected, we cut on demand, ready to dispatch in 4 weeks.

All have been graded to international body sizes.

You can view all our styles in the 2023 collection.

Producing Samples or Direct to Bulk PO

We manufacture almost any custom private design you may care to mention. Also, we are seeing more & more clients coming back & ordering from our ready to go Collection. However, it should be noted that selecting from our Catalogue & placing bulk orders without sampling is becoming more popular due to the speed at which orders are processed and the savings incurred.  

If you’re selecting plain colours from our stock fabrics, PO’s are dispatched four weeks from PO.

Whatever you decide, virtually any design, your design or ours, can be produced in any fabric colour or print you wish for.
Each article will be custom branded with your logo pressed into the inside back, packed individually into biodegradable bags, ready to sell the moment it arrives.

Working with us allows you to start an Active/Yogawear business working from home in the shortest time and at the lowest possible cost.

When ordering direct to bulk, it’s vitally important that you check our size guide in the link below to ensure our size grades fit your target audience.

See our International Body Size Guide.

If you desire to see samples produced before moving to your bulk PO, we require around four weeks to produce & ready for uplift to any overseas country.

See our Sampling Page

Custom Branding


We can add custom-branded elasticated jacquard under the bust & around the waist as many of the bigger brands like NIKE & Adidas do or additional heat presses and silicone grips on request.

Read more on Branding & Accessories.



Once you have received your prices and have paid for your samples or bulk orders, we mock-up your designs in the correct colours & or prints free of charge to allow you to see more clearly what your final Collection will look like.

See an example of a full mockup here

Starter Packs


From start to finish, we’ve helped hundreds of brands launch their own environmentally sustainable Activewear business. If you have one of our starter packs on hand, you will not only know the premium quality we produce but the softness & textures of the fabrics, the colours available & how we grade and fit.

Each starter pack comes with one swatch of each fabric displayed on our website + their corresponding laser copy colour cards.

Select A Starter Pack

Body Size Guide


Our patterns are created digitally using 2D AutoCAD software, which is much more accurate than hand-drawn patterns, allowing us to fit and grade any design to near perfection. Please check our sizing works for your target audience. Should you skip this section and find that your samples are too large or small, then remakes are chargeable. However, should there be any obvious mistakes or misunderstandings in your handover, remakes are free of charge.

Body Size Guide

Tips & Tricks

  • Be sure when you select your fabric to match the market you’re selling into. We explain in detail the different attributes on our fabric page.
  • Make your prints or plain colours a priority as it can take several weeks or more to import. Allow 3-8 weeks for plain colours to land with just three weeks for prints.
  • Have your brand logo to hand as this will be used to brand each design. As heat presses, take three weeks to import, get this sorted first.

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