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When brands are starting they almost never consider the second or subsequent orders. Whatever fabrics & colours or prints you start with will most likely be required for your top up orders so important to consider as keep this in mind.

Selecting from stock colours will enable your reorders to have several colours more than if you selected fabrics to be imported or printed. Stocks can be selected per colour in 20meter lots, & imported per 70m roll based.

A typical small re-order would be 5 styles in 4 colour ways & 3 sizes, 5 pieces per size & colour, total 300 units or 150 sets.

As you can order up to 10 styles, means just 30 per design & 3 units per size & colour. This is a fast to market service . As we have to prepare your accessories for any order, its advisable to contact us prior to the date you expect to order.

Once you’re clear on your requirements, fabrics, designs, colours & sizes, then shoot that over to us in order that we can go over to ensure we have the heat press’s, bags or any other accessory to hand.

We can make any order, either new or reorder up to 2,000 pcs in four weeks if the fabrics you’re selecting are from our Italian stocks. Should any be required to be imported, then add 3-6 weeks to the time line.

Prepare your orders well in advance, keep in contact with us & see your tops ups being dispatched in one month from payment received.

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