Once you have approved the samples that we manufactured, your order is ready to be moved into our production facility

We require the approved samples sent back to us, via courier.

As soon as we have received your approved samples we check patterns & grading none last time to ensure the CAD marks & samples are exact. These approved specs are then sent back to you to be signed & returned to us


At King Trading we run a modern well-equipped factory. Our machines are constantly being updated running around 100 high speed machines, each section individually geared to manufacture one portion of the manufacturing process. To order fabrics, prints & accessories takes on average 4 weeks. To manufacture any order, 6 to 8 weeks

Choosing from stock colours saves around 4 weeks.
Choosing from imported fabrics or prints, + 3-4 weeks.
Any accessories you have requested will be wither taken from stock or imported in

Once we have your fabric & accessories we start to cut your order.

We have produced high grade apparel for the likes of David Jones in the AU, Urban Outfitters in the US & Selfridges in the UK. In the main we produce for ECO friendly independent brands, either established or start-ups.

*Orders ware be booked in, first come first severed. We will inform you prior to your deposit the expected dispatch & delivery date.

You can check our minimum order requirements here



During & after production all clothing items are checked through several levels of QC. Each level will check specific things, for example, first QC checks sizing & grading, second, loose threads and so on through to final QC where the goods are checked under magnifiers & white lights, before being packed in a Bio-degradable bag, bar tagged & boxed.

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We do everything humanly possible to ensure that the quality of the products we dispatch to you, is of the highest grade possible.

Any customer may request their own quality control. Normally this is handled on a random basis

Independent QC must be confirmed before we start any order. The first cuts into production will then be checked & approved to be referred back to later in production at the end of the order

If any issues in quality that are considered more than trivial, we will call you to discuss. On average 99% all goods dispatched are approved.

Once goods are ready to go, we send, in most cases via DHL

See delivery info here