As soon as you’re ready, your collection is moves into our sample studio.

Your approved samples pattern & grading is checked on our AUTO CAD pattern system before the fabric is cut & samples made up.

We run a large specialist sample team, 20 tailors in total producing around 50 new styles every day. Most of our tailors & seamstresses have been working with us for over ten years.

On average, 80% of the custom-made swimwear manufactured is approved first time around. Upon your inspection, you may decide some styles require servicing, normally handled free of charge unless you’re requesting changes other than your original hand over.



A good hand over clearly marked with notes explaining any edits or additions, are normally handled from payment to delivery to your door in 6 weeks.

The opposite is also the case. Complex handovers & requests to change shapes, make edits to the original request can cause weeks or more in delays, so be sure your hand over is easy to understand, front & back & any changes marked.

Choosing colours from our stock fabrics will save a few weeks in the sample timelines. If you select stock fabrics for production, we can save up to one month in your production.

Selecting colours to be imported, adds approx. 3 weeks to the production timeline. You may select some from stock & some to be imported.





All our patterns are handled using a 2D CAD pattern system, digitally.

Digital patterns have many advantages over paper. The first being precision. The max tolerance is only 3mm meaning your styles are patterned & graded to perfect.

Each pattern is automatically cut & sent to the fabric room where your fabric is prepared. We cut all fabrics with hot knives to ensure hems are straight with no rough edges.

Working from your approved samples we cut & grade the production exactly the same to a max tolerance of 3mm. Digital patterns are vastly more precise than paper patterns.




Every garment passes through several layers of QC.

Each layer checks for specific issues, for example, sizing & grading, loose threads and so on through to the final QC where the goods are examined one last time under magnifiers & white lights before being packed in a Biodegradable bag, bar tagged & boxed.



Our charges are for the final garment, bar tagged, packed in a biodegradable bag, boxed & ready for dispatch. They Inc. all pattern making, grading & as many accessories as possible.

We charge 2 X estimated wholesale price + $30 sampling fee per style.


Bikini Top - $12.00
2 X $12 = $24, + $30 = $54.00

Bikini Pant $11.00
$11 X 2 = $22, + $30 = $52.00

One Piece $19.00
$11 X 19 = $38, + $30 = $68.00



Any samples that you consider requiring any edits or servicing are handled free of charge, as long as you are not requesting changes to the original approved hand over.

Once you’re satisfied with the final samples, we double check costings to ensure the prices supplied were exact, some minor adjustments may need implementing.

We require to know your exact delivery address, daytime telephone number & post code in order to make delivery of samples or production.

We request that you add this data to PayPal notes when you’re making payment for samples. Production is paid via bank transfers.

All sample collections are sent via DHL.


Questions about Sampling?

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