Computerized 2D AUTO CAD

Sampling can take the most time of any order so prepare your time & your hand overs in advance. Often, once we know your shapes & styling the second or third collection speed through much quicker from start to finish n average we require 6 weeks ready to go to your door via DHL.

Once your priced & ready, the first thing we handle is to draw your shape digitally on our 2D-AUTO-CAD computerized pattern system. Our team of dedicated sample tailors will then follow the digital CAD marks till complete with a max tolerance of 3mm.

We pride ourselves on our ability to produce grade one samples in most cases the first time

Around First round sampling has an approval rate of 80%


A good hand over clearly marked with notes explaining any edits you want incorporated, from payment to delivery to your door in 6 weeks. AMAZING!

Complex handovers with additional emails requesting changes can cause weeks or more in delays, so try to be clear & sure of your shape requests at the beginning – keep it simple with front & back images & any changes marked, minor details we will go over later!

Selecting your colours from stock can save 1 to 2 weeks in your sampling. If you select stock fabrics for production, then can save up to one month in your production.

Selecting colours to be imported, adds approx. 3 - 4 weeks to the production timeline. You may select some colours from stock & some to be imported.

We now also offer a reorder package, just 300 units (example 150 sets) across 10 styles as long as no major changes to the original styles. If your selection your colours from our stocks, then expect your re order to be in your hands 4 weeks from payment made. If your making new styles, then re orders are 500 units MOQ across 10 styles.




We handle all pattern & grading digitally on our 2D AUTO-CAD pattern system.

Digital patterns have many advantages over paper, the main one being precision. The max tolerance with digital is 3mm resulting in your fits & grading close as can humanly be, perfection

Once your patterns are approved, we cut with a digital cutter, never by hand, to be sent to the fabric cutting room. The cutters will check the CAD marks are adhered to using a rotary hot knife, ensuring hems are dead straight, grades perfect with no uneven edges.

Only then do we manufacture your samples. Once complete we check back against the initial CAD marks to ensure precision. Your styles are now sent to the QC department where they are checked in three layers against the original approved specs. Your samples are now sent to you via DHL.

When it comes to bulk orders we use the same process to cut & prepare your fabric ready to be sewn. All production follows the same meticulous procedure from day one when we start to cut till the final stitch.

Your styles are all bar-coded & packed in BIO-degradable bags, ready for dispatch.




Possibly the most important part of the manufacturing process, is in QC. We pride our selves on the fact that less than 1% of all production is ever identified as being in any way faulty.


Team 1. checks for loose threads or any tiny blemishes

Team 2. ensures fits & grades are exactly as requested

Team 3. checks under magnifiers & white lights

Your goods are now ready to be bar-tagged with the branded fabric hangers attached packed in a BIO-degradable bag, boxed & readied for DHL



Our charges are for the final garment, bar tagged, packed in a BIO degradable bag, boxed & ready for dispatch. They Inc. all pattern making, grading & as many accessories as possible.

We charge 2 X estimated wholesale price + $30 sampling fee per style.


Bikini Top - $12.00
2 X $12 = $24, + $30 = $54.00

Bikini Pant $11.00
$11 X 2 = $22, + $30 = $52.00

One Piece $19.00
$11 X 19 = $38, + $30 = $68.00


Any samples that you consider requiring edits or servicing are handled free of charge, as long as you are not requesting changes to the original approved hand over.

Once you’re satisfied with the final samples, we double check costings to ensure the prices supplied were exact, some minor price adjustments may need implementing.

We require to know your exact delivery address, daytime telephone number & post code in order to make delivery of samples or production.

We request that you add this data to PayPal notes when you’re making payment for samples. Production is paid via bank transfers.

All sample collections are sent via DHL.




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