RE-ORDER – Fast to Market

Placing your second order with us could not be easier. Two examples on re-orders of 300 & 500 units. Select the one that suits you best or request any amount above these.

A. Selecting from our Italian stock fabrics using your previous patterns. 300 units (example 150 sets) MOQ up to 10 styles, 30 units per style, 5 per colour & size. There can’t be any changes to your original designs that you placed your orders on. For print requests we use Vita PL, the poly version of Vita Nylon that we use for plain colours. You can print any amount, no MOQ, one-week max. to print, 3-4 weeks to manufacture

This is a fast to market service & it’s advisable to contact us to check on the status of production. We need to prepare your accessories & to note, if your accessories have run out from your first order then minimums may apply.

B. Selecting from our stock fabrics or adding some imported fabrics, using previous or adding new shapes. 500 units (example 250 sets) MOQ up to 10 styles, 50 units per style, 5 per colour & size. You may select from our fabric stocks or we import some in, or a mix of both. Selecting colours not in stock adds 3 weeks to the time line. 4-5 weeks to produce.




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