The amount pf pieces that you decide to order, is by far the most critical issue at the start of any venture.

Working with us you will a huge advantage, especially if your selecting from our ready stock fabrics, as you can add many more colours in your production order, as well as being much faster to produce.

EXAMPLE You order 500 units, 50 units style, 5 per size & colour in 5 colour ways

250 tops, 150 bottoms & 100 one pieces, across 10 styles


Bikini Tops & Pants 30cm each & Swimwear one-pieces – 90 cm


Tops 250 x 30cm = 75 meters

Bottoms 150 x 30cm = 45 meters

One Pieces 100 x 90cm = 90 meters

Total 210 meters

Start-ups, selecting from colours from stocks will allow you to order many more colours than if imported fresh

Established brands, who may well have bigger budgets, often select most of their colours imported fresh.


Orders 500 + surcharge 15%

Orders over 1,000 units, 100 of each style, 7 pieces per size & colour. No surcharge

Orders over 2,000 units & any style 250 units, 10% discount. Over 500 units per style 15% discount.




A - Jessica ordered 500 pieces of swimwear

B - Andrea ordered 500 pieces, 300 in swim & 200 in Active

C - Roberta ordered 500 pieces of swimwear & 200 Active

D - Caroline Ordered 500 active first order, then 500 swim second order

E - Bianca ordered 2,000, 1,000 swim, 1,000 active


Often a 10-minute call will save several days of emails going over your requests!

The most common order for start-ups, with minimal investment is 500 pcs, 50 per style, 5 pcs per size & colour.

There are other companies in Bali offering smaller MOQ’s, but is often the case that a 500-unit order with us costs the same as our competitors charge for just for 300 units. Get started on the right foot & always compare prices.

We have put together a dummy order & a comparison costings form, to help you to calculate your orders as well as know your estimated wholesale costs & retail value. At all times we are here to assist you with this.


Question about Order Quantities?

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