Your Own Brand in 4 Weeks

The Women’s Swimwear Ready-to-Order designs are a selection of the best-selling shapes & our knowledge of what’s hot & trending well for the next season.

Collections result from several months of intense work with designers, photographers, and video editors, accounting for about 45% of all exports. 
In many cases, buyers select some of our designs and add some Custom designs of their own, or if they are pressed for time, they select all from our catalogue & proceed directly to production.
Each Collection is patterned and graded to international sizes and fitted on a professional fit model. What you see in our catalogues is what you will receive in the colours and or prints requested.

Any design can be produced in any fabric, colour or print, making the possible combinations almost limitless; you will find a huge selection of ready-to-cut fabrics in our stock, the largest inventory of recycled swimwear fabrics in Bali.

On request, any of our designs can be altered to your specifications, such as making a bum coverage more moderate or cheeky, adding cups, wires, etc.

We add any colours not in stock to weekly flights from the US & Italy.

You can see most of the designs shot in our Campaign Video


Our next Collection is still under wraps, in final sampling, to be released middle of August.

Send us your email & write, "Love to see the August 2023 Collection" in the header, & you’ll be the first to receive the Collection.

Time Lines

When selecting your colours from our stock fabrics, bulk orders are being ready for dispatch in 4 weeks.

Requesting plain or printed fabrics to be imported, in most cases, allow an additional 2 weeks.

Step 1
Branding Your Collection

The first thing to handle is your brand Logo via a heat press into the inside back of each article, making our Collection individually & uniquely yours.

We require you’re artwork for your branded Logo sent over as a Vector format in either EPS, PDF, CDR or JPEG, high resolution 300 dpi as soon as you are committed to working with us.

Also we can brand metal clips, hygienic liners & packaging adding some bling, quality & style to your Collection.

Read more on Branding & Accessories

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Step 2
Producing Samples or Direct to Bulk?

Even though our designs are patterned & graded to international body sizes and checked on a Fit Model, some clients still require to see the actual samples. If this is you, then no worries. We charge twice our estimated price, plus a USD 30 management fee per style. For example, a bottom at USD 12, is charged at 2 X $12 + $ 30 = $54.00. When you place an order for our ready-to-go designs, we credit back the management fee.

Allow an extra 2-3 weeks to produce samples.

However, selecting to skip sampling & place orders directly to bulk is far more popular due to the speed of producing orders, not to mention the savings.
If you're selecting your colours from our stock fabrics, in most cases, orders are dispatched four weeks from the day you pay your deposits. This has to be the fastest possible way to get up & running into your own sustainable women's swimwear brand

When ordering direct to bulk, it's advisable to check our International Size Guide

If your requesting any prints or colours to be imported, allow an additional 2-3 weeks.

Contact our team to get your selected designs priced or ask any questions.

Step 3
Selecting your Colours & or Prints

One of the most critical decisions will be the fabrics & colours & or prints you select to make your designs in. As we keep 50,000 meters of the latest trending colours in stock makes, selecting from our colours has become the number one choice for many start-up brands on smaller budgets. Saying that it's also quite common to see new brands select one or two colours or prints to be imported.

Colours not in stock are added to our weekly flights into Bali.
See the huge array of fabrics in stock & those we can import.

As selecting your fabrics without feeling what's available can be tricky, we suggest purchasing a fabric pack for $65, which includes one real fabric swatch of each of the fabrics on our website & corresponding laser copy could cards.

Importing fabrics come in rolls of 70m & have to be used in total in your bulk PO

Print Bikini

Adding Prints

We notice brands who add prints to their collections are gaining a faster foothold in the market. This could be for several reasons. Firstly, prints for 2023 are back on trend. Also, we are the only company in Bali offering a digital print service on Nylon; all others only offer a sublimation print on Polyester, never as soft as digital on Nylon, & colours nowhere near as true to the eye.

Digital print colours never fade or wash off. Allow 2 to 3 weeks to process

Purchase prints online can reduce a task that's both costly & time-consuming to one that can be completed in one hour or so at a fraction of the cost.

Lastly, if you're short on time and looking for a speedy solution, we print via sublimation in Bali using VITA PL/ECONYL®, recycled Polyester from Carvico.
Requires 2-3 days, whether samples or bulk.

Read how to add amazing prints for a few dollars in a few simple steps.

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Step 4
2 Ways to Work

Once you have selected your designs, please take note of the codes & the fabrics, colours & or prints you want them produced in.

  1. Selecting from our Ready to Go Designs– send over your order via our Bulk Order Form or Sample Request Form
  2. Adding some of your own custom designs with ours – Fill in the form as above & send them as screenshots, tech packs or links with notes added in a Word or PDF Doc via Email or WhatsApp


In 2-3 days, we’ll get back to you with your prices & any questions answered.

Additional Information

Mocking up your selected designs

Once you have made a payment, we mock up your Collection free of charge.

For the scenario below, we selected four bikini sets, a one-piece & two coverups.
These were then placed on a 2D model in some hypothetical colours & prints.

Being able to see your designs, colours & or prints in virtual 2D allows you to visualize more clearly, what your final Collection will look like on.

Example Customer Selection

Designs selected from our Catalogue

The above designs, mocked up below

End collection shot professionally

Photoshoot scaled

Body Size Guide

Read more about sizing & care


Size Chart on iNCH scaled


Dispatch & Delivery

We dispatch your samples & production orders via FedEx or DHL. Both couriers arrive daily at our office, picking up & dropping off packages. Allow 4-7 working days to your door.
Read more about overseas deliveries

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