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A handover is a term we use when any potential customer or client of ours, forwards their shapes or styles to us in order to get their wholesale prices

When we first started in production, years back, it was not uncommon to take a week or more to make a collection of tech packs, expensive too. Working with Tech-Packs is no longer a necessity

Nowadays, with the advent of computerized pattern making, working with tech packs is not really no longer necessary. The majority of handovers are sent to us as screen shots or photos taken from the web, clearly showing the front & back & mentioning their fabric & accessories choices. As we run a 2D AUTO CAD system with thousands of patterns graded & saved, we very simply & quickly compare your styles to the closest shapes on the CAD, make any edits necessary & re-save them as your patterns. It’s really that simple

2D AUTO CAD System
2D AUTO CAD System

See some handover examples here

If you have your shapes ready, now you should be in a position to inform us your shapes or styles, & your fabric choices. We have created a page for you to do this simply & quickly. You can see here

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