Fabrics to be imported

We are the sole distributor of Tahiti Nylon fabric made from REPREVE recycled yarns from the US.

Similar in feel, weight & texture to Vita from Italy, with a slightly softer hand feel with similar colour card & price.

We carry black & white for sampling. All other colours have to be dyed to order in 70 meters lots (roll based)

Time line. 4-6 weeks from order + 4 weeks to manufacturer any order. Total 10 weeks from order to goods ready to uplift to any overseas address.

Want to see & feel all the fabric swatches suitable for plain or print on our website?
We will dispatch to any overseas address one swatch per fabric
(random colours, we don’t accept requests for specific colours)

$30.00 usd payment@kingtrading.com PayPal. Don’t forget to email us and say “Please send me the Swimwear Fabrics”, as we also offer Activewear fabric packs for the same price.Additional $20.00 usd to include all the activewear fabric swatches from our activewearbali.com website

100% Recycled This fabric is made to order, 4-5 weeks from order to delivery to Bali. Similar colour card to Vita.

You can read more about fabrics available in our Fabrics Explained section




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