Many only dream of owning a sustainable swimwear label, never taking the first step, missing one of the greatest opportunities in the market today. Eco-friendly, carbon-friendly & ethical swim brands are seeing their market share outpace brands using new fabrics by a factor of at least two to one.

Below, in three steps, we explain how to get up & running in your own sustainable, eco-friendly, low-priced swimwear brand, allowing you the opportunity to find financial independence doing something you love.

The first thing we do is price up your Collection. Issues such as the individual colours, prints & any custom branding you want to work with come later after prices have been approved.

As long as you know what designs to add to your Collection, then all that is left to do is to select your fabrics in either plain colours or prints. That’s all; nothing more is required.


Custom or Ready to Order Designs

As we produce both custom designs to order and offer a good selection of designs in our ready-to-order catalogue, you have the best of both worlds. Either your own designs or some of ours, simple!

Patterns are created using computerized 2D AutoCAD digital software, far more accurate than working with paper patterns.

We suggest checking our body size guide to ensure it fits the market you’re selling to.

Custom Designs

We are Bali’s largest producer of custom-designed Swimwear. Whatever shape You have in mind, a simple screenshot of the front & back is all we need in most cases to understand your concepts.

Tech packs & good-quality drawings are also suitable but less used.

Ready to order Designs

The designs in our catalogue have been selected from best sellers, as well as our knowledge of what’s trending well, selling hard & fast in the coming 2023 season. You may also edit our designs for a fee of just $30 USD per style, for example, making a bum coverage more moderate or cheeky, adding cups, wires, etc.


You can also select to mix & match some of our designs with some of yours; whatever works for you in most cases works for us.


Selecting Fabrics

We hold the largest Collection of Luxe recycled imported fabrics, from REPREVE® in the US & Carvico® & ECONYL® in Italy approx. 50,000m in 75 colours. Being ready to cut at a moment’s notice, not requiring weeks to import as well as being able to add as many colours as you like makes working with our stocks the most popular way to get started.

If you’re looking to add some colours not in stock, then we import them on weekly flights to Bali in 70m rolls, which must be used in your bulk PO.

We dispatch bulk POs in 4 weeks when selecting from stock fabrics with any custom accessories in our hands.
For colours not in stock, timeline info on request.

Notes. It’s more popular than ever to add your own print to your Collection due to the speed at which we can print & produce your orders in, in most cases, five weeks.

Fabric Packs

We have assembled a fabric pack with one swatch of each fabric shown on our website to allow you to feel each fabric’s textures & better understand the colours we offer. Inside, each pack has a corresponding laser copy colour card of each fabric displayed on our site.

Swimwear, Swimsuit & Bikini Manufacturer - Swimwear Bali

Adding Prints


We are the only company in Bali offering a true digital print service on recycled Nylon. Most others only offer a sublimation print service on Vita PL Polyester, not nearly as soft as printing digitally on REPREVE®.

Printing digitally offers deeper, richer colour tones that never fade or wash off. Don’t let prints scare you; they are processed fast & offer a great addition to any website. Add to that they sell extremely well.



Handing Over to Costing

As our first step is to price up your selected designs if you know which shapes to add to your Collection, the only question remaining is, “what fabric & colour, or print, should they be produced in?”.
Download a typical handover to know just how easy this first step is.

Four Ways to Handover

    1. Most popular – Sending your own custom designs as screenshots with notes on any changes via email or WhatsApp in Word or PDF format.
      Tech packs or clear line drawings are also suitable.
    2. When selecting from our Ready Designs, fill in our Sample Request Form.
    3. If you want to mix & match some of our designs with some of yours, send them over as an email.
    4. If your designs are saved to your phone or desktop, use our Drag & Drop section below.


In 2 to 3 days, we’ll get back to you with the lowest price for the highest-grade product.

Take note. Whatever you send us, we’ll always get back to ensure all is crystal clear before moving onto sampling.


  • Sending a clear handover often sees samples arriving as you expected the first time around.
  • Whatever you send over, we always get back to ensure that all is crystal clear before proceeding to the next stage, Sampling.

Handover Designs New
Maximum upload size: 50MB


Swimwear Bali, a division of King Trading, owns the only bonded tax exemption on the import of fabrics, allowing us to offer the lowest price for the highest grade of Swimwear on the island.

Example prices below all using high grade imported recycled fabrics recycle

Fixed 12
1 21
Fixed 14
1 23


As soon as your ready,  we can start on your samples. A swimwear specialist will contact you upon payment for your samples to discuss your handover. She will be with you throughout the entire sampling process to answer any questions via email, text message, or phone call.


  • Samples are charged at twice our estimated price, plus a USD 30 management fee per style, all-inclusive to the finished articles. For example, a Bikini bottom at USD 12 becomes 2 X $12 + $ 30 = $54.00.
  • We require your logo, which is used to add your brand logo to the inside back of each article.

Skipping Sampling & Direct to Bulk

If you’re selecting from our ready-to-order designs, then why not skip Sampling altogether & place your order direct to bulk, saving both time & money in the sampling process? 

If this sounds like something you would like to do, add the designs you love to our Direct to Bulk Form or send screenshots via email.

Before proceeding to invoice, we will always get back to you to check your requests till your clear on any samples or bulk order requests.


Custom Designs – We offer a low minimum order worldwide of 300 pieces per bulk order, 30 per style with 3 per size & colour or print.

Ready Designs – 150 per bulk order, 20 per style, with 3 per design colour & size.

Mix & Match – Mix up some of ours & some of yours; the MOQ is the same as custom designs

Swimwear, Swimsuit & Bikini Manufacturer - Swimwear Bali
Swimwear, Swimsuit & Bikini Manufacturer - Swimwear Bali
Swimwear, Swimsuit & Bikini Manufacturer - Swimwear Bali
Swimwear, Swimsuit & Bikini Manufacturer - Swimwear Bali

Starter Packs

Any of our packs provide all the tools and resources you’ll need to create your own Sustainable Swimwear brand that looks gorgeous on any website or in any store. They have assisted hundreds of brands globally to take the first step in selecting their fabrics & getting their collections priced.

A fast & inexpensive way to know the quality we produce as well as how we fit & grade.

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Mocking Up

Once samples are paid, we can mockup your Collection on request free of charge, allowing you to see the designs you selected in the right colours & or prints.

Need Assistance

Swimwear, Swimsuit & Bikini Manufacturer - Swimwear Bali

That’s about it. If there was anything we missed or anything you need to go over in more depth, then reach out using the buttons below.
We aim to reply within an hour of receiving of any request.