Private Label Custom Designs

Scratch to finish - 6 weeks

We have been manufacturing Custom made Private label designs from concept to final articles packed, boxed ready for DHL & delivery to any address globally for more than 30 years. As our factory is set up to assemble swimwear in sections, rather than one by one as all others do, makes us very unique in Bali for the production of premium grade export quality custom swimwear. Having the exact machine to make a strap, install a wire, sew in the elastic & so on, will make a huge difference to your final products.


There are two major points that require consideration. The first selecting your fabrics, & secondly handing over your selected designs.

Step 1. Selecting Fabrics

A - Stock Italian & American fabrics - MOQ 20m per colour.
Production time - 4 weeks

See our Stocks Fabrics

Stocks are not left overs, they are fabrics offered to all our clients including brands such as Victoria's Secret who almost always select some colours from stock & some to be imported.

B - Selecting from fabrics to be imported - MOQ 70m roll based per colour.
Adds 3-4 weeks to your schedule.

70m makes on average 200 bikinis (100 sets) or 90 one-pieces. These fabrics have to be used in production resulting in either less colours or more units having to added to your bulk orders compared to selecting from our stock colours.

Naturally, any imported fabrics or stock colours you selected can be used across many styles.
See our Fabrics to be Imported

Most established brands started their business selecting some fabrics from stocks & some to be imported. Once rolling more colours to be imported are added.

C - Locally available fabrics commonly known as Bali swimwear fabrics, have been imported with added tax & duty. This results in costing the same or even more than the recycled premium grade fabrics that we import & hold in stock. Buyer beware. Do check with at least two supplies in Bali the actual invoice value for any bulk order you plan to place. Inc. surcharges.

Step 2 - Costing your Collection

All we require is your custom designs to be made in what fabric, sent over via email, as screen shots, photographs, tech packs, or as the real samples, via courier. You can email us here

You can also Upload your Designs to our website here

Upon receipt of your collection, we go over all & check your notes re any changes you want incorporate. In two working days you will receive the best possible price for the highest-grade swimwear possible.

NOTES We handle accessory & print selections after you have priced your collection.

Accessory options
Print procedure

Starter Packs

If you want to really know our quality & be able to try on for fitting purposes as well as feel actual fabric textures, then why not go to our store & select one or more of our starter packs. Customers who bought a starter pack reported they found it much easier to get started & found the whole process from start of sampling to delivery of bulk in their hands was more streamlines with less hassles.

5-7 working day delivered to any overseas address via FedEx

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