Swimwear fabric Guide

UV & Chlorine resistant Italian & American fabrics

Our speciality is incorporating premium grade recycled fabrics imported for the US & Italy into your collection. As for local fabrics like the Gili rib, Corduroy, Crinkle & so on, the supplier is just around the corner to our facility, so any local swimwear fabrics you have been offered, we can easily pick up.

We uplift all fabric & colour request, once a week from Italy. The main fabric that we use is Vita made from recycled fishing nets. The fabrics we have listed below are our best sellers used widely by the majority of swimwear brands. Our main supplier, Carvico & Jersey Lomellina supply a MOQ of 70m per colour, requiring 2 to 3 weeks to land.

We are the only company in Bali who can import tax- & duty-free fabrics, saving 35% on the landed fabric costs. This makes our costs & your invoice values far lower than any other supplier on the island.

Italian Stocks. We carry a large selection of the best selling fabrics & colours, constantly being refilled, cut on request. MOQ 20 meter per colour.

All recycled fabrics are identified with the symbol with certification available on request

You can see all of the fabrics listed on this page in our Starter Pack where you will be able to see the actual colours as well as feel the real fabric swatches. You can also request any fabric or colour from any supplier. We will need the name of the supplier, the fabric code & name.

Fabric Hang Tags

We add branded fabric tags free of charge. We import these speciality tags at our cost & attach to each article of swim-wear.
These tags identify your brand as being sustainable & Eco-friendly + UV factor 50 & chlorine resistant.

Italian Stock fabric & Colours

UV & Chlorine resistant

Italian Stocks are not left-over fabrics but the bestselling fabrics & colours of the season, constantly being refilled as orders come in.
Selecting stocks will see your orders produced 2-4 weeks faster than if we had to import them.

We keep approx 40 of the best colours in stock all season.

MOQ 20m per colour (approx 35 bikini sets in mixed styles)

85% of brands that selected colours from Italian stocks re-ordered in the first year.
55% brands that selected to be imported colours, re-ordered in the first year.


Our sampling fees for local fabrics & imported fabrics are very similiar. On average 10 samples from either will cost all in $600 USD

Selecting locally available fabrics

Mostly locally available fabrics are supplied by Paramatex. https://www.instagram.com/paramatex/

They produce overseas, import & pay 35% tax & duty on import. This makes their fabrics approx. the same price as our tax free imported Italian fabrics. Selecting local fabrics offers a simple fast solution for smaller sized brands. No MOQ

It should be noted that occasionally some colours are not available

JAYATEX, similar to Italian grade fabrics, deep rich matt colours available off the shelf UV & Chlorine resistant supplied with free branded fabric hang tags.

Local sublimation Print

We print in the main using Carvico, Vita PL, a recycled plastic made into a poly suitable for sublimation print. No MOQ

See all the fabrics in our Swimwear Starter Pack

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